Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed. \nFor more information about Boston Dynamics and our robots, visit us at www.BostonDynamics.com

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  1. Player One

    One day they will knock on your door ...

  2. S Jay

    Imagine a robot cheetah running towards you, ass-first, and not even being able to outrun it.

  3. Hugo Hallquisth

    yo they got the robots n' all.

  4. John Humphrey

    They're programmed to dance here, just wait until they're programmed to attack.

    1. Aidan Preuss


  5. Raccoon King Kingly

    E Power is rising in robots

  6. Cherry Cherry

    Why does this video make me happy?😃😃😃

  7. Jonathan

    It’s so amazing how far they’ve come in a few years

  8. Mom Say No

    I’m scared

  9. Freida Fogarty

    A wonder of the web.

  10. pizzaboi30

    Why's everybody coming to watch this now lol

  11. Yash Kumar

    She : He must be cheating Me and the bois :

  12. Eva Bonafede

    Put them some LEDs! And stereophonic sound. And usb port! It will be the soul of the party 🎉

  13. Wendy Fernandez


  14. Gordon Conaway

    This can't be real

    1. Aidan Preuss


    2. Dub Elements


  15. 12235117657598502586


  16. TheWolfie234

    This is so cute! I love the dog one...

  17. Dirk Dwipple

    Now they can dance and carry missle launcher's and machine guns? Prepare for the technological singularity. Hail our new overlord's.

    1. Dub Elements

      this would be too expensive and totally pointless. just take a cheap drone and put some explosives on it, like they allready do it.

    2. 12235117657598502586


  18. P. Schastok

    When they will build the EVA-01?

  19. Foxy

    Its cool yet horrifying.

    1. Foxy

      @Dub Elements Its the uncanny valley, I think. Or at least how advanced the tech is getting.

    2. Dub Elements

      why horrifying?

  20. Федор Федорович

    Эпично в конце вышел аж мурашки по телу

  21. Budwiser

    Dually mesmerised and shit scared .

  22. Oh Kay

    They should actually hold concerts like these, I mean I'd go.

    1. 12235117657598502586

      I’d like to see them do that on ice! 🤣

  23. Федор Федорович

    Как человек

  24. Cardin Trieu

    These robots dance better than me 😂.

  25. Lara Herdy

    dança melhor do q eu;-;

  26. Trust NOone

    robots for garbage

  27. Luke Nutley

    Why are we all here now?

  28. Norvik

    Робота Федора для полноты картины не хватает.

    1. Sean Alvarez

      @Виталий 13 Федька вообще то китайское творение, на алике двенадцать с половиной деревянных стоит...

    2. Виталий 13

      Для понимания "как делать не надо" - да, не хватает. Для контраста, так сказать.

    3. Sean Alvarez

      Федька на ремонте, сейчас только с "алика" запчасти по почте придут и он тоже запляшет...

  29. yer man 05

    Terminator 7 post-credits scene leaked.

    1. 12235117657598502586

      They should dance with Arnie! 🤣

  30. afterdeth

    I hope you guys spend at least as much time figuring out "should we" as you've spent on "can we"

  31. J Knott

    Mass murderers always have cute baby pics

  32. Dan Mimis

    Xi Jinping to the CCP: "OK, we postpone the attack on Taiwan ..."

  33. Alfie Parker

    This is awesome. Now make it do a double kong!

  34. Daniel Leca

    I want to become a cyborg so bad. We shouldn't be afraid of technology! We should embrace it!

    1. Micheal Beckett

      We should be afraid because there's people like the people above who have access to it lmao

    2. 12235117657598502586

      Careful what you wish for... Instead of arthritis when you get old, you’ll just rust! 🤣

    3. tido almond

      @grub time I did

    4. grub time

      @tido almond “WHo AsKeD”

    5. tido almond

      who asked

  35. Volker Thimm

    Its the most amazing and scary thing i‘ve seen.

    1. 12235117657598502586


  36. TheRealAlexDoesStuff

    CGI looks great!

  37. Федор Федорович

    Оку еть

  38. Oldtimer f7

    Dance off bro, you and me!

    1. 12235117657598502586

      Yeah... Do it on ice! ⛸🤣

  39. Rishabh Dubey

    People here talking about robots taking over the world while I'm just sitting here thinking that those robots have got better moves than me :'(

    1. 12235117657598502586

      Funny (and a little bit sad)

  40. Boris Shterhun

    Boston Dynamics - BRAVO

  41. İzle Gör

    Nere lan bura

  42. G A


  43. David Sanchez

    Do they let these just boogie whenever cause I don't see anyone but the guys in the glass room watching them

  44. Chett Smith

    It's all fun and games till they hand them guns and an eradicate program

    1. 12235117657598502586

      When they’ve been around humans long enough... Then they’ll make that decision on their own! 🤨

    2. J Knott

      Mass killers have cite baby pics

  45. cate zaida

    THIS. Is scary. Amazing balance though!

    1. 12235117657598502586

      But how good will they be on ice ⛸🤔🤣

  46. Laszlo Torok

    Am I alone thinking this is as fascinating as it is scary.... in the same time?

    1. 12235117657598502586

      Me too!

    2. cate zaida

      Nope. I am right there with you!

  47. Adham

    Only Karen can save us !

    1. Ayzen


  48. 금단증상


  49. Sergey Vronskiy


  50. Tezzarrific

    and we shall call them Cylons.

  51. damn it Chadwick

    YES!!! LOL

  52. Антон Грязев

    Ну всё ребята! Нам пизда!!!!

  53. Accumulator •

    Atlas, by far the most advanced robot ever made! I can’t stop watching this video over and over and just focusing on different joints of atlas and admiring the level of complexity being showcased here.

    1. 12235117657598502586

      This is the beginning... 🤨

  54. Александр Том.

    В 60 - 80е годы для проектирования таких систем использовался "операторный метод" и "J-omega". А сейчас?

  55. eTown Videos

    brilliant, just brilliant - thank you.

  56. Quiet_ Kid

    This should go to Dancing With The Stars ngl

    1. Steve M

      I appreciate you not lying.

  57. Frankie

    I don't trust like that

  58. Specular Durst


  59. I_-missed__the-joke 127

    Now this, This, is amazing!

  60. Toni Maslov

    Скиньте данные для создания робота)) желтый робот крут.

  61. xAndrew

    Nope: My parents room at night:

  62. Mustashee

    This is how humanity will end. Through a dance battle.

    1. 12235117657598502586


    2. Chip

      Somebody call Starlord

  63. Bob Diaz

    Just thinking of the number of lines of code required to do that just boggles my mind !!!!!

  64. Sangjin Lee


  65. Jannis Firk


  66. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    DARPA is like... "Um.. we wanted KILLER ROBOTS... not danging ones"

  67. kamikadze855

    Греат шитс

  68. backbayboy1

    Amazing programming skills!

  69. Nick Perry

    Nexus 2?

  70. hafiz nadeem


  71. Akemas Tico

    secret institute ending

  72. Douglas Linnell

    Hey Kathy here This was Great Happy New Year❣ ✌❤😇

  73. akira yoshida

    I hope that those who impressed me will appear in front of me as good friends to entertain us, not for the war.

  74. tccCC tuxO

    Танец на костях человечества

  75. Константин Бакушин

    The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Their war to exterminate mankind had raged for decades, but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present. Tonight...

  76. Петя Иванов

    Жуткое зрелище. Либо они нас либо мы их. Рубикон пройден. Час икс скоро настанет это будет раньше чем вы,думаете.

  77. James Drake

    Nicely produced.

  78. nyyotam

    K.. The only thing BD need to do with these Atlas units to make them space worthy, is to replace the hydraulics with servos. Not a big issue today, as servo motors had become cheap and lightweight during the last years. Plus, as a 3D printing enthusiast myself, I know that with a closed loop feedback control, every motor can be made into a servo. They can take the simplest, hardiest 3D printing stepper motor and just add an encoder to it, the robot central CPU can then control it as a servo. This would make it even cheaper. Or, if they are ready to really mimic nature, they can add intermediate controllers along the way from the central CPU to the end-stage motors that are programmed to get a general command from the central CPU and perform it. E.G. the central CPU may order the command "Raise your right hand to 60 degrees" and the right hand intermediate controller will translate it to a stream of commands to all the servos that will perform the task. This way, they also don't need too many ports/wires :-).

  79. Lēvī

    Boston dynamics is real life skynet

  80. boom rang

    Aujourd'hui ils dansent demain il te demandera tes papiers ..........