F*CK THEM is more attitude than opinion. No words needed.\n

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  1. Dawn

    pov: nostalgia 3 years later at 3am

  2. Pořádná Prcina

    ukňouraná sračka toď vše. report jo a ještě to zpívají maďaři měli by se jít oběsit ty

  3. bacon

    How does he expect us to think his wigs are real if it literally makes him change impossibly

  4. Anna Szczepanik



    Fuj je mi zle keď to počuvam

  6. TiLt Lyfe

    pierre bourne went so hard on this beat😭

  7. Шея

    0:34 Алёша

  8. Mine life

    Is he fake or not ?

  9. Kleiner Pilot

    Впервые слышу этот трек и Триппи мне здесь нравится как никогда. Кайф

  10. xan

    back when 69 was actually good :|

  11. Speed S0eed

    Was a beautiful time..

  12. Shauka Hodan

    no clue wtf he says but this is FIRE love the beat and the flow

  13. Fero Boldi

    naj klip




    Fuck them iN sicksnine R.I.P

  16. Chinbat Gantulga


  17. Undead Woke


  18. crf _sophia

    cade os brasileiro depois da treta deles?

  19. Hanna Kovács-G.

    I’m only here for Trippie’s verse

  20. LeoWagner

    Chilll this is just GTA 5 in really life

  21. Nightdogmusic

    6ix9ine looking a lil tubby.

  22. Bayadaa Hussein


  23. Bayadaa Hussein

    So gras hahah

  24. Louiedabarber 210

    Simpler times 😔

  25. Steve Jr


  26. Dobrii play.

    hello Russian

  27. Juan Gucci

    I dont give a fuck what they say, ma boi did his mf thang 🔥

  28. Dobrii play.

    Кто русский

  29. omaar king

    FUCK 69

  30. omaar king

    FUCK 69


    Sad how new york has became

  32. babaye babaye


  33. Richard Mendez

    Fkvdgm Fkvdgm oogamia Kfskk Tddkllmb LED kgf ollas i hf kgfd off kgfd Fkvdgm Gfjlojfr Fkvdgm Fkvdgm omklopphfd los Ckkkdsxvm Lhf Ckkkdsxvm kd

  34. corny croissant

    The nigga counter is 25

  35. WMS86

    2.8 Million people forgot to comeback and dislike

  36. Alvaro Salamnca

    I wouldnt even judge my boi for creating this song be mad at him if he didn't

  37. zen keizer

    69 with the aggression and punch in his voice reminds of MJ in black or white

  38. Jeffrey Abreu

    DMX was the first to yell in his songs

  39. Hector Gavarete


  40. Natalia Belov

    i love trippie red i hope he reads this

  41. soinu foig

    no clue wtf he says but this is FIRE love the beat and the flow

  42. Armando Domínguez Gómez

    Parece un gallo

  43. mihu68

    banger alert

  44. Kvetoslava Veselovska

    yeah brasko, sme tu v centre pri fulla galerii a pesnicka ti ide....corona je a ani na jointa neni vravime si kde su chlapci z rovni...iba na youtube....

  45. Supok V_D_A

    6ix9ne - Gummo

  46. Kzette Beats

    Got this song on repeat damn!

  47. kailon vlogs

    He a punk he blured sosmula name

  48. Isaiah Simmons

    This shit was crazy then from listening to it then to now 2021

  49. klebson lucas


  50. Natália Vačková


  51. bestsnowboarderuknow

    Why does he have dog food on the hood of a car?

    1. Kastyl


  52. Pacolaris

    This is gross...

  53. XXX XXX

    Les suppôts de satan

  54. the TEAMKILL3000

    Des français Paris nous 😂😂 ?

  55. Gyovanna Mendes


  56. Zoltán Király

    red bloods forever <3


    era assim a vida antes da depressão

  58. Sebo A Erik gg

    GLEB nikdy nesklamal

  59. Patrick Rash

    Fortnite kids when they get a hot wheels and a nerf gun

  60. Philbert Isaac

    they sound dumm ima crip

  61. وليام آفتون إيكيسدي

    1:54 :XD:

  62. Komerčny Martin

    ujebana flow z ameriky ale kokotom na Slovesku to stači :)

  63. El Diablo

    Skateboard be lit 🔥 😆

  64. Me_As _A_Weeb

    ah,yes *indian editor noises intensify*

    1. Kastyl


  65. I Make the same meme about people who recently died

    How white teens feel after smoking weed once

  66. Lizzie

    I wonder why they're all wearing red? 🤔

  67. jin get

    This is the song that started it all

  68. OFN-1989

    Why can't New York have it's own style...

  69. TenGotGame35

    Idgaf 6ix9ine went hard

  70. Alexis Ciboire

    Y’a des français ici qui écoute toujours manifester vous 😆

  71. Mi Cuenta


  72. Mi Cuenta


  73. Edwin


  74. Edwin


  75. Certified Bruh

    Hey does anyone else realize that Australians are just exiled British ppl And does anyone actually like the British?

  76. 1five8

    cant wait till the full mixed version comes out

  77. Aubriana Edwards

    Cuz sup u my brother

  78. Kevin Altamirano

    Pasame tu número

  79. Nattx Natt


  80. Angellah Tsitsi

    696969696969 No

    1. Angellah Tsitsi