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  1. Rohan & Rashi

    Me to ☺️

  2. Kaitlyn Johnson

    I love are video so much

  3. Fatimat Taiwo

    Please 123 go make new art vidoes

  4. mc omario

    I u

  5. Samiul Hossain

    The girl is the good

  6. Zhini Dozhe


  7. Thuỷ tiên Trần


  8. Nidha _07


  9. Nidha _07


  10. Thuỷ tiên Trần

    I love 123go school

  11. Sidney Pereira

    Wow this vid is so rude I feel like a nerd sometimes and now I feel like ppl hate me..... I so wanna be popular We r all special <3

  12. Vjollca Meta

    A di ndo njeri shqip

  13. Annie

    I hate those channels they are inaproppriate sometimes

    1. Annie

      Thats right

  14. Vjollca Meta

    Te komentoje🤗🙏🧿🧿🧿💎

  15. Vjollca Meta

    A ka njeri qe din shqip?

  16. Sowmya Ch

    👌 nice video 📹 Kate is very funny

  17. Dawn Williams

    Haha I love the pranks there so funny I tried one and my brother's reacion was so funny

  18. tv box

    You all girl are very cute and cool

  19. MIACAT Life

    I love all your videos They are always funny

  20. Samantha Beaudry

    I love prank

  21. AJ sahil gamerz

    I love their sweatshirts and jacket

  22. Kids LaRue

    123 GO bad

  23. Christy Weinstein

    Can somebody notice how hideous both of those gurls outfits are ugly ;-;

  24. Henry & Maddie Show

    The 197 is the best me to the scriber

  25. Beatriz Jimenez


  26. Chloe Vrs The World _

    bruh been practicing in front of her mirror she must’ve see how pale skin

  27. Aditi Sahu


  28. Sunny

    Im 23 hours late but i love your videos 💕

  29. Luski simon


  30. Trizay Abrahams


  31. shubhraseya agarwal

    Nice hacks

  32. Stephanie G


  33. Marcelina Kolkman


  34. Izzy 224

    The grandma is so funny

  35. azril 07

    O G M O G M O G M O G M

  36. Khushi Rathore

    But in India we can eat in front of our Teachers and they didn't pay attention because they know we are very naughty 🤣🤣

  37. Kashika Vaswani

    I love the playdoh prank

  38. mozmorriss two

    Who brings baby oil, hot glue and a hair dryer to school???

  39. azril 07


  40. azril 07

    M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M.m M M Mm M M M Mm Mm M

  41. mozmorriss two

    7:08 um.. that won't work. And they dont look cute. And neither does her outfit.

  42. chasing Sinatra


  43. azril 07

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  44. chasing Sinatra


  45. Milo McCauley

    1. Be yourself kids 2. This 10 min video only had like 3 projects 3. This doesn’t help one bit it’s just a story 4. Whoever made this clearly doesn’t have a brain because being a nerd isn’t a bad thing it’s actually better because your smarter than everyone else

  46. Alvin Cual


  47. Alvin Cual

    ONG Fhyd Hru Hgdks

  48. Donnie Ferrell

    Don’t be rude to nerds. You might end up working for one.

    1. mozmorriss two

      Nerds r the ones who are going to save our lives one day.

  49. mozmorriss two

    Oh great, so now I'm a nerd because I wear glasses and like to wear my hair in plaits. 😑😑

  50. Adeel Ahmed


  51. hanifah murli


  52. Kinga Jakab


  53. Sincerityismust


  54. Julie Blakemore

    This is waist of time

  55. football status football

    Super voice

  56. Sincerityismust


  57. The eris channel

    haha So funny

  58. ravi ravi

    Kate is ugly . Jennifer is pretty cutu

  59. Maya Tamang


  60. bekir sudahan


  61. Füżżÿ Cõłd Pėãćhy

    5:56 Handy trick you shouldn’t have feed the plant a lot of water Madison.

  62. Sassie Sanderson


  63. مرتضى حسن


  64. Kaius Taus

    One kind of time are you gonna have kids

  65. Farwa Imran

    The playdough prank is dumb after any one eat that playdough gum he or she will die

  66. Sarah Happe


  67. • darkxnightmare •

    Why does she even need glasses when she can see