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  1. Jake king

    Whose here after bumping the goat album

  2. Alezandrop 11

    Damm this hits hard

  3. Napoleon Alvez

    Polo G is the next 2Pac while Rod Wave is the next Notorious B.I.G

  4. Bruh JuJu

    “We want all the smoke, fuck a peace sign.” Facts. We are not our ancestors, we will fuck you up.✊🏽

  5. PyschXxKiddo

    This dude not die like X and juice wrld did, we need polo 😞

  6. Aye. Fetty

    Congrats on 2 million Subs polo many more to come heartless still hit to this day u made my 2019 in September lit asf when this dropped 💯😤🔥🔥🔥🔥 #capricorngang #THEGOAT❤

  7. PurXe


  8. Vincze Ervin

    I'm here because of toemad.

  9. Sick Boy


  10. Mizion Hunter

    Polo is like a REAL af n his lyrics n day fi cuh

  11. Owen Foreman

    What’s the Song at the start when he’s at the concert?


    Won’t be surprised if this song makes it in the history book

  13. SaS_Jayシ Jaylen

    The goat

  14. CAM BONE

    From the thumb nail and title. I don’t give a fuck. Everyone has a life dog. I’m not tryna care about yours. Made a documentary about yourself posted it under your channel and named it The Goat. I’m good

  15. Daniel D

    This beat is crazy !!

  16. Savage Gang

    Condolences To yo family they gon have to miss you💯

  17. Original King Roblox

    Polo g and king von hit different

  18. Miami Vu

    You poured your heart out🥺❤️

  19. 21x23

    This need a grammy. This Is The shit WHY polo g is The goat his songs have an actual meaning and not talkin all about bitches And money

  20. Lucky Thagreat

    Dope hoodie

  21. Mario Castillo

    august 12 is my birthday and its wierd that everything that he said is actually happening to me and to be honest he is the goat

  22. North Korean With Internet Access

    This dude ain't a legend in a making. This dude already a legend man. Work rate on top of every other rapper in the game. 💪🏾💥💥

  23. Al3X with a three

    Ain't no one gonna talk about King Von in the video? Justice for Floyd

  24. Mypugfight su

    I know this has been out almost a year ago, but I just can't stop coming back to this song, polo g really carrying 2020 on his back.

  25. sin

    0:38 von

  26. Riley Freeman #JP

    He gon last long in the game

  27. Ravishay Narayan

    Polo is actually to god of a rapper, name me 1 rapper that likes everyones comments

  28. Nathan Michael

    I love polo get but when he refers to Choppa it means tommy gun and it shoots 45 acp lol and 223s spit out quick when that Choppa ringinis so wrong 223 is a ar round lol


    RIP 2PAC 💔🙏🏾

  30. Trapkid d

    We gotta proctect this man he a goat omm😔🔥🐐

  31. jhon

    Tupac changes much?

  32. Nicholas Rowell

    How long does it take for you to record a song? Like if you start at nothing...

  33. Adrian Zoto

    You wanna talk about an ALBUM??? As a Lil Tjay fan this might be my favorite modern album of all time replacing True 2 Myself. I went on a long drive, put the album on from first song all the way to this one. When his sister says "you finally made it big brother, you're the goat" and the album ends...that was one of the most brilliant things ive seen on an album considering its literally called "The Goat". So well done, just an amazing album. Could care less for the 4 songs above this one. But anything above "Relentless" is just fantastic. I feel like an IMDB critic lol

  34. Mr Beast

    The song our next generation should know

  35. ItsKhazi

    This shit really goes hard

  36. 8James

    this mad me cry

  37. Aaliyah _Games

    "Crazy how i love the same block who tried to break me"

  38. Romeoo Gomez

    The music always gives me shivers. Rest In Paradise Pac. You would be so proud of only you were here. Maybe some things will never change, but you changed Hip Hop history.

  39. Flex 1

    I like this song👍😭

  40. Samuel Deck


  41. Aaliyah _Games

    "He is & will be legendary" I want to be just like you Polo G i have a lot to say to you but i can't...losing a lot of people can be hard..People look up to you as a rapper but i look up to you as a inspiration you been through stuff I've been through...I feel the pain i look up to you you remind me "No matter where you're from it doesn't judge you" people think your a bad person..i think your a great person considering you care.. We can't lose you i listen to your music any mood im in.. we lost to many legends..we cant lose another....Your my favorite....

  42. Yonie’ Elise

    i watched the whole thing , aint skip not once .👏🏾

  43. SB JinX

    I remember listening to Changes by 2Pac with my dad back in 2003 and I felt lifted by the words. This is one hell of a throw back. This'll be sick if 2Pac was alive and asked for a feature. That'll be lit! 👌

  44. Fred Parry

    2 MILL SUBS !!

  45. Kurodragon

    This nigga did not breath but he speaking facts

  46. Swaq

    If it ain’t bout money i don’t give a damn 💯

  47. Deacon Frost

    the African American community needs to adress the violence within itself

  48. TXG Clapz

    King von in video

  49. Swaq

    He look mad different tho?

  50. Dee Dylan

    I switched my swag up can't u tell the difference🔥

  51. Dee Dylan


  52. Ronald McCoy


  53. Dr. Noodles

    0:48 who that?

  54. IlIIlIlIlIM YT

    Everyone in the video has been in a fight in highschool POSITIVE 💯💯💯

  55. d dre

    At dis point i think niggaz be lyin wen dey say dey dont know polo or tjay.

  56. 3li X

    lotta shit changed the world will never be the same cuz being fake became a trend ):

  57. Ovett Jimenez Mendoza

    The beat sounds so familiar

  58. Austin Price

    I'm white but where he is wrong I grew up in a black family in the hood so I do know where he coming from. just cause someone is white doesn't mean they don't understand. some people have lived in it and witnessed it especially me. But the other whites.asians.mexicans......and so on that have lived in and or witnessed it but continue to ignore the fact. are blind to it cause they are either racist or it doesn't effect them. so they don't care but me I care because I was raised up and believe that the color of our skins doesn't make us any different. we all bleed red and we all live and die. alot of people just don't care so that's why we have to come together as a nation and deal with the racist and people who are willing to let it happen and ignore the racism and cops murdering inoccent African Americans including the ones who let them walk free they are just as guilty untill we come together as a nation peacefully we will not get rid of this problem untill then me and many other families will pray that one of there own doesn't lose there life to a racist and brutal PIG until then free my brothers and FUCK 12

  59. blu.

    How can one be putting such passion into music and still have haters? He’s telling a story here, but he’s still so underrated

  60. blu.

    The song is never gonna get old

  61. Cliff Barlow

    This man is popping off and he is trying to resend the message that 2pac did and I respect that thanks for stepping up and sending the message This man is going to win a Grammy for sure

  62. Joseph Weil

    What color that hoodie ?

  63. Geppi Rossi

    let' s go revolty

  64. Peekku10 P

    That hoodie is fire🔥

  65. mason benoit

    Lame. You're just spreading a message of violence. Gtfo punkass... keep rapping about killing people bro you're cool, yea yea cool guy pretending like your hand is a gun woo scary. Big man. Just kidding- little man. Scrawny arms. Prolly couldnt lift the bar off his chest. Weigh bouta bill-twenty soaking wet. No wonder u talk about guns to express yourself you cretin. Youd get floored. Makes sense though, afterall you do look like a coward. COOL MUSIC THO BRO !

  66. Gbay


  67. Landen Velez

    Polo g really a goat man I just can’t even explain it he’s just on another level please god protect this man

  68. FlashyYt T

    Best rapper alive

  69. Și da Și nu


  70. Blinkss

    Polo g is the best rapper no cap

  71. Mario Mario

    I wish pac was alive for a remix with polo G, agreed???

  72. Wayne Green

    He got that jay z vibe

  73. Amaury

    The Chinese kid at 8:54 😂

  74. Kim Nguon


  75. TOP Rapper

    Make a sing with 1212ent baby

  76. marieya jawara

    We Want All Smoke Fuck A Piece Sign👌🏽🐐

  77. Ducks

    POLO G how did you come from the hood and just be this high respect and it is true girls are instagram addicts need more fame not all tho

  78. Mhmmd Rdt

    This song Made my ear burn cuz is too firee

  79. Clout Gawd

    I love the Tupac sample! It’s straight 🔥

  80. Veronica Boyd


  81. Fishy Clutch

    Bruh fire

  82. Jordan Darnell

    7 nation army

  83. Imma Bot

    Wait who disliked this

  84. TechGamer 2000

    That beat ive heard it before..

  85. Hassan UVTW

    Hola ninos

  86. Lil Vix

    i cried at the end

  87. Austin does streams&videos

    This is a marker to show when I first watched it

  88. Selena

    crazy how this relates to what’s going on rn

  89. Calixto

    I’m Mexican and I felt this shit

    1. Calixto

      But it doesn’t matter where I’m from because we’re all from the same race , the human race.

  90. Rida khan

    *"They killed Martin for dreaming now I can't sleep"* damn that lyric hit hard 😩☝️

  91. ああああいいい


  92. jake 101 eddie vr

    mane polo gs songs are all fire even tho all rappers talk about butts and guns and drugs

  93. Gaming with Fleek

    Polo G inspired alot of people but He alsp inspired me to start rapping @babyburberry wml✌

  94. norrtwo

    That's the perfect song to end the album

  95. sense fn

    Bout to cop that 🔥 hoodie. 🐐

  96. Horizon Clan

    I feel u man and this song you are a GOAT 🐐 can we all pray for Minneapolis rn 🙏🏾 Love your music Polo G 😃

  97. Caleb Worku

    hits different after George Floyd RIP George Floyd.