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  1. AnunnakiKiid

    Quarantine got me watching all MGKs music videos bruv 🔥💯

  2. Blellow

    Enjoy your money 😂

  3. Louis Thompson

    I don’t think YUNGBLUDS guitar is on 😭

  4. Luis Ahumada Jr.


  5. cry bit


  6. Brandi

    I really love this video. I'm down with the pink tape and Rock and FU candles! I'm awake!

  7. A Sad Snail

    If you're not into the punk style, don'y make an excuse. Educate yourself. Doesn't get better than blink!

  8. Angela Galan Martinez

    Everything about this video is hot

  9. Marissa Shiffler

    Sometimes your music is what keeps me going. So for that I thank you.

  10. Extremely Zavier

    This was three years ago 🤯

  11. Jefe41510

    How does someone as beautiful as Megan Fox just exist in this world, I don’t fucking get it.

  12. Avanelle Stanley

    this is a whole movie, dang, love it tho 🤩🤩🤍

  13. Ahmet Can Yavuzarslan


  14. YouTube User

    This song sounds even better at x0.8 and x0.85 speed. Try it!

  15. Jason norman

    his new emo vibe, is a vibe~

  16. Sydney Faulkener

    And you weren't even ever a skater boi... and look at you now, you're all Avril Lavigne.

  17. nelnelg

    This makes me want to smoke a banana peel yo impress my friend

  18. Shawna Allen


  19. Sydney Faulkener

    So... MGK is Avril Lavigne now?

  20. Sydney Faulkener

    So cheezy..! My GOD!

  21. teen bandits

    It's funny to see how em destroyed his rap career and now he has decided to move his ass to another genre.


    Fastball - out of my head ???

  23. felix O'Neill

    Do we all have the same reason for knowing what his favorite candy is?

  24. Rence Gumop-as

    June 2020 anyone?! Respect from Philippines. ❤

  25. Lauren Elizabeth

    MGK is a GOD this brings me happiness during Quarantine. I needed to feel like it was early 200's again when shit was good music.

  26. robert goza

    This videos epic💯

  27. holly golight

    DAMN! I love Yungbluds voice. It's so sexy 😍

  28. Toxic account

    this is how many times they said *yeah* 👇🏻

  29. she crimson


  30. Bryson Vigeant

    Anyone else see who dis is and then got confused 1:32 pause the vid then click on this

  31. Jayla Smith

    I thought they broke up!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢


    This song make me want to rob my own house


    But you know mgk was the goat when he got mystikal on the remix


    Wow... I got my ass whipped for blasting this song to my mom


    Still blasting this in 2020

  36. 山田彪

    mgkでれかっけえがや. ほいでピンクがよー似合っとる

  37. sergio lopez

    You and thug go tougher

  38. Mário H

    Killed by eminem

  39. Jennifer Gunn


  40. Aneisha Kandhai

    dear God, please dont take this mans life anytime soon, hes not done yet

  41. Swarik Ramperthab

    Eminem killed this guys career, that it resulted in him starting to make rock music

  42. Bradley Hetrick

    Another view bitches!!!!

  43. ONLY in TIME

    199019XX 1999?

  44. ONLY in TIME

    look i said save it's hair hear me meow

  45. Rob McD

    The best film clip since Foo Fighters Everlong , Keep Killin it MGK

  46. Justin Colville

    The most beautiful woman who’s ever lived @meganfox💙

  47. crazydenae

    Boy does a couple of songs with Travis Barker and now he thinks he's in Blink-182

  48. Adam Goodwin

    Pete Davidson makes this sooo much better than it already it is😂,also after seeing mgk on shrooms and yh there r wavyyyyyyy must try😂😂😂😂😂

  49. Saitama MotoVlog PH

    Philippines 🇵🇭

  50. G-Tech Medianet

    Avril Lavigne

  51. Keanan Coetzee

    I feel kells should bring this era back along with tickets to my downfall

  52. Ray Lunn Aung


  53. Ray Lunn Aung

    This song makes me feel invincible from watch dogs

  54. JustAMadHatter

    I think he finally found his niche... this is way better than his rap! And yes, Megan Fox uhhhhh... still gorgeous as ever!

  55. Jacob Currier

    I play this for Floyd

  56. Mspastit Vee


  57. Charles Layne

    No one wants to talk about faze banks at 1:31

  58. abhinav pok

    put it full volume on gaming headphones

  59. Garrett Allen

    No cotex u tampon coders FBI and lombardos and bells devon. J bridges.

  60. Garrett Allen

    cupake flames. Shadow talk and the Nike on Diablo st. U never touch my ice queen. Ingrid cold talk

  61. Mia Wallace

    I heard about MGK from Megan Fox, no shame. Now I stan!


    Lmfao imagine having to change genres because eminem destroyed you so bad you're no longer allowed anywhere near rap 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Andre Lukiss

      Eminem had the better diss, Mgk had the better song IMO though. I do prefer Pop Punk Mgk over rap mgk though.

  63. Mark Willoughby

    I like this mgk

  64. n k

    Feels like green day playing it!! Just listen with eyes close!! Jesus

  65. Ice Man

    Eminem destroyed this guy's rap credibility so he became a pop rock singer loool

  66. Malo Tielemans

    Wm28 😍. Em was harsh, actually MGK is a more than decent rapper but it's true that against the rap god everyone loses (maybe wayne could have a chance)

  67. Leomar E

    This is too good!🔥🔥

  68. Playboi Curtis

    This was the shit in 2k16

  69. Rhianna Rajput

    Anyone know what guitar hes playing, is it just a fender?

  70. Mr Smith

    GOOD MUSIC messenger CHAT

  71. Carrie Gibbs

    They are together now.

  72. Jihane guitar

    The best of the bestest 💥💥❤️❤️❤️

  73. JCole Vlogs

    I am loving music like this rn please release more like this!!!

  74. Mariyah Cabral

    i like this

  75. Kaleb Ivie

    When TF are these new songs going to be released

  76. Leah Confrey

    Reminds of blink in all honesty, it's so goodddddd !!!! I love this vibe ❤❤

  77. APECK618

    damn megan still a fine woman

  78. Kosta Romanidis

    Eminem destroyed MGK’s rap career so this is what MGK is now

    1. Wilda Beatz

      dbs3008 5 Stans: BinGe

    2. dbs3008 5

      He is an amazing rapper if you don't think so please explain what you listen too? Guarantee it'll be eminem, if so please give a reason why mgk isn't good

    3. Amanda Finn

      What he is now is still good, rap or rock he's fucking great!!!!!

  79. Florian Milani

    I'm trying to fiend a way to use a little bit of autotune live like Mgk does. Any ideas how? Software or hardware? Is the Tascam a good choice?

  80. Florian Milani

    I'm trying to fiend a way to use a little bit of autotune live like Mgk does. Any ideas how? Software or hardware? Is the Tascam a good choice?

  81. DogDixie

    Did anyone else noticed Faze Banks at 1:31-1:32 or am I the only one?

  82. Николай Иванов

    Если здесь есть русские объясните что стало с MGK. Это не хип-хоп. Это какая то дичь. Почему он стал делать такую музыку. Какая то Аврил Лавин

  83. BLM Too

    Shouldn't this of dropped in mid January or something?

  84. paweł cyleweloski

    Looks like a sixnine

  85. οζ Blue JRy

    Anyone 2020

  86. Diego Murillo

    Dial the number he dialed 🔥 you won’t regret it

  87. Mandy

    You can have me any day you like😘🤣

  88. Michael Lydon

    Trippie looks like he's forgot too take off his Halloween costume

  89. Jesse Parris

    T l a

  90. Jesse Parris

    B what Bob Bob bobbby

  91. Waad Almahdi

    his voice is amazing . i love his voice

  92. Sketch Art Gaming

    Damn...Eminem slapped MGK so hard he transferred to a different music genre lol

  93. Ocean Zenn Fam xo

    She was even in Eminems video clip love the way you lie lol didn't these two have beef

  94. web ambiente raa aar

    Uma ótima música você sempre ouvi aqui na web radio ambiente Goiânia

  95. Colten Herrera

    Eminem literally ended this man's whole rap career. Mf had to find a whole new genre because of it😂

  96. Boldizsár Oláh

    From rap devil to this wow

  97. Mary Jaaane

    gooosh I need more music videos with Kells & Megan

  98. Mary Jaaane

    play it over and over again every day😂❤️

  99. Despotovic Music

    Eminem - Framed "I murder no body" totally lie he actually murdered MACHINE GONE KELLY R.I.P.

  100. August Gene

    S E L L O U T