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  1. Nazira Abdukhalilova

    I love holts


    Even if I'm a habs fans, this give me goosebumps

  3. Andrew Iskorostensky

    Жлоб. Даже в америке от жлобства своего русского не отстает - пицца на гелике. Стыдобище.

  4. Rice Crispy

    I miss Steve Kolbe. Great listening to him during the first Stanley Cup run. Been a Caps fan since I was a child in the early 80s. This really does cover such a fun time to be a Caps fan!

  5. Souless Shadow

    Crazy to think that Grubauer was on the team in 2018 when they won the cup, and now he's with Colorado who's looking like they stand every chance of makin' the cup run this year. If Colorado does win, two cups in the span of what 3 to 4 years with two different teams is pretty impressive. Also I didn't know that Lars was the first Danish player to win Lord Stanley. That's fuckin' cool

  6. Лёха В

    Лэтс Гоу Каааааапс!!!!Бэк уважуха брат!👍👏👏👏

  7. Go Caps

    hi, Love backy current fav 2nd player go caps.

  8. Travis LoneBear

    Iam not a caps fan but I do respect Alex

  9. Matthew Kress

    Me and my homies hate Halak for single-handedly preventing one of the greatest teams of all time from taking the cup

  10. julie moses

    Great memories! ❤️

  11. unholy7

    Yeah N1ky and OV are complete opposites.

  12. Justin Poovathingal

    In love with nicklas <3

  13. Jacob Eberhardt

    Brooks Laich said "Ovi I don't think has ever combed his has" back in 2010 and a whole decade later he still hasn't.

  14. Josh Crump

    Go nick

  15. Samantha Garber


  16. MJ4 Sports

    nicky is bae

  17. Matthew Burkhart

    I'm forever a Steve Yzerman guy but this is pretty dam cool! Glad you got your name on the cup dude!

  18. Николай Терещенков

    Лучше бы к Российским детям приехал,патриот блин....

  19. Reynardus

    Gr8 is awesome.

  20. Денис Трубчанов

    🇷🇺☝️🤜🤛 Санек респект!

  21. andrey andrey

    без тебя не было бы этого кубка

  22. Jacob Eberhardt

    It still brings a tear to my eye 🥲

  23. Artur Garaev

    Саша молодчик!!!

  24. headofthe MFstate

    Backstrom is one of the greatest. Will always be in my top 3 DC players. Zimmerman, ovi, backstrom

  25. Flaskpost Capitals

    Backy <3

  26. Kenny Storck

    One of the most underrated funny guys in the league

  27. Kenny Storck


  28. J A K E

    Obviously Ovie is a beast regardless but id be interested to see if/how Ovies goal amount would be effected without Backstrom all these years.

  29. WasThat Wrong

    This is a hero.

  30. J L

    Another highly underrated Swedish center, a guy you can build a team around.

  31. Trevor Rohwer

    Everyone bow!

  32. Green Eggs

    10 bucks as he drives away in a 125k Mercedes haha, love that dude

  33. daniel johansson

    fkin love u backy

  34. Linda townhHall

    Congrats Nick--you are certainly a good example. Well done❤

  35. KaleFGB

    I the only thing I wish that could/would happen would for Mike Green to get one of these videos and win the cup. He was a huge part of that main trio

  36. Фариддун Боймуродов

    Кагда смотрел проста плакала. Овечкин я истины фанат тебя 13 лет да ты лучше из лучше .салам из Душанбе....удачи тебе.

  37. Kelsey Greenwood

    What a career so far Nicky. Congrats on 1k love watching you play!

  38. Den gger

    ПОЗДРАВЛЯЕМ НИКА! Отличный парень! Вперёд и только вперёд!

  39. RIČI SVK

    Fehy is most talented young player

  40. niki4rov

    Николас - красавчик! Настоящая Легенда!

  41. Connor Dayman

    Did Lars Ulrich join in the celebrations?

  42. tsoy Tsoy

    Музыка огонь!

  43. Chief Nuamah

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  44. Shura Vlasov

    Гретски повезло играть в ту эпоху, Сане не повезло, голы сейчас сложнее забивать, думаю он обойдет Горди, но 900 с лишним голов? Сане еще 5 сезонов надо отыграть

  45. Макс Троев

    I’m waiting.2021.

  46. КРАСЬ

    Похоже, что эти ребята не сразу поняли, что перед ними сам Овечкин. Смотрят: стоит здоровый мужик с пиццей 2:36 🍕

  47. Дима Балакший

    Швеция сила!


    Good video🏒

  49. Сергей Евдокимов

    Шурик, а ты русским деткам пиццу возишь? н-да!

  50. mr doggo

    100% Last player to wear #19 is Washington.

  51. It's a secret to everyone...

    Thank you, Nicky! My favorite Capitals moment will always be Ovi giving you the cup and skating with you. I love the image of the two of you skating together, both holding it up. Thank you for the memories and let's get some new ones!!

  52. Ssv


  53. Ozerov Eduard

    congrats from KG!

  54. joris 4444

    Congrats Niky

  55. Viking 13


  56. Art

    All caps

  57. Art


  58. Kai's Baseball Shorts


  59. kuzon

    Retire his number.

    1. Hey O

      nobody will ever wear 8 or 19 for the caps ever again after they hang em up

  60. Go Caps

    hi, go Caps

  61. Cairo Sherman

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  62. Liam Mac

    Probably my favorite caps player... I’ve played as #19 for a long time cuz of him

  63. Sean Kennedy

    Holy crap 8 goals!?? Just keep shooting might rack up 10, is there a mercy rule like in little league?

  64. Comic Book Guy

    Backy and Ovi is like cup and cup holder, awesome chemistry and they are not playing in the same line this season...


    No one appreciates this underrated player more then the Capitals and the Capitals fans.

  66. Юрий Ага

    КУЗЯ -гарный хлопчик с челябы !!!!

  67. Alsh Dnk

    Nice to see Brooks, Mike and other guys again❤️

  68. Егор Агафонов

    Backy - congrats 🎉🍾, you are a really big and irreplaceable part of Capitals💪🏻 Best wishes from Russia!

  69. Róbert Fölkel

    Niklas' grandma steal the show! I:-)

  70. Christopher Bono

    The caps are just tooooooooo good

  71. Tomáš Tibor Smolka

    Niky is Legend

  72. Hockey,arcade and coins!!!

    @Washington Capitals Ayeee it’s my 15th birthday so thank you for the upload!

    1. Go Caps

      happy b-day

    2. BEASTMODE Gaming

      happy b day m8

  73. BEASTMODE Gaming

    58 second gang Edit: guys you dont need to make bruins fans hate us more we all ready took their former captian

  74. Kitt Orloff

    First to see lucky me

  75. DarkDemon Entertainment

    I assume after a cup final the whole dressing room gets renovated because all the liquar sprayed all over the ceiling and every crack in the room ahahhahahaha 👊🏆

  76. Azjha_59

    easily the most underrated player in the NHL

  77. Kenny Storck


  78. Михаил Морозов

    N1KY, большого здоровья тебе и игр без травм! Впереди еще много побед! Go CAPS!

  79. George Michaels

    Most slept on player for the last decade. Love backy

  80. Silu Nam

    Great player. Respect.