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  1. The Sims power Pink 92

    😍i love this stuff pack

  2. Sean MacGuire

    I think what upsets me the most is that I genuinely don’t want the sims to fail, i want to love the game I grew up with but it’s just so lacking

  3. Veronica Vidia

    26th is my birthday!!! im so excited

  4. Estellé Elith

    Everyone's whining about how shitty this pack is but ya'll don't realize that they can only get away with this because you're buying their stuff. Therefore: DON'T BUY EA'S BULLSHIT ANYMORE! Even if you like this or other packs, or even The sims 5, don't support this developer anymore. They melked us way too much to forgive them and didn't listen. So they need to learn through a boycott.

  5. Jade Dunrelli

    For the love of God search up peoples thoughts on sims 4 and please make the change. We used to spend ours on sims 3 but now can only play 30 minutes of sims 4 cause of how repetative it is and boring it is, expansion packs r not the issue it's everything else. The fact that all anyone around you does is walk there's never actually anything interesting happing or any storylines that happens naturally, irs nice to control your own world but it's boring af when you have to do Literally everything or else nothing happens.

  6. Pointy_ears98

    Y’all are gonna pay 10$ for this ? Did you know Bonehilda can only be summoned and cannot move in with you ? She doesn’t event have her coffin. LOL Miss me with that

  7. GalaxWulf

    Epic pack :) But would be ever added Werewolfs as species?

  8. Ayça

    I still need all those houses appear in trailers

  9. Miss_BlondeQueen

    Sims. What is this

  10. Morgrador Dread

    This Bonehilda is an imposter, (and no Genie fairies, or werewolves <----- paranormal creatures).

  11. SleepyFox YT

    I like the cute little ghosts!

  12. Ahmad Dzaki

    I don't care, I won't pay for this. Because I Pirated Sims4 entirely.

  13. Зюка

    Я:*скачиваю симс 4* Разрпбы: а почему бы не выпустить новый каталог симс 4?

  14. Nugu Nugu

    This is so cool cant wait omgggggggg!!! And i hope for the next one we have pirates expansion pack!!!

  15. *Intolerant screaming*

    *Queen Bonehilda*

  16. TaTaToTaeTae

    I had a mini heart attack without noticing it's sims 3

  17. May Saif

    how I get this game on MacBook?

  18. c00chieman

    can we get like a supernatural pack

  19. Sierra Pond


  20. TheProfessionalWeirdo

    I need a medieval royal pack please. 😂😂 but this also looks F A B U L O U S. I just really want to be a royal though 😂 or a supernatural pack. That would be nice too.

  21. Charina Farr

    Am I the only person left who just likes to keep it simple with building houses,vacationing, having a career, and making a family. I need so regular things too.

    1. Sikers LalaTM

      Yep you are 😂

  22. Brianna_Elizabeth

    I actually love this pack helped m3 an$ my dad bond ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. Free WIFI

    Bring back babies, werewolves, fairies, private and public schools, kids and teenage curfew, robbers, realistic reactions to cheating, gossips that affect a sim's image, open world, cars! Bring back life into a now dead sims 4.

  24. sappy_ellie

    Bonehilda Is Queen

  25. Rowlan56

    Well thanks EA for another useless pack instead of the ones we asked for.

  26. Nick Adler

    I would have LOVED to have the grim reaper career

  27. marie ryland

    Ok so this is a big waste of time and talent! This has been done and I certainly am not looking for an update of something so out dated. They need to be checking for the young man that is in the process of creating Paralives [ my opinion] IJS!

  28. misuyy fong

    For those looking for the name of the song it’s called Haunt Me by XY&O

  29. Allana Dantas

    WTF??? Are the sims produces insane?? What a crap man... very sad

  30. rocking good dont ask why

    So i guess this is scooby doo.

  31. Jaythe90skyd

    Paranormal is not just ghosts. I know we already have vampires and witches but they should have put all of them together and include werewolves, genies, and fairies.

  32. Tushari Barbero

    Is it too late or too early for a Halloween-themed stuff pack?

  33. gamer x

    sims 4 is sooo lacking i content i bet sims fan will be happy if ea just took sims 3s code and copied it but make the grapics better and sqish them bugs and ea dont you dare think about charging people who already own sims 3

  34. Kachell Phillips

    Disappointed yet again.

  35. gamer x

    im a bird lover im not buying this until they make this more like sims 3 pets

  36. gamer x

    do not buy your money is valuable

  37. gamer x

    sigh i got tricked into buying this pack because im a big fan of star wars and got bored of playing it afeter only 2 day i want my money back i want to by seasons insted

  38. gamer x

    dammit ea stop cheaping out on us or just makeing moneygrab packs make somting we want to see heres to hoping we dont get an disappointing unfinshed and unstarted cash grab for sims 5

  39. Katelyn Cordell

    I don't know if it's just me but I wouldn't mind a mental health pack 🤷🏼‍♀️ become a psychologist and all. Diagnose sims. Could be fun.

    1. Kelsey Oakes

      Interesting idea

  40. Ainp

    ugh im just gonna go back to playing the sims 3 and 2

  41. Ainp

    well where tf is bonehilda

    1. Kelsey Oakes

      She’s in the background

  42. Dreana Mickens

    Why does the ghost in the picture look like Johnny Depp?

  43. Smilla Marie

    We. Just. Want. Werewolves.😩

  44. Mathew Reed

    Paid DLC = Bullshit!!!! At least it is on the PS4 version, as well as the Deluxe Party Edition Upgrade. For the PS4, I mean.

    1. Mathew Reed

      Scratch that, paid sims 4 dlc is bullshit only for the deluxe party edition of the base game in general.

    2. Mathew Reed

      Or consoles in general.

  45. Lpshorder8

    I love how one of them look like Voldemort with nose

  46. Amelia

    Where is Bonehilda in this trailer because I genuinely don’t see her at all

  47. Jessica DeWitt

    rip off

  48. milagros arroyo

    Are we ever getting generations ????

  49. FoxEye

    I know this isn't going to be the best but I will still get it.

  50. E G

    hunny we already have ghosts in the sims



  52. cow lily milk

    I can't wait till I have enough money to get a computer and the game! 😍

  53. ZiD

    This dislike just goes for making bonehilda totally useless and lifeless. She had great personality in sims 1! She drank alcohol and the liquid went on throught her, Asked autogram for grim reaper, Scared to hell the maids, cared about babies, waved to all deaths. and now? We're going to get a bonehilda decoration object just for remembering the great memories? I just want to cry... Now I go back to playing sims 1/2/3. I glad I didn't buy this game...

  54. Summanus Pax

    Plumbella is gonna be shitting herself in excitement for Bonehilda's return.

  55. Kitsune

    Where the hell is the demons/fallen angels/devil game pack!!!

  56. Marty Despot

    In the history of expansions this appears to be the most meaningless one. Only Bonehilda is the star of the show 🌟

  57. Moonpink

    0:09 she gone on thanos mode

  58. Bonehilda

    Missed me? 💀

  59. Victoria Fernández

    - ¿Podríamos hacer el pack "supernatural" otra vez. - Esperad, ¿para que hacerlo junto? podemos vender cada cosa por separado... Y así es cómo en mi mente lo hace EA...Y SEGURO QUE NO VOY MUY DESENCAMINADA

  60. Julian Salazar

    Ghostbusters I liked

  61. Eduardo Gurgel


  62. Cute Horror

    We neeeeeddd it nowww, take my moneyyy ♥️

  63. Yuki Masahiko

    Is it me, Or did they kill of Johnny Depp? Lol

  64. Noah

    0:40 what are this chess price is

  65. Kchassa

    *Cool...I'm going to download the cracked game*

  66. Lishan

    Seriously, screw u, i cant do good even one damn thing

  67. DarkleMotion


  68. Sweets Nagirati

    there needs to be a traint called ghost loving cuz these ghosites are cute as heck

  69. LouLou


  70. anime_girl_ 34

    I want horses again. Along with the ability to control the pets.

  71. Day Flaubert

    At this point the sims 4 producers dont even know where the hell they are

  72. Grav DYI

    7 years and still no fairies

  73. Grav DYI

    Ada dukun gesss

  74. Mig Mig

    I like the super skeleton and all the accessories - now I have flying fairies with wings - some elves - the magical world of Peter's lord with pirates and fairies and I will be happy. I miss the fairies the most - the elves.

  75. Cora D'Abato

    My favorite One yet

  76. Madison

    When I saw the candles I immediately thought of the black flame candle from hocus pocus😂

  77. Darkening Demise


  78. Павел Гарусеў

    Нават не зацікавіўся. Я за тыя грошы, якія вы здзіраеце за некалькі столікаў лепей набуду sims 1 з усімі дадаткамі. sims 1 мае геймплэй цікавейшы, чым гэтае лайно.

  79. Abbie Smith

    What’s the town that they show in this called?