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  1. Nerd BSM

    Future Premier League winning captain. Who would've thought?

  2. Lucky Tlou

    You can tell that he played with xavi and iniesta

  3. Firmino Kim

    Hihi.. U all see at 1:17 the naughty of Mane blocked 2 players to let Salah freely score the goal..the clever of Mane

  4. Sindibi

    imagine being a normal guy getting to train in fucking melwodd, with virgils shoes. Thats better than winning the lottery

  5. Javi Raynor

    Jürgen klopp is diogo jota is perfect for Liverpool because jota play's good

  6. Shooty Ez

    This has just made me dislike Liverpool more, stupid scousers repeatedly hit Barcelona players for no reason...

  7. Josh

    Rafa was an absolute master at beating teams that were better than us on paper

  8. wassupcracka

    Ppl said at first when salah scored the first goal against Watford he jus ‘copied messi’ nope he didn’t. *he did the mo salah*

  9. Just for Fun

    Kok bahasa indonesia

  10. Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait


  11. LewDew

    8:07 difference between messi and ronaldo after getting left behind

  12. june forkop

    Fly high🔥🔥🔥

  13. Marvin Brown

    Family is everything & Liverpool fc is a family first then a team second..............Blood is Thicker than water! 👍🏾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿❤️🏆

  14. Tuna On A Stick

    I almost forgot how good Couts was with us. Those passes were nice.

  15. W Q

    Hamann didn’t play. Also legend for both sides

  16. Utku Doğdu

    A very good activity 👍 from 🇹🇷

  17. Belmin Salihovic

    DId he say...Kloppo nuts...

  18. Antony Hickin

    Tsimikas was amazing too

  19. Mr. Ez Back

    Virgil: You have a lot of boxes already...I'll put it on top....booppp Origi: There we go.. Virgil: BOOM Origi: Keeps doing his work with a box more 😂😂😂

  20. Aк Kа

    хитрожопый фашист

  21. DENY

    Ganz ehrlich sein Passwert müsste viel höher seinn

  22. seal kisser69

    Who is here aftehis hattrick vs Leeds

  23. Nabila Aziz

    "Pill you bill" I'm laughing 😂

  24. Arsene Wenga

    From Germany: I'm still licking my wounds since this unique player who always puts team first is gone. Although I'm in deep grief it's soothing Thiago is at FC Liverpool and not Man City or PSG. It's so calming imagine living in a village called u "might bump into a..holes now and then" and your woman betrays you with someone like, let's say Michael Palin... Who would ever punch in Palin's face?! Your initial reaction is you tilt your head back and you go high pitched "Oh...Palin.". Then you grief and cry like a b.. You are probably the realest cub in entire sports. Go Liverpool !!!

  25. Maghribi

    1:44 😂😂😂

  26. Darkwear GT

    What is the 2 gk doing

  27. Antmat Abou jaoude

    Internet is not good btw

  28. Mammy Salim

    Love them guys😗😗😗

  29. Bolorbold Ariguun

    Klopp: *if you can't beat him, sign him*

  30. TerminatorBoiy

    Curtis Jones’ s 2 goals reminded me of Coutinho 💯

  31. Desporto

    Rui Costa, the GOAT

  32. homemate_TV

    cant see that this works, Thiago is a possesion player, liverpool is more like a fast playing team.

  33. danh vô bụi đời

    woa 😮😮

  34. SexyLove Queen

    Hi Friends ❤

  35. aaron7jones

    Cash in on origi, hes won the medals so time to earn the money and get the starts he deserves. He will never be forgotten for his service to this great club.

  36. Haassan1

    Really "Lee-Bron", is he trolling?

  37. M Baig


  38. SexyLove Queen

    Hi Guys ❤❤❤

  39. holmbjerg

    It does feel more flat with no crowd at all. It should be possible to let a few people in safely.

  40. Sarmad Mohsin

    Mohamed Salah yes / Mo.Salah NO


    Im not a fan of lebron ,....raptors...... but im a fan of liverpool so that is good

  42. Vonify Falle

    Jones Minamino and Shaqiri should play more often

  43. Bhargav anand

    Who is here after Suarez left for Atletico Madrid 😢😭?

  44. Michi Müller

    Kloppo 👍

  45. Deqo Ugass

    I am fans liverpool

  46. Kerisha Nayager

    Virgil would be the best teacher. Boom you failed, but you could do better 😂😂

  47. Salvador 089

    I Miss him already :(

  48. Muhamad Noor Seman Al-Banjari

    Saya akan selalu mendukung mu, di saat terbaik mau pun terpuruk Salam dari fans mu di INDONESIA Liverpool

  49. Kerisha Nayager

    Joel reading facts is hilarious 😂 😂 😂

  50. Syntros

    Bruh Firmino used to score loads of goals

  51. harries colt

    God bless you ❤️

  52. Afrim Kozmaqi

    Jurgen Klopp try to destroy Shaq career, such a great player he deserves much more,he should leave Liverpool as soon as possible

  53. Kai Lange

    Liverpool ❤❤❤

  54. Julian Game 004

    Perfect verry good👌

  55. iranian pride

    just fantastic ,so proud of Liverpool football club, i just Love LFC ,YNWA

  56. GrimRoyce

    Wheres Salah?

  57. Goku Lothbrok

    3-1 for Liverpool

  58. GrbZ Kaya

    I aint a hater but i diddnt saw anything that was impressive..not a single through pass or a assist not mentioning a good shot.

  59. Ben Nickolls

    Corner taken quickly ... ORIGI

  60. SR

    Refreshing to have someone in the middle who's first instinct is to pass FORWARD.

  61. Shi Moc

    That goalkeeper... Oh my..

  62. Timo Jöns

    Hey LFC Fans, enjoy the time with Kloppo. In future he left the Club for BVB. YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE

  63. Pranav Karolly

    feels like watching old barcelona, thiago one of the few players left from the la masia age.

  64. 老いスター


  65. Aditya Jani

    Oh man all Liverpool goals were banger

  66. Việt Long Nguyễn

    Ox is incredibly hillarious!! :v

  67. Kelvin Han

    This is what I call a great highlight video. Excellent

  68. mauro99

    jones 2nd goal was absolutely...........AMAZING

  69. Affan Hadian

    Classs 🔥🔥🔥

  70. milion mc

    What a massacre

  71. Ahmad Reza Al Fattah


  72. Anthony Leighton

    The goalie was our 12th man

  73. Manuel Delgado

    Why are they wearing masks?

  74. Samuel Coe

    (Liverpool fan here). The absolute strength and depth in talent of that Chelsea squad is mind blowing. They had the likes of Gudjohnson, Duff, Bridge, Huth, SWP, Joe Cole & Crespo on the bench! (Full internationals). I’m glad there isn’t one powerhouse like this anymore and it’s much more competitive- back then a win against Chelsea was a huge deal (Fulham beating them 1-0 at home caused a pitch invasion!)

  75. A S

    I think he going to be best player in premier league this year

  76. Ittiphat Cm

    Once Gini joins Coutinho at Barca, this video would rather be on Barca TV instead. 😏

  77. J P

    Ox really bad loser