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  1. John Baradziej

    I love how calm Allen is in the pocket, first bills qb I've had faith in In a long time

  2. Uncle

    I think Cam still has it in him but don't get too over hyped.

  3. romanxo

    We need this jimmy back this year

  4. InterKnight2007

    I've watched these highlights like 4 times. Watching the game last Sunday was one of the most fun Washington games that I can remember. I can't wait to see them on Sunday! HTTFT!

  5. BigNate

    What’s going to happen when we have the Olympics and a black athlete from the USA wins a gold. Which anthem will be played? Will that athlete kneel in the spotlight of the world to the national anthem for the country they represent? Or will black athletes refuse to complete and make the USA team all white? It’s going to be an interesting time.

  6. Benjamin Morris

    Not trying to be cliche or mean, but I "called it" back in pre-season that Tom Brady is no GOAT and certainly not capable of carrying a mediocre team. Many "haters" knew for years Tom Brady was mediocre (great mediocre at best). Any QB will look great surrounded by great teammates with a great coach who masterminds a program that fits that QB like a glove. Sub-par play by a mediocre QB on a mediocre team is a recipe for disaster and back-to-back losses. Panthers will win 34-21.

  7. teresa webb

    Steelers win 26 to 10

  8. teresa webb

    Steelers win 26 to 10

  9. First Last

    I almost Cried at that beautiful play at 7:06

  10. Rafael Bogaard

    greg constantly trying to keep his laugh in when the girl says suspect kills me

  11. Joshua Holcomb

    I live in Tampa Bay I’ve been to many football games I was at football and even write for the NFL. Play or the game OJ Howard, Tom Brady, Mike Evans. Final score 34-20

  12. Eric Stanger

    Excellent run game for the Browns! Hunt and Chubb looked great!

  13. truongthao truongthuy Channel

    clair de lune

  14. Luis Velasquez

    Bolt gang

  15. Peter

    My dog could predict better scores than Cynthia

  16. Atle Andrei Nybakken

    Teddy Bridgewater is going to prevail.

  17. Lch Damian

    so no one is talking about how david carr did it in a shirt

  18. mark holland

    Buccaneers secondary is harendous. Streight awful

  19. Liverpool Fan

    If this sport had a different name I wouldn’t mind it

  20. robot

    was at this game, the sound of the crowd was already loud soon as he made that catch but became deafening and lethal right about the time he trucked that dude... pretty sure i lost some hearing ability from that

  21. Blu Ribbon Reviews

    He got there only touchdown! im a cardinals fan and its sucks to see him gone

  22. Simon Guerrero

    That was Missy Elliot's Super Bowl performance with Katy as an opening act, let's be clear.....

  23. Issa Vibe

    as hot a cynthia is, shes really dumb

  24. Simon Guerrero

    My god.... such a terrible voice for live vocals :P

  25. Jaime Espino

    Bro that was like the worst intro to an interview EVER!!! She complimented him and then continued it with “how did you feel” with the most pitiful tone

  26. UhVibe

    Ravens beat Texans 34-17 Steelers beat Broncos 26-24 Seahawks beat the Patriots 27-23 Bills beat the Dolphins 27-23 49ers beat the Jets 31-10 Chiefs beat the Chargers 24-21 Saints beat the Raiders 23-20 Titans beat the Jags 24-13 Vikings beat the Colts 33-24 Cardinals beat the Football Team 28-16 Eagles beat the Rams 27-24 Cowboys beat the Falcons 31-30 Bears beat the Giants 26-16 Packers beat the Lions 34-17 Bucs beat the Panthers 26-24

  27. Dave Temple

    Football is just politics now

  28. ahab marab

    Week 2 winners: Ravens Seahawks Rams Falcons Chiefs Raiders upset Saints Cardinals Steelers Buccaneers 9ers Vikings Packers Bears Bills Titans

  29. isaac debeila

    Bengals are a trash team with a good QB and Browns are a good team with a trash QB lmao the irony

  30. Don't Ask

    Ngl Shakira definitely stole the show

  31. Yolomanning18

    What is this editing, you show the replay of a big play first then show the actual play, come on NFL

  32. Uncle

    They need WAY better predictors! That women is just saying random scores! They all were wrong last week about the jags. Get ready to be WRONG again idiots.

  33. Nat Lew

    The first team he talked about is gonna be the last team everyody is gonna be talking about!!!!!! GO SAINTS!!!!!!!

  34. Варя

    nice game

  35. Варя

    great news

  36. JHOT 247

    34-10 eagles, wentz 3 tds, miles sanders 1 td, jake elliot 2 fg's, eagles d-line & fletcher cox eats, i take wentz all day everyday over goff, and if you don't think that doug pederson is going to be pissed off about week 1 think again, he's going to unload on the rams, and the d-line is going to harass goff

  37. Doc Holliday

    Gotta get Renfrow and Edwards more involved this week. All hands on deck when the Saints come marching in. It's too bad our #1 Wrs are banged up.

  38. JHOT 247

    34-10 eagles, wentz 3 tds, miles sanders 1 td, jake elliot 2 fg's, eagles d-line & fletcher cox eats, i take wentz all day everyday over goff, and if you don't think that doug pederson is going to be pissed off about week 1 think again, he's going to unload on the rams, and the d-line is going to harass goff

  39. YickEatSwag

    I’m a Seahawks fan and I’m pretty upset about how the last game ended but it’s nice to know the best rivalry in football is back

  40. xZak

    LOL “Unlikely to put that heat on Jones” You do realize Khalil Mack is held almost every play.

  41. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans. “If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story.” - Terry Pratchett TERRANCE OUT

  42. Варя

    great game play

  43. The Piper Report

    Some of the throws Burrow made were amazing. Squeezing it into there

  44. Mr Clixyy

    27 17 this lady is giving the most random numbers

  45. Tom Dotson

    After my rookie contract I'm outta here is I hope what Joe is thinking. Don't ruin your whole career stuck there joe

  46. V3ng3fulMayhem

    We’re gonna best the saints. Just watch

  47. Sevyn Mtz

    Dallas deserved that game last week...stupid refs

  48. Findlay Robertson

    Bengals defence looks terrible. Possible 0 17 season.

  49. Prodigy0728

    “3 point comfortable win” this woman knows nothing about football. 3 point lead with 2:00 left in the 4th would have most fans biting their nails.

  50. Zack Hayes

    Imagine if joe actually had a line

  51. Eric Padilla

    Packer fans laughing at the Cowboys for hiring fat boy as their coach.

  52. Thomas Huynh

    I love juju's enthusiasm and the way he plays

  53. kerpal3

    Man Joe Burrow can't catch a break. He's a good qb though

  54. JEFF Merrell

    Free Big Ticket Becton!

  55. Chop Can’t walk

    Bro they had burrow throw 60 times wtf who’s coaching?🤦‍♀️

  56. Stuart Bell

    Well done your attitude is probably the reason you were so successful ,courage and belief in yourself .👑

  57. HeyYourBuetiful

    Chargers getting upset and getting a W

  58. Only Dé

    It’s amazing how Burrow is playing and didn’t have a preseason

  59. PowerPuffBoi

    Ayy 🏈 I‘m the world‘s only power puff boi. 🥺 I sing and rap, my first song ever just got out! 📞✨ Let me know what you think 💖

  60. HeyYourBuetiful

    Chargers are getting the upset

  61. Anjo Thy Banjo

    All the people who disliked are definitely ❄️’s

  62. soiung toiue

    All I gotta say to us Cowboys fans is... Our kicker needs practice McCarthy needs to be smarter Def needs improvement

  63. Jacob Gonzalez

    40:08 tyrann Mathieu throws a little temper tantrum when he didn’t get to grab the trophy next lol



  65. Youasked4scotty

    Lol against the bengals 😂💀💀

  66. Mel Mortimer

    Redskins since..mid 80s....maybe the native indian .in me...⭐

  67. Juwan Cummings

    I don’t really get how Vikings are +3 underdogs

  68. Daniel W.

    How can these both teams be profitable for an Investor 😂

  69. Hurts Damost

    If Washingtons D line can contain Kyle Murry and not let him pick up yards with his legs they might have a chance

  70. Zack Palmer

    HE’S ALSO 86 YEARS OLD 😂 best, most underrated analysis in this whole video.

  71. Mick Lovin

    Minshew the human spirit animal

  72. حسين كهرباء Hussein electrician

    فيديو عفريت الانبوبه فيديو كوميدي

  73. Mr Private

    Burrow is already better than Baker Mayfield

  74. Annisa Khaizuran

    best runner

  75. Annisa Khaizuran

    good news