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  1. Tyler Smith

    Woodley gets paid a lot, probably 1/2 million dollars for his fights. So I think these last 3 fights he has just been collecting his fight show money.

  2. Joshua

    I am here in September 2020

  3. James

    Don’t say Usman “took Woodley soul” because usman just sniffed his crotch for 5 rounds burns and Colby took it to him he has been done before usman

  4. shellsbignumber2

    Thats attempted murder. 0:30

  5. Mev Rymshon

    Costa looks like Clarke Kent (Superman) here.

  6. Larry L

    I think Woodley knew he was in trouble before the fight even started. Tyron talked a lot of trash, and then wanted to touch gloves before round one. Colby didn't.


    bruh so hold up, this guy stands there and does nothing for about 5 rounds, then after the fight is over he starts blaming it on adesanya and saying people bought the ppv to see a fight and not to see someone run? ????????? what

  8. nobo centurion

    Real life version of Sagat from street fighter without the eye band

  9. Pewdie Pie

    Messi = naruto Ronaldo = sasuke

  10. Franek Starosta

    Sportowa Polska

  11. Mountains, rivers and trees

    He's nice until he doesn't have to be.

  12. T C

    It just goes to show how entitled pro footballers are

  13. Matthew Nieuwland

    Good looking guy!

  14. Guli Parpieva

    Tyrons spirit was broken after the first round

  15. Razvan Melinte

    I know

  16. skulpcha

    im an izzy fan . but i like this dude. he's humble. he should show Stylebender a little humility

  17. Перизат Жаппаров

    Canelo perdió, es una pena que el boxeo esté en la corrupción, Canelo no es un ejemplo a seguir, él y su equipo comprarán a todos, estaré alentando la derrota de México en cualquier deporte

  18. Robert StacKr47

    I think Tyron should fight Cowboy and retire after

  19. WahWahWehWah

    Wheres my 50g's, wheres my 50g's? Stick him in there with some really killers then we'll see what he's made of!

  20. Kenneth Flaming

    after watching it a second time, and the weekly shenanigens he is pulling, i can see the decline here already even if he won from khabib it would be the same, he lost his grip on reality, i reckon it would be even worse if he did win, so khabib did him a favour

  21. T F

    West Brom already looked better against Everton compared to Leicester. It will take time, but they will get better. Slaven has the grit and passion to make the team improve.

  22. 1 1

    Tyrone didn’t look himself here. Where’s that trademark explosive power! Just stood there and let Colby do his thing

  23. Jamie Emmerson

    I don't owe anybody anything now because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  24. Armani Rivera

    Nah nah, the one with Rock's return to Raw knocked me back to a time i wasnt alive to experience

  25. Josh H

    The light heavyweight division is full of explosive ko artists which could be matched for interesting fights: Reyes Blachowitz Rakic Smith Jiri Volcano Santos Rumble Walker Ankalaev Cutelaba Rountree Osp Menifield Anders Lungiambula

  26. I dont care Sapo

    He looks drained man... he loses a ton of weight

  27. Kyara Rai

    All the best Costa 👍👍💞💞

  28. budz Pia gandy b Kimberly maxime

    Let's go Lia

  29. Realist

    pathetic petulance.. psg involved as per, no class from the oil money team.

  30. Realist

    pathetic petulance.. psg involved as per

  31. Shubham Rana

    Best video on CSsel


    I’m convinced those big knockouts by woodley were all just lucky punches he landed he hasn’t beat up anybody in years it’s always 1 shot bye bye which can be considered lucky punches

  33. _

    Remember when Covington had g His Face Broken by a Superior African Black Man! That was beautiful

  34. Jade M

    This fight stirs something in me. Its just beautiful to watch. The speed, the intensity, the crazy power for such small frames. Two absolute killers

  35. mark irvine

    Nick peet steals wheelie bins

  36. Chad McLaughlin

    Two great human beings! Awesome interview

  37. 4epa1012

    Chimaev will smesh them all. No doubt on that here.

  38. RD Ali

    Costa is a very likeable guy man..I don't really wanna see either one of these guys lose, whoever wins I hope it's a great fight.

  39. lennox283329

    Woodley is done! Retire!!

  40. AdinkraArtsCollective

    So nothing to do with how Liverpool (fans/board/mngr/team) backed his racism...with no apology??just about whether he cheers a bit...smh

  41. Feel Good Films

    No cauliflower ear yet 👍🏽

  42. Francis Robertson

    That was for the police officers killed on duty

  43. خالد العرياني

    انجليزي ده ي مرسي

  44. budz Pia gandy b Kimberly maxime

    ✖️✖️✖️👣🐾❤️ things I do 🎸♟️♋🌕

  45. googo151

    kick to the body broke his rib. wow!

  46. augustus

    Ronaldo and Messi having dinner Ronaldo: Higuain is such a rubbish player. Messi: I couldn't agree more !

  47. rizla roller

    Paulo "the real superman "Costa

  48. N P

    What about when he got caught during the wec days?

  49. Amazing Nature

    "I Pray Whoever Reads This Become Successful And Achieve Everything"❤️❤️

  50. Abdullah Bor

    Most people Here have no idea about the chechen mentality im Not a chechen but i have many chechen Friends they dont know what ist to have fear brutal people Guys he can Hit kamaru osman and adesanya without Problems

  51. Tony Kelly

    Right now.... Right now.... Riiiiiiiggght abouuuuuuuutttt nnn...

  52. Aahlad Kethineedi

    Top class interviewer

  53. mr 3:16

    Costa has the looks body charisma personality and fighting aggressive style to make him self a huge marketing rich star..some may argue that the first 2 are irrelevant but actually to attracting casuals and female fans is important for sure..if he wins this one he is on the way for them millions

  54. Vk Deen

    haaland is an animal it's such a shame for him he didn't come to the prem. he's destined to play there... it's ready made for him and the rest he needs

  55. Tyrell Corp


  56. Sarah Khan

    I love khabi

  57. 001Broadway

    I am SUPER excited for this fight.

  58. TheMrEpicsounds

    Donald trump: " Mr Convicton was never my friend!"

  59. Ardit Krasniqi

    just a care of counterpunch of Tyrone and nothing else.

  60. Thomas Darya

    Paulo is going expose Israel! 1st or 2nd round TKO