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  1. Chinelo Ndefo

    sergo perz is out off the race

  2. swifty gibson

    When you see that on board of Japan 2007 vs Silverstone a year later

  3. Son Goku

    3:34 bruh S🅱inotto now rocking that real life Homer Simpson look, or is it just me?

  4. Chinelo Ndefo

    go Lewis Hamilton go

  5. Chinelo Ndefo

    awesome moves from Lewis Hamilton

  6. CT- 5555,5

    no way that no modern mercedes is on the list sorry but i think there is a mistake in the martix haha

  7. MusicMaïstro

    Hamilton did improve his time by 0.050 seconds just as Max after Bottas crash but the steward wove the yellow flag at the same moment Max passed him so too little to react, isn’t fair to him while Vettel does it by himself and Max didn’t thought about it so clearly unfair i guess.

  8. Shzxzy

    Whos here after he got dropped

  9. Gilda Rosado

    And that's why we love Iceman...

  10. Callum Curtis

    My emotions 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉

  11. Zesty

    Well, we won’t miss this anymore

  12. Luca Baracchi

    This channel is embracing more and more its meme side. I LOVE THAT.

  13. Senycal Clause

    4:21 remember og Kimi? lol

  14. Francisco Martelo

    WHERE IS THE FERRARI 312 T4???????

  15. moizzkhan

    Binoto looks like Leonard from big bang theory

  16. For Real Gamers FRG

    Max favorite word HONESTLY!

  17. Jenny Müller

    2:26 min. hahahaa :D :D :D

  18. Daniel Burgess

    Very. Cool. Video. Thank you

  19. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    These cars are just pure 😫😫😫😫😫😏😏😏😏😫😫😫😫😫😫

  20. CFR M


  21. Antonin Gloriod

    Classement général 1er Hamilton, 2eme Bottas et 3eme Le vainqueur à Abou d'Abi Verstappen .

  22. TheGreatLoco

    Piquet is seriously underrated. Victimized Reutemann, Prost, Senna and Mansell in his way to his 3-times drivers championships. The first two in slower cars than his opponents and the last title against the team that wanted an British champion. Without Williams favouring Mansell in ‘86, Piquet would have been 4-times champion.

  23. Procat Procat

    I watched this 3 times and I'm still stumped trying to figure out Kimi's thoughts. Love it!

  24. Max Versthappening

    Italian Jesus with 59 positions. That's really impressive wow

  25. a

    F1 will be boring without Seb and Lewis

  26. inkool

    Well... he can't deny it...

  27. Axeman Racing

    So what the f*** are you talking here, can I go party or...

  28. Frank Smith

    My top10 list: Ligier JS11, Brabham BT45C&BT50, Ferrari 312 T2&126C2, Lotus 78&79, Osella FA1, Fittipaldi F7, Renault RE20

  29. Warner De Lilly

    Obedient overtake. Renault

  30. DREX 04

    Kimi Matias *iceman* raikkonen

  31. 2lo4sno

    Surely one 70's car should have made the list. There were too many late 80's-90's cars on the top 10. I have 4 of the 10 cars (156, 98T, MP4-4 and FW14B) in 1:18 scale model so I don't disagree with those. Lotus 49, 72 or 79 should have been other likely candidates.

  32. ouamri chahine

    He's name is bond Seb bond

  33. KimiRäikkönen7

    3:25 different colors

  34. Elias Bachmann

    I was watching this Race live. It was Just freaking amazing. I Loved it

  35. Son Goku

    3:00 ouch, he just humiliated Albon with that move

  36. Patricio Rearte

    Kimi: No drink...No Party

  37. finton mainz

    Vettel should have retired at the end of 2018.

  38. Mahoyage

    ive never seen the likes out weigh the dislikes by so much. not even 500 salty people.

  39. Andres Cruz

    Day 837,826,827 we still miss Nico 💔🇲🇽😪

  40. GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

    I would like a video where Sainz say English words that start with J.

  41. Nino 02

    Forza rossa❤️❤️❤️

  42. Darth Matt

    Nelson is a master and a funny guy. He lived it up

  43. Pepsiman


  44. Ninja Tortoise

    Kimi Thinking: I'd rather be partying right now but i dont have the drink

  45. Dennis Hermogenes Ferreira

    Kimi's smile is kinda like Monalisa's.

  46. :Darko

    My Kimi wants to party all the time, party all the timeeee

  47. Medeiros Júnior

    Grande Nelsão! Saudades dessa época!

  48. Seshvir Seodutt

    People still have a way to hate on Hamilton in the comments 🙈

  49. BNJ74D

    magnifique des vrais MECS !

  50. Bimon Solivar

    In my opinion, there will never be a more beautiful car than the Mclaren MP4/20.

  51. Manvir Bhogal

    Great race, everyone celebrating Hamilton's title victory with doughnuts before the chequered flag! LOL! Jokes aside bring the Turkish Grand Prix back!

  52. Chinelo Ndefo

    roman GROSAin

  53. Zampie 1124

    I'm not crying for brazil 2008 We are crying for brazil 2008

  54. AnubaArtz

    Grosjean be like: Dinkelberg

  55. Bimon Solivar

    Actual car comment here: I don't like the Brabham. Now crucify me...

  56. Chinelo Ndefo


  57. Zampie 1124

    Lewis wins the First Champion of the world Ferrari Fans Hearts: 💔

  58. Simbarocks ONE

    How McLaren from 2012 didn’t make this list is beyond me.

  59. Chinelo Ndefo

    Sebastian VETTEL is mad

  60. Mateusz Skibiński

    Kubica 2007 China ?

  61. wayne conover

    thats why he wanted the drink

  62. SINSH4W

    No one: Carlos Sainz: Watt a ledjend.

  63. TomatoSourceGaming

    4:58 and then you see some random kid vibing

  64. tambulee

    “..........there are no silver bullet in F1”

  65. Chinelo Ndefo

    this is the Spanish grand prix Race highlights

  66. mohd fauzi Ramli

    The look on his face is absolutely legendary

  67. UndecidedAdrian

    No MS11, no like. Sorry, guys.

  68. ross blair

    Your obviously the key to it all, RLM reference?

  69. Julian Cai

    Giovinazzi is the worst driver on the grid currently, hopefully he gets replaced by new talents next year.

  70. bob bobby

    Wonder how "Ducarouge" became "Ducourage" 🤣 Great vid, nonetheless 👍

  71. Anonymous

    The Lotus 25 would like a word with you.


    1:12 is that Alex Wurz???

  73. Chinelo Ndefo

    can Lewis Hamilton do it

  74. Luis Carlos Jimenez Luishk

    Why ? Why? Because msc is the MaFia.

  75. Joe Mullin

    Does it come with more hair transplants?