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  1. Emma Morgan

    The thumbnail ewwwwwwww

  2. Ava The Avocado

    Uhhh 3:52 you can see her uhhhhh

  3. Briana SpaceWolf

    Hi Everybody

  4. Isabella Sherrill

    why are the first girl reactions so weird and funny

  5. Aka Kins


  6. Aka Kins

    Simply plz where are you

  7. GD Monkey

    At 2:54 did anyone else notice the person and camera in the mirror?

  8. Zainab Habibi

    Heheh no thanks! Id rather spend under $5 for all of them by just going to the dollar store!

  9. Kassidy Peterson

    5-minut cratfts: if you put you money in soap it saves money Me: puts money in soap Me: mom I put 100$ in some soap because of 5-minute crafts and I can't get it out, I need help Please 👍

  10. Crab Gal

    Girl’s gonna have a rough time with that test if she’s struggling with the date

  11. Shim Parker

    Or you can put on a belt

  12. bijupra

    so much of cheating

  13. Tracey Gray

    WOW!!!! Incredible and SUPERB!!!! Thankyou xx

  14. Tayri Alvarado

    That is 😎💕💕💕

  15. Arianna Clavijo

    One question for some of them how did you take the picture if it was on the ground 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽👇🏽

  16. Big Boss

    #bigbossappu, iam not get bored at any time.because all the time, iam watching your videos💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  17. Grace Wilcox

    I'm scared to die

  18. mr koop poop loop

    **fries watermelon** Me: 🤯

  19. KVA TV

    I answered red scissor, so i'm not normal?

  20. Daniel Navasartian

    Interesting a great idea


    Those who don't like them than why u write comments just for likes .

  22. BOOM Crack!!!

    Does the hairs spray sugar ,warm water and lemon work i need to know nowww

  23. Ron Riggs

    Who has citric acid or even flaxseed or Castile soap just sitting around and where would you find things like that?

  24. The Road goes ever on and on

    very interesting

  25. RealEx0t1cz

    Really cool!

  26. Cazzie Heath

    they never say how much we need to do to do the hack. i guess we just eyeball it???

  27. Samurai


  28. jordar wala tech

    Good idea

  29. Gayathri kamesh


  30. jordar wala tech

    Nice idea

  31. Brianna Fowler

    I feel like the girl who put the garlic on her pimple when it "worked" she looked surprised

  32. Gabriela Farias

    Oi sua linda 🐩🌷⚘🌹

  33. Mckenzie Crain

    5:14 the teacher will still see it -_-

  34. Skyler Cheng-Chapman

    Don’t you hate for the predictability thing you were on some of the squares they take away?

  35. Ali's corner

    14:39 The left is what my parents scream at me

  36. rachel sheehey

    4:15 its enlarged because of swelling from the burning wasabi you just put on your lips

  37. Kira Bug

    Why buy a nice pop socket from the dollar store for one dollar? Just take your drawer Handle and glue it on! What? I guess your never opening that drawer again :/

  38. Alex Walkers

    a pero cuando te entregan el boletin v:

  39. Shoe Rue

    I’m a girl and get ready in 9 minutes

  40. evan s

    actually new clips?? holy moly

  41. Poop Brush


  42. NiNjAs FF

    Eu and o see canal

  43. Fox

    **insert five minute crafts channel here**

  44. Jesus Villaseñor

    Like 5 minutes graft

  45. Jesus Villaseñor

    My name: Larissa

  46. Marcthe

    What about Gene

  47. Jesus Villaseñor

    Muy name: Larissa

  48. Jessamine McKerley

    Why would anyone want fake acne? I have serious acne. These people need to get checked out. Also does anyone else find this offensive to this with braces, acne, and wrinkled skin?

  49. Jesus Villaseñor

    ¡Wow! What😝👧

  50. Jeff Liu

    Can you delete your channel

  51. Ali's corner

    This is the opposite of my life *:’(*

  52. Jennifer Gray

    A girls legs can't be that hairy!

  53. Rea Dueñas

    Not working at me

  54. Joseph Jung

    I tried defending myself from a burglar with the dental floss because it was sharper... Turns out it doesn’t cut but is very good for choking someone tho....

  55. Babylin Mendoza

    1:16 since thats a lice comb, your onions now have hair lice

  56. FOOD GOD

    Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👇👇👇

  57. Tyrone Bazz

    Thank You

  58. Sabrina Richter


  59. - Y u u t s h i -

    What can I say ? Change music pls.

  60. happy stories

    the secand idea with the blue ballon lok so wrong. thos is what it did 👌👈

  61. XxxSecretforlifexxx Fox

    Why did they shatter the blue thing when they never used it? Time: 8:17

  62. Shafiqa Miakhil

    2:26 why didn't they just wipe the marker stane on thare finger without the highlighter

  63. -_Mirelly_- _-Bts-_

    Que merda ein

  64. G R A V I T Y is real

    I love how basicly a whole bunch of people disslike them but still wach em