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  1. remember the name

    In every chance is Ibrahimovic 😆

  2. Shuf Lee

    Skorupski played well.

  3. Gtl Pof

    Ibracadabra!!! È sempre lui!! 🔥🔥🙌

  4. Mayank Hooda

    Honeycomb is filled honey bees, Ronaldo is a legend and he always will be 😎😎😇

  5. Recep aydoğdu

    İBRA.... THE LEGEND 👏👏

  6. C arlo

    Ibracadabra is back !

  7. Black Jack

    Ibra ne ha 39 🎂

  8. Marco Iuliano

    Ma lo svincolato cavani insieme all'hilander ibrahimovic

  9. Two Bao Productions

    Commentator: He is human

  10. K kirana


  11. ANDRS

    No hat trick because he slipped🤷‍♂️

  12. Zwelihle Khuzwayo

    Hes human 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Shaheer Musakhel

    Yes Ron

  14. Abdirahiim official channel

    Italyu football is fantasic to watch i lked

  15. Herlan setiawan

    Superrr Ronaldo

  16. BC MU

    And amazingly doesnt find the target. He's human. I felt that

  17. Massimiliano Pietroni

    Incredibile che quel macellaio di Dijks sia arrivato a giocare 88 minuti

  18. Awan The Glow

    I love you, Ronaldo

  19. Muhammad Noor

    Deserved the hatrick 😩 but the lion will score next game 😍

  20. alfi husnan

    Forza milan from Indonesian

  21. Hendrik Revan

    Sedang mncri warga +62

  22. vincy the gamer 07

    0:09 Raga ma pioli e mihajlovic erano uguali o mi sbaglio?

  23. Arikpavlik SFX

    Ибра просто зверь 🔥 FORZA MILAN ❤️🖤

  24. Fu Yonghuang

    Is happy to see Ibrahimovic still scoring goals. Is sad to see Milan depending on someone who should have retired.

  25. Elisha Syiemiong

    Zlatan never gets old

  26. tommaso rinaldi

    Bologna da serie C

  27. riddhesh kalekar

    Fact: More than 155M people watch football in India 🇮🇳

  28. Nasrudin Mangu B.

    M'Lord.... Zlatan Ibrahimovich

  29. Dewa PRP

    Forzaaaaa Milann From Indonesia...

  30. Dr. Nagi Safa


  31. Ridhushan Maheswaran

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic 😈

  32. AAdamgood

    except castillejo ,everyone played well...and specially calabria the beast

  33. Habsb Hshshsh


  34. Bee

    This man is growing young🔥🔥

  35. Riccardo Zugno

    3:16 Quando lei ti chiede per l'ennesima volta quanti siano i giocatori in un squadra di calcio

  36. BroLoCo

    He needs to work harder ibra, he isn't the 20 year old ibra he once was

  37. Mother Granny

    Hi gaes

  38. shamil vagidov

    Ибра 🐅

  39. awan 666

    Forza Milan

  40. Thando Ntshangase

    zlatan proves that class is permanent

  41. Atan Pramesti

    Awesome Juventus I Think He a Champions

  42. wajid ali

    He is unstoppable now 😊😊😊😊👍

  43. FocusMan

    I like it

  44. Foodie Traveller

    Supporting for IBRA 😍😍😍

  45. cpu 885


  46. Travrl Mate


  47. Touhidul Islam Siam

    Either Milan or Inter should win this years serie A 😔 #Bringbackoldmilan

  48. Gaetano Scalia


  49. mubeen mahamood

    Benjamin button 🤘

  50. Nabhan NBN

    Just zlatan things😍

  51. B'jols ##

    I never tired to watched him score bcuz he too never stop scoring... King zlatan

  52. Alief logazpia

    wes angel...!! angel temen tuturanmu😀😂😂 cR7👍

  53. dinopugliesedok


  54. C. RONALDO


    This is our Milan

  56. J Dexonic

    2:40 "He's human.."

  57. Lisa

    ❤ cssel.info/video/video/26ifaWPMlJ2FjKo.html

  58. Elena scannapiecoro 24 love

    Doppietta di ibrahimovic

  59. Wildan Rizky


  60. awillie kevin Paul

    He's human!..hihihi



  62. gigio 99

    keren keren kereeen!

  63. Salvatore Rubino

    Ibrahimovic un animale

  64. PrinceWarrior92

    Bravi ragazzi ottimo inizio!!!

  65. replacement77

    Ibra non invecchia, decanta.

  66. Abubaker Ahmed

    I think he still can lead Milan

  67. Alessandro Schilirò

    Ibra immenso

  68. alfian arisandi

    Ibra and hakan 💥💣


    Zlatan is playing super but should not do such mistakes in incoming matches

  70. Gem Digiuli

    Togli Ibra e il Milan è morto, il che è tutto dire visto che questo fantastico giocatore purtroppo ha 38 anni...

  71. Md Rocky

    I ❤ Ibra

  72. Lorenzo Regeni

    Non fate vedere*

  73. Zaifal Faizal


  74. ganamas prima

    Forza Milan, lanjutkan tren kemenangan

  75. Yih Judah

    "He is human." 😂😂😂

  76. Derrick Ogendo

    Why did Man Utd let Ibrahimovic leave? Why!?

  77. Click Berkah

    Wow Ronaldo,Ilove .

  78. Mr devil

    4 year child playing cricket like a professional cricketer cssel.info/video/video/04add37PsaBoing.html

  79. Seiden _

    Comunque non vedo l'ora di vedere questo Milan contro una big, magari l'Atalanta per "vendicarsi", da imparziale, ci sarà sicuramente da divertirsi

  80. ardo Putra s

    Trending no 1