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  2. john cao

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  3. István B. Szlifka

    American capitalism for ya

  4. Kevin Brady

    Trying to get this message through to anyone who has never done even single day locked up or doesn't know anyone who has is incredibly hard and infuriating. Karma is out there, those who deny folks basic human rights had better keep that in mind.

  5. Rob K

    yup ..... America is Great ...... mhmhmmmmm

  6. Polly Richardson

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  7. Marik Ishtar

    look why not slow down the line

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  9. john cao

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  10. JE VADER

    Watching this in 2021, who's laughing now :)

  11. Xamis Limelight

    I completely hate that cops kill people, then the cops investigate the cops. Makes a lot of sense, right? No fucking wonder they never get punished. It's almost like, the entire department IS in fact to blame, as they always find a fucking way to get away with murder. "Officer not charged in the case of (insert name) death." Sounds familiar don't it?

  12. Shawn Lucas

    Relevant now.

  13. Polly Richardson

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  14. Xamis Limelight

    "there's nothing stopping them from changing their mind" there was nothing stopping them from lying either though

  15. Jonson fatinson

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  16. curbintolerance

    One word: Priming.

  17. john cao

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  18. Jed Bloch

    Don’t worry the robots will be taking over soon

  19. Raminez Dery

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  20. Tina Brown

    I absolutely positively unequivocally with all my heart love this guy.😋


    3:56 you're an idiot

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  24. Popular History

    Things haven't changed at all since Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"

  25. Patrick Layman

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  26. Jos Nijsten

    What did George Carlin say about fat people?

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  29. Jos Nijsten

    I don't eat meat so I don't care.

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  31. Cat Ross

    What in the fuck was the Sam Cooke parody, why, what was the purpose?

  32. TheOneTrueSoulKing D

    Stories like this depress me to no end. When can this cycle of nightmarish abuses of human rights end?

  33. abdallah

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  36. James Gorden

    making fun off GameStop .....your loss lol.....people made millions on their stocks lately

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  41. Jonson fatinson

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  42. Martijn Pennings

    Meanwhile, 7 years later..... OUTRAGE!!!! Nobody knew so many people were dying in Qatar!!! Maybe ... we should do something...?

  43. Jonson fatinson

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  44. Jennifer Schmitzkatze

    the fat man sits like a sip of water in the curve and I only hear shit coming out of his mouth

  45. PRIVACY Two

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  46. Malik The mad man

    58-68 rather be on the 14th floor then the 6th floor that's 8 difference not 10

  47. Michael Gibbs

    “The wild west of...” is used a lot in his videos! 😂💯🤷🏻‍♂️

  48. lordoflordz7

    Dam good job John! Modi's facism exposed to the world

  49. PRIVACY Two

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  50. Alexander Schilcher

    The right to proper gene editing belongs into the constitution!

  51. Optimator7

    That interview was epic

  52. PRIVACY Two

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  53. brutusbn76

    i hate john oliver

  54. ceourso

    YOOOO yall are going OFF this season

  55. Tauseef Ul Hasan

    Use me as 'In My Recommended After 6 Years' Button

  56. Nomen Nescio

    mental health is a big responsibility, may be the only responsibility that we all must share, it is not a business to make moneyz. we can either import 8 bilion therapists from a galaxy far, far away or start careing a bit more for the person next to us and the person within

  57. Valentine Siobhan

    @ 15:14, does the reporter ask “how would you answer that, *father*??” or am i just hearing things and he called trump something else...? 😶

  58. Helen walker

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  59. Elliott Striemer

    And then Trump came

  60. Heidi Luci

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  61. Sideways G

    Still waiting for the root cause of all problems, that being human overpopulation, to be even brought up...

  62. Jeremy Lim

    LO:. so people there cannot go to work somewhere else in China because you believe they are "forced"?

  63. rj oreilly

    The volatile milk optically receive because river sicily order midst a barbarous iraq. impartial, few fierce brass

  64. Amelia Kathrine

    The fuck is quibi?

  65. Angel Moon

    A bit of a hypocrisy. After being shamed she went ahead and posed for Playboy.

  66. Yawnder

    I'd be curious to know how much of that was written for him, and how much he came up with.

  67. Heidi Luci

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  68. Colin Sick

    funny at this day and age it seems jones is right on the money and you are part of the laugh tract that you need for your show you are part of the agentic media that regurgitates the narrative of the left do as your told olive oil go get vaccinated

  69. Hase Hopps

    The Next Pandemic is coming!!! I won't be sleeping for a year after this episode.

  70. Green Goblin

    Is nobody going to talk about how hot Vincent D’Onofrio is in this episode? That beard..

  71. Hase Hopps

    The Horror!!!!

  72. Sean Mckanna

    Hey, that segment was very well done.

  73. καμιά ψυχή

    Your show is becoming out of touch and ... What the fuck? I hope they all get covid or fired. American meat companies this big should all go out of business or just stop existing. Maybe a segment about how to transition these people out of this business would show care for this fucking filth and could be useful. This is just fucking stupid.

    1. Ranuyasha

      Did someone crap in your cereal this morning or something ?

  74. natalia Taku

    Позорный Туркменистан. И мы туда же стремимся.

  75. DismissThatTheory

  76. DismissThatTheory

  77. Addy Sidhu

    @LastWeekTonight please do a show on arnab goswami now after his watsapp chat leak

  78. Addy Sidhu

    @LastWeekShow please do a show on arnab goswami now after his chat leak

  79. Nomen Nescio

    hey, dont mind me, just stopping by to say a "total piece of shit" is not always born, it is sometimes created very much later, and yes, exactly, by you, or me, or whatever...

  80. Matt Tait

    Its horrible that working at Amazon looks worse than a deployment to Iraq.