1. Andreas Marinou

    Wtf was that

  2. Papp Sebastian Georgian

    Snop Dog is laughing at these so called reapers lol.

    1. armando pena

      Thats what old farts do!

  3. Kar Al

    This song spreads the Corona

  4. Kiki Garcia


  5. Jhonatan Oliveira


  6. Denisks Loading

    Текаши топ

  7. хайл Адамов

    Кто слышал Ас салам асаламалейкум

  8. ermal rungo


  9. Autty Lee

    69 if you can hear me Brad like your new music you good bro in staying good but you can be bad you can do your you can do whatever you want I'm not controlling your life that's on stay save and yeah if anyone come new you just kill them

  10. ermal rungo


  11. Trym Nyland

    You is god

  12. Muhammad Moradi

    7 million likes and nearly 300 million views! Just how many dumb fk's are out there?

  13. ermal rungo


  14. Melissa Larsen

    I don’t like this at all

  15. Chelsea Carren

    Spanish songs always have lots of views... ❤️

  16. Randhir Toney

    Anyone please explain to me why this 'RAINBOW MOUSE' isn't in jail.

  17. T3lan XF

    3 weeks later still on trending

  18. Djole 2008


  19. Keny

    Algum brasileiro 🇧🇷?

  20. SHOCKCrYpT

    I Edited This Comment So, No One Knows Why This Comment Has So Many Likes

    1. ChilSanta


  21. BG raptor

    Lets make 1m comments

  22. Carlos Rubio

    He ain’t no snicht he gave them a shoutout on court

  23. Diego Márquez

    Seems like a song you would sing at your local talent show and then get arrested because of drug dealing.

  24. Turtle SkyWars

    I wonder how many skittles it took to make this

  25. lightning bomb

    When I put 1+1 on my calculator My calculator: 0:48

  26. s13g3 St3f4no

    Snicht fuck

  27. Zyair Gordon

    It lit you are New York king 👑


    TBH this song its fire

    1. DARK IZZY

      @Mr Respectable oh i do juice wrld xxx lil peep lil tjay but its just this 1 song that has weird vib to it fam

    2. Mr Respectable

      Listen to better music

  29. Amelia PAU [07S2]

    and people say kpop is trash

  30. Илья Рыжов


  31. zviadi fruidze

    Who write this song is very be..h

  32. Dean Martini

    Shit is FIRE

  33. Benjamin DELAMARRE

    The song report 12 th june 😢

  34. zviadi fruidze

    Wth it is

  35. Marisel Chavez


  36. JohnXbox

    Big sad 😜

  37. MCZ

    Why you put assalamualaikum in ur music

  38. wazon perez

    Fuck bitch copia barata de Lil wayne

  39. World Brain

    It's so disgusting man

  40. Xiggho

    U are a fucking idiot go to pride u are ready🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  41. Its_Mxlan

    stupid are dum

  42. johana vivanco

    look this part 0:10/2:28

    1. johana vivanco

      i know but the song is cool.

    2. World Brain

      It's so disgusting

  43. Mason Smith

    This song I LIT🔥

  44. Анна Зеленюк

    Tee Dalabaiob

  45. It’z Allen

    This song is just porn

  46. McKinley Holding

    So..... what’s the song about....? Too many “motives”

  47. quickie vapes

    I followed ya on Instagram homie. Looking for that “Shoutout.” Good shit. MN got lots of love for ya.

  48. агез давл

    Мы россия

  49. Dusstale Sans

    Продюссер:сколько нужно мороженного в клипе? 6ix9ine:да

  50. Jaylene Jane

    Now I'm addicted to say "Are you dumb stupid or dumb?"

  51. thiago_pro

    6ix9ine:habla español Yo:imposible

  52. Simba

    Папа сказал что я ещё раз это включу, то он даст мне клавиатурой по голове Изменено:осозаганлвржхвлащгзсжщоссг

  53. Jughead Shaffer

    Talk to her nice so she won't fight back

  54. Donovan Smith

    When you taste the rainbow:

  55. Tremaine Quinn


  56. Erasmo Lee


  57. Maria Katsanou

    Are you dum stupid or dump

  58. Kemberlin Gonzalez

    Me sees comments: Comments:he hit 20 m wow Me:286m?

  59. Tortillas 2020

    Carnal te deseo lo mejor y espero eschatology tus canciones sin tantas tonterías espero lo mejor de ti y suerte en tus canciones .👌

  60. iFacade

    He gonna have to move at least 3 times a year. And when the years pass and he thinks he’s good, the dudes he ratted on will be getting out

  61. Kentucky Hiker

    “There’s only two types of people... those that tell and those that wish they told. Period.”

    1. armando pena


  62. Laiylo

    Did anyone even knew that 6ix9ine had a 1B views video song?...

  63. Катя Носик

    Кто из Тик тока

  64. Botulist Horsiculture

    Closing in on 300million views... in case you were keeping score.

  65. Leandro Vega

    No entiendo ni mrd tmree :'V

  66. Lloyd Fortune

    Is 6IX9INE BETTER THAN NASTY C? cssel.info/video/video/pYabZV29t5h3bp4.html

  67. Aiden G

    It’s actually *GOOMBA* by 7nitch9ine

  68. Aditya Borgohain

    Hi I am new and I have a question how da hell did he get the n word pass

  69. Martín Rojas

    que buenos tiempos wacho, ojalá se vuelva a repetir este junte



  71. Amado Zavaleta

    This is kind good

  72. Richar Chavez

    I hete 69 becuse he took a garl form a youtuber boy his neme is armmani



  74. Eli Chicas

    I love 6ix9in

  75. somayh kim

    الكلب:سحقن لذكريات تقاوم النسيان😭💔

  76. Asher Sims

    I only liked the part when he showed the dog

    1. Asher Sims

      Me to

    2. mr nom

      I did not like the open tongue kissing mfer got his mouth open and shit.

  77. Scars

    This guy looks like a snitch for sum reason

    1. mr nom

      Snitches get riches now

  78. pubg mobile

    Magyarok like!

  79. Daily Shitposter.mp4

    Assalamu'alaykum? Wtf 🤣

  80. Philadelphia Collins and Sons

    All I hear is the gangster ass beat mixed with some stupid rat baby. And that's only because CSsel will take down my real comment. Props to the person who made the beat but this guy is a joke rappin all hard. Please dont make me laugh

  81. domunis58

    1:50what a troll

  82. ermal rungo


  83. Kings Empire

    21 savage homies gonna get you g


    Plz subscribe in my channel and im Follow back

  85. JameszGamer

    Why does 6ix9ine use random words to name his song but he never uses them in the song? Weird

  86. Royce Postel

    Boi they throwin that ass in this one...lord have mercy..

  87. Antonio Dominguez

    Fucking ugly guy hahahaha


    Those girls have more operations than my history notebook

  89. Dullah21 Dullah21

    I just found out where the wiggles wives have been, wait so that means 69 is the ultimate wiggle


    Мне кажется с жопами перебор немного...

  91. Santiago Muñoz

    Si lo secuestran cada vez que no le paga a la banda en la que esta 6ix9ine no es rata manga de ignorantes ed sentido comun... que harían ustedes en su lugar respondan solo lo que creen que es una rata, teniendo en cuenta que los van a secuestrar y amenazar de muerte cuando no paguen y tambien que lo que cobran la mitad es para esa banda de mierda.... aguante 6yx9ine!!...copy it and translate it into english if ignorant don't understand ... tekashi is king bitches.

  92. Slaughter Sarah

    Those girls look like they belong in a fucking skittles bag 😂

  93. Glitch Syco

    Well shit can I get 11k likes I see everyone else getting likes

  94. Yoxian

    I'm having a seizure

  95. Paula&Jeremy

    Drinkin Henny, goin brazyy, Poppin pillies....

  96. Benny_boy OwO

    🎂that cake

    1. TheNaviShow


  97. Duke

    Aren't you in jail?

  98. ermal rungo


  99. Natalei Parker

    I love 6ix9ine ❤💚💜💙💛💓

  100. ermal rungo