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  1. Pepsi Pepsi

    I wish he got the horse cutscene at the end😭😭

  2. Slynate

    I know it's supposed to be scary, but I do like relaxing to these videos after a long day. Anyone else?

  3. Yana Türlich

    Sorry, that's a strange thing to ask. What song was Mark using at the end of the video in these times? I really like it but I can't find it without a name

  4. LadyLiddell

    I think the first game was about a child helping their mother poison their abusive father.

  5. Kid Samurai

    I’m a Tengu?

  6. BoboPlayz OG

    I thought that he allready played cooking simulator

  7. Kaylee Knutsen

    Am I the only one still waiting for the next amnesia to come out?

  8. Qween Of Simps OwO

    I- He's seen all the yagami yato ive watched NOOOOO😭 Please dont be disappointed in me dad😭😭

  9. Johan Matias



    Mark is just abusing lexin now

  11. Chris Younes

    I feel like this would be absolutely hilarious if he plays this with bob and wade. Them three in a kitchen would be gold

  12. Zeeitgeist

    « Ok you can cut the attitude mom » why did I laugh so hard lol.

  13. Rainer ?

    revisitng this: I THINK I HAVE COVID?????

  14. Lavender_ Skies

    Get your "Here before CSsel changes it to 2 years ago" award

  15. Summer4998

    I laughed so hard at the potatoes just piling over the pork chop I started choking 😂 please play it again omg

  16. Ashley Zendejas

    So is no one is going to talk about what happened at 7:18 - 7:34? My unus annus people.... no? ok

  17. Olivia Payne

    I have a recommendation witness it’s a fnaf fan game made of nightmares

  18. TheMilitantHorse

    I played Mother's Little Helper yesterday. It was super surreal and the end was like 0_0

  19. DayWil

    I got the same as Mark but I seriously doubt my hearing is good because when I'm not playing the drums or bass extremely loud, I blasting music full volume in my headphones

  20. ᎯᏰᏣ ʔoᐢi

    I didn't understand any of them... :(

  21. Antonio Matteson

    Mark eats donut doesn’t stop eating donuts 🍩 mark gets diabetes

  22. ChrisCraftMaster

    Why do you look like metro man from megamind

  23. Andrew Carns

    Bob's laugh at 12:05 is so wholesome it seems fake

  24. Always Chill

    mArK pLaY mOrE rObLoX

  25. Pepsi man thy commenter

    1:34 Their wives must be happy in bed.

  26. Cyborcat

    Okay, I didn't want to hear "tentacles" and "party" in the same sentence XD

  27. Val Dirbin

    Saying this isn't a exercise for narcissism is kind of offensive because my dad has narcissism... Also my grandpa

  28. just_ava

    dude just use flex paste *now that alota damage*

  29. MarcusGamesYT

    Lixian: the things I do for love Also lixian: DABBBBBB

  30. Doug

    You now need to play Cook,Serve, Delicious. It's more of an Arcade style restaurant game. I think you would enjoy it!

  31. Robert Cross

    I think markiplier Is the best cook of the 3

  32. Rubber Pigeons

    *wHy iS THE AiR..* *snowing upwards??*

  33. Abshir Yusuf


  34. Unknown_ Pastel


  35. Ursa Major

    I want more please it amazing and it's funny


    26 seconds of mark acting mad

  37. Ghost 675

    I love lixian's edits, him and mark work so well together to create amazing and hilarious videos.

  38. CryoTrooper

    Hold up, he got a pony tail now?

  39. jadowitymebel

    Play The Stone of Anamara please, it's not the newest one but kinda spooky :D

  40. Johnathan Luther

    8:54 are we in The End?

  41. I_Der

    LIXIAN! Jumpscare!

  42. RMSeven 7 YT

    The Reply Are Never gonma help me But all of you Reply Are Crazy.. Sad....

  43. Zoey Zamora

    Your welcome Markiplier my family said that I can't watch you anymore do to your language but I don't care you a hero to me and my lil brother I watch you everyday and we are here for you mark don't ever forget that

  44. zlurgma

    i dont care about the horror im just jealous of that sweet ass apartment

  45. CoL Meh

    I would love if Markiplier would do a mukbang though

  46. Dill Doe

    Mark trying to figure out that what has 4 letters sometimes has 9 amd never has 5

  47. Stan Lee

    hey mark, you should play at dead at light.

  48. soopaspud

    how many of the sounds were from the game and how much of it was Lixian?

  49. Travis Theaderman

    Markiplier: Hello. Also Markiplier: “Kabooshki, hapooshka, hordershka, balershnorf, orntypooshnorf” ...”I’m getting to really practice my Swedishness.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Oscar Robson

    Last episode: evil cave babies, chainsaws, death water and big hole This episode: cake good, pie bad, gazebo Edit: former gazebo

  51. Santiago Guillen

    Freddy is pikachu, everybody is Freddy, everyone is pikachu

  52. this idiot king

    Sooo that one comment about the POV character being Ethan was 100% correct.

  53. RMSeven 7 YT

    Nåz1 Must Been removed Troll must been removed Abdul must been removed All of you Cry must been removed Simp must been removed And 302 Comment Must Been Removed Because This was Best Good Way

  54. Callmehmilo

    2:39 😂

  55. Emily Harding

    Mark playing 3 scary games is the highlight of my week

  56. Firehazard

    kid should just shut the doors and closet and go back to bed

  57. Runikan

    S i m p

  58. SirDanFan

    Mark you should play Spacky's Nightshift for your next 3 Scary Games

  59. AJ Welch

    Tentacle appears. Well i’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going

  60. Leilani Chin

    I played this game once before and I gotta say, Mark did it really well. (No one asked, but I failed miserably and kept dropping plates when I tried playing this)

  61. Andres Garcia

    Lixian where are your legs?

  62. Rae

    not mark given a detailed explanation of my first year in college

  63. Halo

    That sweater doesn’t exist

  64. Mr. Mann

    you should stop at scary games #69

  65. Teqris

    Wait, d-didn’t he play the first game before?

  66. BouncyDog _Funeral

    Watch this in 2x ur welcome

  67. Gideon Brock

    1:00 wade sounded like broken Matt Hardy from wwe

  68. Conner Dehn

    10:43 mark is so bad at timing things lol

  69. Tuxedo King

    I've gotta commend lexion for a sound work on the last game that shit is amazing, Not to mention sound work is hard.

  70. Avril Hopson

    It's weird to sleep with your door open??? I do it and honestly, it makes me feel safer than being stuck in a pitch-black room with no escape.

  71. Rylee Milliron

    Why did his shirt change

  72. Oof

    I finally find marks Sissy's location

  73. Mr Memes

    Ah, the good days.

  74. Sarah Shepherd

    30 seconds in and the missing apostrophe has ruined my day

  75. Iruga

    You can't beat Bilu Markplier because you ''Não buscou conhecimento'' (You didn't acquired knowledge). By the way...the 2 portuguese games you played..actually was made by Brazilians not Portuguese people.

  76. Ken D. Blackwell

    LET HER IN. *THE FIEND INTENSIFIES* Sorry, pro-wrestling reference. :p

  77. EZE ZMaster

    The scarcest part of the video was the 5:26 part because it made me destroy my t.v!

  78. Peter Asaad

    That's not a drink mix you just put sugar inside your glass of water

  79. sodapop blues

    "ohh, thats not it, ma.....thats a pumpkin"

  80. Stu Pidface