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  1. Flash Vinnig

    To many towers man.

  2. scghost

    Bill Gates is a very smart person. We all know that. Now that doesn't mean he knows about cars. He has money and can buy any car he likes. That doesn't make it a smart buy.

  3. DxcanBTW

    oh, RIP.

  4. Monty P

    imagine spending over $1399 for a phone running android 🥴

  5. NOCH

    This si the ugliest most meaningless phone design I've seen in god knows how many years. And on top of it all it's super expensive. What a complete utter piece of shit.

  6. Bob Mwangi

    2:42 Great taste. 👍🏿

  7. Mel Brock

    Me: imma get my first flip phone!!! Others: "Are u that broke?" O_o

  8. World expediaTM

    Samsung One The best selling Brand

  9. khan Akhbar

    elon musk...genius

  10. Prasad Kaatore

    Worth buying in 2020 ??

  11. Time Vortex

    i think that such rich people could end all world problems if they wanted but no, they only help a bit why?...bill gates jeff Bezos and 10 or 20 more billionaires could bring planet earth to utopia in 5 years if they wanted...

  12. Aruran Baskaralingam

    I’ve just went from a 5s to a 11 Oh my lord......the difference scares me

  13. JK Rob

    People of olden days.... really. It was just 16 yrs ago.

  14. Raynard Alberth

    Where can i get that wallpaper from the thumbnail? Coz i have an Galaxy A10

  15. notDANGEROUSnot

    But what about testing new Motorola RAZR as daily driver?

  16. generic name

    Glossy plastic should never be used

  17. Sergio Patricio Figueroa Labraña

    Hi, I really liked the "RetroTech" videos "Game Boy" and "Sega Genesis" and I think for the next season of RetroTech do reviews of - Palm Pilot or Pocket PC - PlayStation - Playstation 2 - Windows 95 - Original XBOX is what I can think of, after watching the video of Sega Genesis I think I have that console.

  18. Zihan Zheng

    "An older Lamborghini" The Cetenario is like 3000 Times faster and mode expensive than the Aventador haha


    Not sure about the fold of the flip but....For sure post paying for the z flip all wallets would fold better...

  20. Ahmed Olama


  21. Rayhan Rahman

    What is the name of The mobile U are Using?? Pls Anyone answer

  22. Thomas Davenport

    I don’t see any appeal in this gimmick. I’m tired of it already and I haven’t even got one. Unfold fold unfold fold unfold, life’s too short to be doing with all that. Great video 👍

  23. George Vourkas

    Do a whats in my tech video pls !!!

  24. fariz ascariz

    it's so satisfying to slap that phone to end irritating phone call.

  25. Jose Cordova

    That's a great song on the intro. Betablock3r is da sheetz.

  26. Pigmon Ford

    U can actually switch to ultra wide selfie by tapping the tiny screen

  27. Ammad-ASMR

    Useless shoe 😂

  28. Marcelino_195

    I Came from the future and exists a phone called OnePlus 7 Pro he don't have any bezel

  29. Simon Kan

    CSsel engineers inventing youtube compression 10 years ago: Niice now everything is super fast with smaller files and the quality is pretty much the same, hope no one notices.. Marquess 10 years later: Well imma do it 1000 times cuzz someone has to CSsel engineers: Well damn He got us

  30. Ashley Nicole

    It's like a freaking rollercoaster!!!! The dragster in cedar point.

  31. michael chang

    Ryzen threadripper 3990x level proc 256gb of ram Nvme raid 0 with 4 drive at 1 petabyte storage Rtx 2080 super in SLI Graphic level 1 min of charging Fujifilm medium format cam sensor Under display (fully) Ip 69 water resistant Hopefully 2050

  32. Kunal Khandelwal

    He always has a smile on his face.

  33. ludus tonalis

    Galaxy Z Flip is amazing

  34. J.C. Bonfils

    0:19 I'm sorry what was that noise??

  35. Arjan Binpal

    Elon: Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot Robot

  36. GoudenDynamietHD

    Are you going to do a WHAT'S ON MY TECH? Or nah??

  37. Yasmeen Y

    I love pink

  38. Nikunj Thakkar

    you can swipe on the tiny viewfinder to switch to the wide-angle camera!

  39. Robert Mulligan


  40. B H

    you know the phone feels pretty good....IN THE HAND!

  41. Mega GPU

    *When Home Buttons existed!*

  42. Sahil Talkar

    Rip Screen Protectors and Cases 😂😂

  43. Michael Barnett

    I think I'll hold off on buying a folding phone until physics catches up with imagination

  44. susubendera

    one question..... will watching netflix on s20 120hz screen make any differences? better and smoother than regular 60hz screen?

  45. Gabriel Gallegos

    The resolution of this video is better than many professionals

  46. jmappin

    Is no one going to mention 'those jeans' about colour coordination

  47. D.S RAWAT

    Great phone man🙂😇! Shout out to samsung s10e

  48. 0sergo

    The way he handled this interview is phenomenal, I mean Bill Gates is an icon but in interviews he's incredibly nice calm slow based, But Will Smith he has an insane charisma he's high, fast baced, in any interview one way or another he'll have full control of the pace of the interview, yet her Marques still had control. Probably still aided by the fact that will Smith still a very nice person, down to earth & professional. Amazing work you two. Thank you!

  49. nosferatu utarefson

    Damn, money will really change how you look! Now and Then! 2020

  50. Jason Hortelano


  51. raymi del rosario rodriguez

    And today they are better devices than the airpods cause they are to expensive and have bad quality, not comfortable as well.

  52. AakashBTW

    2:35 *Virat Kohli* is watching you after this 😂

  53. Se7en VII

    Apple Card SE 😃

  54. tech alright


  55. Olofin Oluwatobi

    Who else didn't listen carefully to the whole conversation and read comments instead?🙌

  56. Gabriel

    for video games 👎 hahaha

  57. MrDevilgodspeed

    You can install Google into the Mate 30 Pro

  58. Mr Perambulator

    2030 thrice foldable phone.

  59. TECH EXPERT Malayalam

    *who else like to see his satisfying unboxing videos?*

  60. Pradumna V Saraf

    Jerry - I will destroy whole career 🙄

  61. 48ping

    This video aged like a fine wine...

  62. Fashan

    Elon is real life Tony stark.

  63. Pavan Kolamkar

    2020 still going strong

  64. Verdingo Gaming

    Would there be a new OnePlus phone with a headphone jack? Or should i move on ?

  65. Opensource

    Sony didn't move or progress when the mp3 arrived, they left the door open and wasted an opportunity to progress more

  66. Jon R.D. Castelo

    Pixel 4 "ULTRA" His prediction was almost on point😂(Samsung s20 ULTRA)

  67. Chintamani Yelmeli

    Review the MI 10 Pro. 🤗

  68. dj.Ereck

    Hmm should I buy it ??

    1. dj.Ereck

      soinu foig thanks, I think I will keep my iPhone 11pro for a bit longer more.

    2. soinu foig

      This one has pretty much the same faults but non of the advantages.

  69. myohmyli

    First smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy s3 I got in 2015 .. lol first tech I bought was the iPod touch 4 in 2012.. well my mom bought me an iPod 4gb classic in 2008

  70. Paul Benett

    This phone sucks

  71. Julien Dodokal

    7:30 I'm *SUBSCIBED* ! 😅

  72. Mike Lego

    Piece of shit

  73. MaGiiCx305

    That sound effect at @0:19

  74. chocobar


  75. Fils aime Andrenise

    I wanna Talking tech with donald trump Oh no trum is racism itself

  76. Mohamed *my last name is Ibrahim’s son*

    My battery drains fast now on the iPad Pro 10.5” 😔. Is it time to upgrade because I really do love my 10.5” but the battery is horrendous on my iPad Pro haha

  77. Praveen Symon

    You are the luky man in the worl. i am a poor man in india

  78. Lasha Kurdadze

    ძმაკაცის მამას უნდოდა მარა ძაან ძვირი ჯდება ჯიგარო

  79. Football Live

    Guys I’m a fed up iPhone user and I want to switch to android, and I had my sights on one plus only. But I’m a bit confused. What would u recommend to a guy who doesn’t give a fuck about cameras, front or back. Good Battery life is a MUST. Speed is damn important for me. Functions and customisations are extremely important for me. So pls let me know ur thoughts😊

  80. Lasha Kurdadze

    ასეთი მქონდა კინაღამ ცუდად გამიხდა

  81. Ibrahim Khlel



    No interested

  83. Junior Rivera

    I'll bet that watching anime is awesome. 🤪😀

  84. Humaira Begum

    Whats the price?

  85. Hatori Ibuki


  86. GodsOfSeve/V

    The phone is ugly

  87. T1ger8oi

    So Verizon's CEO is stupid and T-mobile's CEO knows what consumer wants.

  88. Alegz


  89. ali alashar

    This technique has not yet matured

  90. Keerthy Vardhan

    why there is no questions about corona virus and their conspiracy issues around gates??

  91. Adi Bilco

    Always check comment section....

  92. Darren Richards

    You just gained +1000 cool points by having that Clash tape in shot.

  93. Sanic - Roblox

    hi fortnut nub ha

  94. Felix E

    Instead of being happy that other companies are becoming electric to protect the environment, Elon Musk is upset that Bill Gates is buying a Porsche Taycan (which is simply the better car). Extremely unnecessary Mr. Musk

  95. Antonio Myers

    So you're saying that the reason why everyone won't stop staring at their phones is because - A guy from Nintendo Saw a guy on the train Playing with his calculator Thus spawning the idea of the gameboy Gameboy influenced smartphones So basically you're telling me that the reason people can't keep their face out of their phones is because of math. You sons of bitches...

  96. D • Y • I

    -Good phones are getting cheap- Cheap phones are getting good 👌🏻

  97. Owais Hussain


  98. Ayanne Lenke

    nice. .also for more Windows customization, google Folderchanger

    1. Thude Shifflett


  99. pH alpine

    Don't know why youtube recommended this in 2020.

  100. Highlight Reellzz

    who’s here after prettyboyfredos video?🙋🏽