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  1. Kumiv

    I don’t know about y’all but I’m copying the Richard Mille Guy’s swag and clothing, the guy convinced me he’s ballin

  2. WWE figure legacy

    What was the magic spell

  3. UnpeakingzWRLD

    They are all there just being annoyed for getting asked stupid questions.😂

  4. NatiiNatalia


  5. Scambodian TV

    Why did they do the black guy like that 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  6. EClypssed

    Sidemen: Stressed by trying to find and trying to hide JJ: Stressed in what to eat in the buffet

  7. Ethan van Heek

    Ethan what do u do on the weekends?

  8. Volo

    31:45 lol the way Vik said "Patak" with a straight face and everyone else is laughing in the background

  9. Adam Deadass

    Bruh I’ve been gone for years on this channel, and I didn’t know bezhinga changed so much 👀

  10. Will Dehner

    tobis line is 🔥🔥

  11. CMF C4

    Make this into a series boys

  12. Josie-Mai Woodward

    Phil is snape

  13. That One Cool Old Person

    18:13 lmao that looked like it hurt

  14. Francisco Arroyo

    What’s her only fans name ?

  15. usman rafiq

    Beta squad did it first

  16. TrippyNukezZ

    me watching this in ramadan -_-

  17. Carter Hoov

    Me: nike just do it Tobi: addidas just do it

  18. jo hawwe te folle frije tiid

    Why are there so many dislikes

  19. ZIZU 90

    This is like my 10th time watching this. What would’ve been awesome was if Josh pranked the team in the limo and sent them to the bad place and the people in the sidemen car went to the good house. But still, amazing video!

  20. kemal KING

    17:10 wow

  21. Azeri Boy 2020

    Harry: eats 4 pieces of white toast Me: does that every weekend

  22. Funny Clips

    Harry’s clapped but not that clapped

  23. TCup_1

    What is the OnlyFans girl name? Asking for a friend.

  24. Funny Clips

    Harry’s clapped but not that clapped

  25. Randomness

    Half of this video is just *beep*

  26. Abdullah Shamshad

    funniest sidemn video so far

  27. DuckAndCover

    Would love to see filly, Harry pinero, and chunks in more sidemen videos! Those 3 had me rolling every minute bro

  28. Ben Doverson

    6.9 mil views. Niceeeee

  29. Striden Gota

    Who else knew it was wight shirt from the start

  30. MyCommentIsDumb


  31. Doni 89

    to be honest, i live like the blue team every day and it's not bad🥲

  32. The Notorious King

    Title should be: Who guessed wrong first?

  33. Haydn McKay

    Was there a discount code on this vid?

  34. Brendan Cullen

    The way he just falls off the rocket has me dead

  35. PillerThriller

    Best ending - ever hahaha

  36. Zozef

    Simon is so annoying and he is salty 24/7

  37. Zozef

    Simon is so annying

  38. Mr D3vil D3vi

    That jamacain guy funny af

  39. aditya bagus

    when u try hide ur mistake but someone caught u 48:47

  40. The Notorious King

    37:48 Same Ethan, Same. Wish Harry had that idea popped up earlier.

  41. OldSkittle TK

    And women wonder why guys say they don’t have humor😐😂

  42. wenderlusts

    btw is ksi christian or muslim because im so confused respect doesnt matter

  43. Gochi Xiong

    One look at Dustin and i was like yup he's it.

  44. Azeri Boy 2020

    0:53 why did Ethan start swinging his hand like that?

  45. Leon


  46. Courtney Lewis

    KSI should be next. Let’s see how it turn out with his laughter

  47. Hyanako シ

    ⟟ hope this show comes back lol

  48. TheeShiddy Gamer

    knock off beta squad🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  49. Sebastian Salazar Valles

    Being seeked by JJ may be one of my biggest fears..

  50. SBraawp Braawp

    What was her only fans again? 👀

  51. Odom Meas

    what shoes is simon wearing

  52. Tina Larsen

    "Harry and some fresh powder, who'd have thought it."

  53. Mathias Kallevik

    With Eurovision comming up soon how about sidemen react to all The songs that Are compeeting and rank best to worst

  54. kelly armstrong

    Anyone here from the one on more sidemen?

  55. Nerd Girl

    The NDL send our regards!

  56. jenathan _s

    Tobi should go out with her 29:10. 100%

  57. jenathan _s

    29:08 the girl on Sidemen Tinder

  58. Layne Gray

    They should have done Squats

  59. Rocky Dearaujo

    28:20 jj on his phone most of the time 😂😂

  60. Jrplaya

    The older lady rockin the Gucci shoes

  61. Seank

    There is a £100 note, isnt there???

  62. Dana Alsalem


  63. x2Adz

    I swear the girl at the front is from tiktok

  64. AJ Key

    Wait why was it 93k??

  65. Y. SA

    the muc bang got 1 mill likes sidemen charity match 3

  66. SmokingW33DIsMyAddiction

    When is the next sidemen tinder date video?

  67. Y. SA

    they got 1 mill likes charity match 3

  68. Valkrie MW

    alcohol + sidemen = classic youtube video

  69. Faris Zikry

    Brilliant because vik actually done the dhal dishes that good I'm not Indian but I'm a Muslim and we also ate dhal

  70. Kymani Hof

    I wanna know what her tik tok is and onlyfans

  71. Oscar Stevenson

    Poor Brian ☹️

  72. Elias Amine

    0:10 They fully cut that clip from the intro out of the video, would love to know what JJ said

  73. Adrian 12345

    I love KSI however he can be a bit over loud Even the crew look at him like chill stop shouting man jheeezeee

  74. Unknown voice Xx

    I knew it was him

  75. Ivo Rosandic

    Lads amazing video


    JJ dinner isnt Japanese enough because he didn’t put rice

  77. Art_Skully 714

    What are the chances that Ethan get to say his at the end hmmmmmmm 🤔

  78. aaron wattts


  79. Infinity Games

    I have that lego set