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  1. Man OfGod

    Imagine a chump fighting a champ,Paul Logan will be the 1st chump his brother was a sucker.mayweathers is an all-time champ

  2. Delta ReFz

    Wtf is that

  3. Adam

    Why do people idolize these fighters when each and every bodyguard could destroy them with one punch lol. It's funny when you think of their place in the food chain yet we label them as world champ haha!

  4. Sondre_king


  5. The Cannonball Kid

    He acted like a disrespectful clown and got a slap for it?

  6. 71 Darius Klijster

    Dustin's time is coming soon in the trilogy. July 10th. The King will win! 🇮🇪

  7. Milenko Cobanovic

    this conor should be seen in 10 july .

  8. Thomas van den Belt

    So stupid he makes it about race

  9. Jesus God


  10. Jb Hi

    Blueprintwill be canelo saunders. U can run but u cant hide

  11. zidane allam

    Pov:. Your looking at comments that say stuff about bad filming

  12. Shafin Kausar

    *Charles 'EMINEM' Olivera*

  13. Ban 5G Everywhere


  14. Bill Fred

    Dana is right, that was a great card.

  15. joe pope

    It's like he did that thing that Bronn said he'd do if he fought the mountain but it worked.

  16. Beserk Cheeto

    Bro I can just imagine Floyd giving Jake death stares while he's beating up Logan. Like, "Your brother is nothing to me, I don't even need to pay full attention to him." Obviously he wouldn't do that but it'd be sick.

  17. Chance1957


  18. J3ss3 Jam3s

    Floyd is Rasist,

  19. J3ss3 Jam3s

    Floyd is Rasist

  20. Brett Lakes


  21. 타요Tayo

    Imagine trying to be rude to someone who can kill you🤦🏽‍♀️

  22. Serg Trener

    Хорошее и правильное решение судей,бой равный за счёт того ,что Лобов в последних двух раундах напропускался

  23. Kevin Suarez

    Malignaggi won this easily

  24. Rafael Torres

    Mayweather has no idea what's coming.

  25. tim morales

    Well atleast he didn’t hit and run this time and forget a receipt in the rental car with his name on it.

  26. Serg Trener

    Слышал, что Лобов на голых кулаках с Биринчиком будут драться,честно незнаю, два разных вида спорта....но с такими дырками в защите как у Лобова он может напропускаться, если Лобов будет опираться на свою держалку, то он Биринчика может по антропарамитрии задавить.....если Биря его на ногах раздергает, то по очкам выиграет.....короче бой покажет

  27. Joe Shmo

    "Its always about race" ....say racists

    1. laskin riubn

      Canelo v Saunders....they fighters ...this is getting beyond a joke...how far you have fallen floyd.

  28. stevie ray gonzale,

    I have a feeling we're gonna watch karate hotty take a savage beating. Something in the air is telling me its not gonna end well for her

  29. Colton Cornwell

    Staged as fuck

  30. Guy Logan

    She saw John Cena.

  31. Alan Page

    What is the terrible music in the background?

  32. Chris

    Lmao Logan's funny but nah these guys don't even dislike each other, kinda painful to watch them sell this fight. There's zero beef, good thing Jake took his hat to ramp it up a bit.

  33. Jeff Roach

    Great acting

  34. Sarah Mai

    I used to like Floyd, but a few years when 50 cent made a mockery of Floyd Mayweather, I lost ALL respect. Floyd Mayweather did Nothing when 50 cent took his dignity!! When FM said he wasn’t going to say anything about what he’s done, but 5 seconds later he started to list things he did. He’s a joke and a woman beater. Period. 💯💯💯

  35. K M

    Holy fuckin shit. Brett's most recent interview with Dana brought me here. I'm just now seeing this.


    People who don't know , that mountain guy real name is hafthor and he won the world's strongest man title in 2018 and came runner up in 2017 and 2016 and even won many Arnold classic

  37. Dominic Holloway

    colby been practicing rematch he beats usman

  38. Kyle Christian

    Wait wait wait, is Cowboy just calling him his lover cause it looks that way or is this a for sure thing between Diego and this clown?? Lmfao fighting career goes super hard down the drain so he goes super gay?? 😂😂😂

  39. Samir Nedir

    They'd never get in the cage with real fighters - they just want to test their luck against burnt out ex-boxers (even if he is one of the greatest). Jokers.

  40. mezmerxy

    Jake is a shit kid. Always wants the spotlight

    1. annag cocl


  41. eji Alti

    This is a show just.. No shouldn’t take this serious. Someone is going to make a lot of money for showing craps

  42. Niaz Shah

    Jake Paul: Missing teeth, fractured cheekbone, and a black eye. Also Jake Paul: *got your hat*

  43. dylanjones761

    just when you think logans a better person... he gets involved in something like this with jake and were back to square one

  44. Wali M2002

    Jake: steals hat like a 12 year old: Floyd: and i took that personally

  45. Blue Blade

    Ooooooh...!!! I wish he actually got his hands on Jake!!!

  46. John Scott

    These two guys are tough as nails and can fight there asses off

  47. Al Bundy

    Man..this guy is the champ by default.. Excuses are premeditated..

  48. DNL lingo


  49. Miral Abualjadail

    Logan Paul already won man 🤣 they all falling for it like pawns ♟ in his chess game I mean bank account.

  50. Electric Blue


  51. Humberto Garcia


  52. Elite Product Reviews

    Anyone who believes this hasn't learned anything about boxing 😂😂😂

  53. Miral Abualjadail

    Wow Logan actually beat him at this and Floyd sounded dumb af almost senile.

    1. annag cocl

      Floyd has to be broke to lower his bar.

  54. Markus E

    Khabib is the type of guy who watches himself be undefeated and watches Tony go on a losing streak.

  55. Blood 4 Life

    It’s literally a crime that they don’t have a podcast with each other.

  56. adrian marshall

    Honestly. Donald needs to pass the torch and bugger off. 55? Wtf for??

  57. A14

    What is with this hate towards hockey in the comments?

  58. Tri aprianda Kadimansyah

    proof that jake is a kid. no fully grown man confront a guy by stealing his hat like that.

  59. Michael McLean

    No one should pay for this garbage.

  60. The PlayerFromSlovakia

    I wish they would of let them fight.

  61. Fr. Ted Crilly


  62. Neil k

    Had to watch the Floyd vs McGregor press conference in Toronto after this load of garbage

  63. michael lynch

    Great Covid party, glad I missed it.

  64. Wana M

    atleast we could hear the punch

  65. Phoenix

    felt good to see that tbh

  66. Elder 1892

    If Logan actually thinks he has a chance then he has took something this CSsel stuff needs to stop

  67. OAP88

    does this video play LoL? Cause it's faker than anything

  68. Mark O'Toole

    It's crazy like this in the media which makes any sane individual realise America is dead eating itself alive the century is china's sorry to say

  69. All-Day Stevie J 313

    All you racist idiots talkin about Floyd attacked Jake it's the other way around when you snatch a man's hat off his head that's considered an assault so Jake attacked Floyd Get It Right

  70. KrizPlayzMC

    logan paul is such a trouble maker same as his brother...

  71. Just-Looking-For-Treasure

    I wonder if cowboy still has the beanie diaz gave him after their fight!??

  72. Nicholas Lehman

    This commission is crazy thinking Conor should have just stood there 😝

  73. Marcus J

    I remember when Floyd’s trash talk was considered good

  74. armando garcia

    Floyd Mayweather is going to knock out logan

  75. Thoterella ••

    Ip2.alwayswins 🤣💀

  76. Copee

    Canelo v Saunders....they fighters ...this is getting beyond a joke...how far you have fallen floyd.

  77. Boodi

    Paulo looks good

  78. champagne lp

    i like how everyone defends khabib like he's not the one who started the beef.....sure conor said awful thing but thats cuz of wat khabib did FIRST.

  79. A caf

    No caps were damaged....you know the rest...