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  1. Luh Cae

    That’s dope man

  2. Jordan Robles

    Love your videos stay up looking forward for more videos

  3. Luis Lopez

    you just love to see it

  4. BigBaby Music

    Let’s go he hit a million views 💪🏻🐐

  5. Masterlloyd

    where is y dad pic

  6. Afreen Hedayet

    where is your dad's portrait ?? you have all fam but no daddy sherman

  7. Nessa Lizette

    Yoooo these paintings are sick honestly!! You should frame them!!!!👌🏽

  8. Eshu The Shih Tzu

    Plot twist: Apporo is Anthony's brand.

  9. Jawad Mortada

    Yes when I said dislike there was,ten now 130

  10. ibby eee

    les go anthony les gooooooooooooo

  11. Angel Lopez

    He should make u of u and ur dad giving u the corona bear😂

  12. Sebaaly Abdo

    Your content is fuckin awesomeee

  13. Kama Tupua

    That artist is unreal it looks printed I swear. But damn he’s something else

  14. Fernanda Castro

    Mbn my bf asked me out over text

  15. Jeven Keo

    Where’s the painting of your dad

  16. hydrate

    What about your dad's picture

  17. Jewelll

    3:42 is that The Weeknd behind you?!

  18. lil Yates

    Ur dad ? Lesley ?

  19. Sergio b


  20. Nona Vlog

    Eric’s paintings look like a 5year old painting tbh...

  21. D3 0

    Batty boiiiiii

  22. Anne Santiago

    Waaaah I love your family. I love how genuine Leslie is. Aaaaahh. I love Awadis & Jabro Fam!!!❤

  23. Gigi Martinez

    Should paint papa rug and mama rug

  24. Travis Bruce

    Love all the pictures your such an amazing person and heart felt

  25. Yaretzi Lopez

    aww she’s so pretty 🥺

  26. SimplyD

    Definitely agree ... with comments Sherman content gets better , i could just watch a regular vlog .... unlike Brandon blogs I can’t anymore , clickbait 🧢

  27. Loft_Combat


  28. Junior H

    He should paint a pizza for NOT HAVING HIM A FULL ON DISH!!!

  29. Yaretzi Lopez

    aww i’m happy for him 🥺


    Bro we love ur videos but u should have also got a painting of ur girlfriend I'm nt telling u wat to do its up to u no hate bro

  31. Soul Hellcat SRT

    13 hours ago

  32. Cynthia Hernandez

    Wow I hope one day someone does this for me 😏

  33. Gaminglytical

    Goodbye To ShermanTheVirgin 😦

  34. KneX gamers 18

    Brought tears to my eyes

  35. Obi tobi

    The way he grabbed her 🍑 It looked so natural 😂

  36. Dianto Cruz


  37. Yeasin Arian

    The word *Extreme* does not fit in with the title

  38. Romen Ali

    I hope you didn’t pay to much for those pictures 🤣

  39. minigrape

    R.I.P. Sherman The Virgin lol

  40. Jess Broz

    Omg the paintings 🖼😍

  41. Tejas Mamoria

    Man all photos are very nice and real but where is your dad photo plz make his photo also🥺

  42. Sport Wyd

    Sherman is already carrying 2021!👍🏼

  43. Cvinar 1

    I want Eric to paint/draw a pic of your family

  44. Tjwed’s Vlogs


  45. Miguel Soto

    I love Anthony's mom so much

  46. Karla Flores

    i’m probably late on noticing this but am i the only one who noticed that anthony got a lil skinnier? btw this was so cute!!!🥺🥺

  47. Febin Noble

    Why does Eric look like the weeknd

  48. Daniel Skates

    Do one for your girlfriendddd

  49. Pressley Baska


  50. lesly posadas

    the fact that me & my bf have the same names as them , what are the odds 😂😂😂

  51. Ryanbhun

    anthony is too loveable 😂

  52. Jeffrey James

    Gotta take a shot every time he says “oooaahhhh maaa gawddddd”

  53. Denisa Beganovic

    I’m so beyond proud of you Anthony congratulations on everything you make me laugh smile when I watch the vids you deserve this Anthony

  54. Ferry

    I’m single

  55. Ezequiel Quinones

    No one: Current: sponsoring all the youtubers in youtube

  56. HyperzOCE

    You should get another dog

  57. Emmanuel Castro

    Straight G wish you happiness always.

  58. Jas Lopez

    He gives me timmy turner vibes in this video with his pink hat 😅

  59. Phavinphealing Uy

    Eyyyyyyyy where’s ur gf

  60. Edgar Velasquez

    Goals 😤🤟🏽

  61. Emmanuel Castro

    Bruh we'd get drunk on champagne I love it haha. Had to thumbs up for that chug in the beginning of the dinner!!! Lol much love from chula vista brotha

  62. HxtedBarbie

    this is sick af 🔥🔥🔥i loved it

  63. HxtedBarbie

    whoelse thinks the artist looks liike The Weeknd?

  64. Paola Salazar

    CEO of “you are so cute” 😂❤️

  65. L1GHTN1NG _711

    Ur close to 1 mil work hard u really deserve it

  66. 1nstitution


  67. Bmxthegardennj

    Bro this dude is crazy af!! His paintings are so incredible. But that juice wrld shirt in the portrait shit that's pure talent. This dude needs to get his incredible art in a museum or something on some real shit get this man in a museum fr fr

  68. Adrians Veldre

    Does paintings are SICK!!!! **my favorite was U an Brandon**

  69. Carlos Calderon

    Aric should paint a picture of the whole family

  70. David Xiao

    The paintings fire

  71. Hector T

    Sherman I’m not copping aporro I don’t want my neck to turn green

  72. Breezeh

    no wonder sherman loves the alc, he was working around it as a jit

  73. Darlene

    Master talent, they look so real.

  74. Joel Martinez

    A family photo with with ur leslie and Cuervo

  75. Coolkid _

    Im so happy for Sherman he deserves 1mil

  76. jonathan flores

    I loved the one with Cuervo ❤❤🙏 R.I.P.

  77. Menise Pase


  78. IAMSP33D95

    Drake and Anthony painting

  79. Christian Alanis

    U wish that was u huh? Yeah same :(

  80. Nadhir Ferras

    congrats bro, have an amazing life!!!