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  1. mariapnc86

    This song reminds me of Jaden Smith when he was The Karate Kid movie

  2. Patricia Malorie


  3. Shanni Peettyson

    Came here because I was feeding blue and now I'm feeling pink.

  4. Dean Martini

    From growing up around the corner from your Dad in overbook, and watching all yall grow.. Its a blessing.. Tell your grandma, Gloria Thornton and our family say hello... Peace and love

  5. Yung Bricka

    MSFTS||| Till We Throw UP

  6. Amanee Phatthanakit

    Wow. This is pretty cool jeden. Prond of you

  7. Ashley Elise Taylor

    I hate you lol

  8. Ninjanugets123

    this goes so hard

  9. StezeEnt Entertainment

    Honestly I just want a cashapp from lil bro for whatever he seen as worthy still some of the hardest songs underrated. Bruh cashapp I will go find jaden and return it to sign to jaden bro real shit samo guy

  10. StezeEnt Entertainment

    Lord have mercy that's some good music . Forgive me but cashapp $Stezeen1 . Needed it

    1. StezeEnt Entertainment

      Social experiment proceedings will be use for said cause

  11. Alejandro Díaz Gómez

    This is the church from westworld ?

  12. Precious K

    I luv this song 👍🏽🥵

  13. D0gg0

    isnt this the kid from karate kid, lol😂😂

  14. Linda Mnisi

    I see the reason you waited this long Jaden, I Have to admit am touched 😢😢😢😢😢😢 #dopesuperVIDEO #Jaden

  15. Ken Gatewood


  16. Lunden Reid

    1:20 what did he just trade!

  17. DanNation

    Damn this song is hit

  18. Lunden Reid

    It’s rlly weird to see jaden with no eye brows, pink hair, tattoos on his face, cussing, and what I hope isn’t a cup of lean

  19. Lunden Reid

    1:04 plz don’t tell me that’s what I think it is

  20. Veronica Niño

    i love u jaden

  21. Brickton

    Flexin fake money LOL

  22. Angela Dava

    When I listen to this song My heart went ouch , it's hurts

  23. Robert Edward

    Fucking good song, like the Japanese stuff

  24. BaltaZa

    I love this song, strong

  25. Javier Paredes Vasquez


  26. KayzZen Ze Beest


  27. prood.N64

    name of modelo

  28. Poesía Silenciosa

    Wouuu Jaden Sabes a mi me gustan mucho tus canciones


    cayo muy bojo en men

  30. RudeBoyJemo

    Who hurt you Jaden ?🥺

  31. StrawberryJPEG


  32. StrawberryJPEG


  33. RBLX Jay

    I wanna know who’s driving lol

  34. Fernando Castillo


  35. Wait_Who _Are_You

    this song hits different now😔

  36. Malik Edwards

    Dem kid cudi vibes when the song switches up give me goose bumps everytime

  37. Ld Andrade

    Tira casaco bota casaco Acho q perdeu o rumo ninja

  38. Qeyfross

    in love with the song since it came out, damn..

  39. Christian Gonzalez

    I dont get his message

  40. lavlav animation

    I started watching and listening to him after I had a dream about meeting him in the weird situation (long story) the weird thing is I’ve only seen once on the news so idk why I dreamt it

  41. cool_ rumble

    the upcoming xxtenction

  42. KayzZen Ze Beest

    this music is a masterpiece, Saint-Denis (93200), FRANCE

    1. KayzZen Ze Beest


  43. Theo McCormick

    Best cod sniper montage music trust me guys try it


    The beat🔥

  45. Artur Magalhães

    i just cant stop listening

  46. Elsa Lazarte

    Esta echo mierda

  47. Raga Radio Fm

    Jaden where are you? ... ? !!!

  48. KIRA 666


  49. Kai Noctis

    utter fucking shit

  50. Cool Gye


  51. iCVyper -_-

    is there someone else here that thinks this and ICON are his only 2 good songs?

    1. Paul Johnson

      There’s more than that, his best 2 yes

  52. A. Lalpourwal

    Auto tune is harder than my dad’s belt

  53. Omega 1

    Crazy how Jaden can just switch up his whole style like that Like he went from icon to this two different vibes Truly talented 🔥👑

  54. Omega 1

    The people casually walking past like: 😯😶🤔😟

  55. Spence Whitwell

    Do you even lift Bro?

  56. Cat Cat

    can we talk about how in PINK, N and K goes hard

  57. David Hernandez

    xD lol

  58. Federico Cardinali

    Esto es un temazo wacho

  59. r3in

    Fakin stupid kids music.. Hate this jumping shit

  60. Drifter St.

    when you realize those are monopoly money

  61. Ardhisela Faris

    The visual of this video are beautiful

  62. Hy Toc

    Orange justice dancing fake 0:38

  63. えるっ

    ジェイデンは日本好きなんかな? いや中国か?

  64. Andre TravelTv

    We all dont come from Africa but this song dope asf

  65. Jimmy Brooks

    He looks dead outside. Why did he have to do so many drugs? He's talentless, always living in the shadow of his father. Like that kid from Ricky Gervais' joke about parenting.

  66. Josh Vienneau

    This was before it’s time.

  67. SquidNutt

    Finally this song is gonna get the recognition it deserves

  68. Rachel Yea

    Glad I gave it a listen. Great art. Love this!

  69. Fatemeh

    i adore jaden

  70. Moodles


  71. Xhelal Xhela

    BRAVO JADEN❤👌❤❤❤👍👍👍🖤🖤🖤😘😘😘


    No será que el ya sabía del corinavirus 😮😮 ese vídeo es del 2018

  73. AXEL Bonkosi

    Lyrics Come here, mama, I know you want me Food from the soul, I know you're hungry Gave you my two cents, ain't got money, but I'll take you somewhere fun and tell you something funny, hey It's something funny, baby When I open my eyes, I wish to see you But your phone doesn't ring and you're gone all the time Well I guess you're somewhere with your crew Isn't the first time, but the worst time, and I'm feeling so blue You sit in your room and you listen to tunes And I'm feeling embarrassed, it's true You out there in Paris with who? When I open my eyes (eyes), I wish to see you But your phone doesn't ring and you're gone all the time Well I guess you're somewhere with your crew I'm at the SOHO House If you wanna come through, there's a seat just for you My prettiest secret, I hope that you keep it I'm blue as a piece of the moon and I know I'll be seeing you soon Axel--- cssel.info/a/P1g8dWv_8K_sN91UZba77w

  74. Mohammed Niaré

    Mon idole👌😎

  75. Gaizka Franchez

    This is lit maaan🔥🔥

  76. Javier Paredes Vasquez


  77. breno nunes

    jaden e tyler❤️

  78. Erisu

    To think this is The jaden smith from Karate kid , well done dude very proud

  79. B6 LittleLui Allo

    This is prefect for The Riot rn


    If goku seez this guy he would probably blow him up

  81. Jeremi Santana

    This is fuego 🔥 🔥 cheers from 🇩🇴

  82. wicked sect

    Pastilla pasada - Secta malvada: cssel.info/video/video/rHmbjHibloVzl4A.html

  83. Rofhiwa Mukwevho

    OMG. Cute little 3 years old explains what love is to her cssel.info/video/video/0HyYeHOq1qN6hao.html

  84. Skela

    Okay but is “they stay attacking us, I’ma just weep on my willow” a double entendre where Willow is, the willow.

  85. Nugget

    Went from karate kid to gangster

  86. Ilhamdani Uray

    now im feel like a chi chi

  87. ruth pieron

    good music jaden

  88. Oh Nah

    0:38 jaden having no money is cray cray 😞

  89. Yharlley Gamer


  90. Alejandro Falcón M

    This song takes me back to My Summer in SFO

  91. Alice Muzumara


  92. Panda World

    We all come from Africa! Keep it real Jaden❤️👍🤗

  93. Marcus Peart

    If ever i heard Cudi vibes <3

  94. Elophagus Productions

    Waited the whole video for the guy in the tesla to rap it is too fake and wtf was he supposed to be shaking or just weird

  95. Jose Ricardo

    So COVID has been out there for almost 2 years , Chinas people ain’t serious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

  96. Net Free E-sport


  97. TheVibes

    The "N" Listening to this during 2020 🤯😔 and the riot.. it hits different. "Another young nigga gone in the sunset We were shootin' down the drones, we were upset They was comin' for my fam, homie, fuck that We was runnin' from the feds in the garden Oh, my rebel child, another died today Oh, my rebel child, the sun is gone away Oh, my rebel child, watch your back tonight Oh, my rebel child, you might lose your light Oh, my rebel child, another died today Oh, my rebel child, the sun is gone away Oh, my rebel child, watch your back tonight Oh, my rebel child, you might lose your light

  98. Noname Nolast



    Watching from Nigeria I love you jarden smith


    Jarden smith am happy to meet you here once again