Hello! Welcome to our channel! We create animated music videos and short films with the blocky style of Minecraft! We animate videos with such topics as: Five Nights at Freddy's, Doki Doki Literature Club, PopularMMOS, DanDTM, and of course, Minecraft itself!

Stick around for high quality animated fun!

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  1. Gamer Brockway warren jones

    It’s red,he has a flipping G U N in the Thumbnail.

  2. Gregory

    don't you lose when 1 person left with the imposter? Hmmmmm

  3. DonutKid99

    Audrey (The blond girl) is A 21 Year Old officer who is the second niece of Eileen.

  4. Henry Addison

    A Minecraft version of a song get more likes then the original so many 5 year old ugh

  5. Alexcodexx The kinereader

    *did orange get vored?-*

  6. Kayden Le

    I am impressed by the Imposter

  7. Eithan Jimenez

    The animation was really cool, and by the end I was surprised because I thought it was pink

  8. Maria Ledezma

    Red no imposter

  9. C M J gaming

    The animation looks like something from Pixar

  10. Paitek_Gaming_Channel

    cssel.info/video/video/l42NnnLY24xkr54.html Pls animation of this ;D

  11. HR.aladary

    I liked it 😌

  12. Guisante neon

    Among us logic

  13. Nanox. L.2

    Its incredible

  14. Tania Medina


  15. Solomia Palacz

    who is your favorite freddy chica bonnie foxy toy freddy toy chica or toy bonnie

  16. Tania Medina


  17. Abdul Qoyyum Mustaqim Bin Ade Candra

    I love the flow of the animation, though the colours were given all wrong. Pink was the imposter remember?

  18. SuperBroCedric

    nooo i missed it

  19. mlp unplug

    You know it would be cool if you could make a Minecraft animation of terminator dark fate Playing follow me

  20. HR.aladary

    The animation batter than the orginal

  21. Meme Kajtuki Gryczi

    Purple- the monster trasforming

  22. monster school minecraft

    I like the song❤️🎶🎧

  23. Jennifer Hawkins


    1. gioyu comi


  24. Katrina Saunders

    Okay hold on and the scene where they captured her she could literally pull her arm out because her arms are squared shape not like ours she could just pull her arm out to get out

  25. yandelgamer 25.03

    five nights at Freddy's en Minecraft🤣🤣 made me laugh at the end

  26. Mikonika


  27. Gael Said


  28. Amir Onley

    Pause the video: 3:00 me when my brother ruins my masterpiece

  29. Nildson Da Silva


    1. Nildson Da Silva


    2. Nildson Da Silva


    3. Nildson Da Silva


    4. Nildson Da Silva


    5. Nildson Da Silva


  30. Amir Onley

    Purple: Does Asteroid task PURPLE HACKS

  31. mikelexYTXD


  32. Blanca CheveriA

    Oh no guys

  33. Doge

    0:57 level of stress 99%

  34. Krew Lovr


  35. Jaiden Dennis

    My god

  36. Tony Lint

    I love ZAMS VIDEOS

  37. Jaiden Dennis


  38. Muhammad Rafif

    *this is cheerful*

    1. gioyu comi


  39. TurtleCraft TV

    Nother song fnaf 4 getting introduced

  40. Eric Kruse

    Lying to me

  41. Griselda Cazares ayala


  42. Glamrock Nigga 1


  43. Westthebest5

    Did blue die the be alive or is the imposter purple? The lighting makes it hard to tell

  44. Thallison games

    Muito bom espero que um dia fasa dublado

  45. Noah E

    Body was at reactor, he's the only smart guy. How didn't he realize pink just vented from security to electrical lol. Edit: Apparently purple was it this time, scratch that.

  46. Rachel Savage

    NO this is my real face 🐤🥖🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

  47. Rachel Savage

    🐣🐤🐥 🐵🙈🙉🙊🐒

  48. Jesus.M gamer

    not copy the video plz zaminaton not copy video ok

  49. Arthur Parsons


  50. SG and friends

    i like this version better -w-

  51. Thomas Wood


  52. Kacper Mielczarek

    What... The detective find the blues body on the begining but on end the blues was impostor?

  53. Jessica Rogers

    Omg I love this my brother loves it. I relly want you to make more. Please and thanks I love it❤❤😭 I'm crying🙂✨❤😭😪

  54. Johnny Polo

    i like this i watch it every day and the end when that thing stabed springtrap i like this its aesome

  55. Katrina Watson

    That was sick

  56. Tyson Hot

    This reminds me of how to train your dragon

  57. -Shades Of Yellow-

    Monika isnt bad herself I personally think somethings wrong with the code is sayori also was going to do what Monica did. And I got a laugh from showing my friend her jumpscare. And she saved us from sayori number 3

  58. Nevaeh Sanford


  59. halil ufuk kök


  60. Ded Inside

    This went from cool, to gory in the span of 2 minutes and 51 seconds (2:51)

  61. TM_Gabbo 07

    Guys purple is cheating

  62. Daniel Todorov


  63. Emerbot 284

    I thought this was just an among us song, but I saw it heard it was lyin 2 me and I got excited

  64. Mico Angelo Silungan

    Long Time no see zammy :)

  65. Atner Boas

    There was two black one is sitting in cafe and the other one comes running and telling everyone about the body 1:50

  66. Иван Минаев

    То самое когда ты русский но понимаешь все

  67. NoisyBoy TV


  68. Tawfeeq Luyt

    The impostor attacks cyan and when orange

  69. Shy Sprout YT

    That thumbnail looks sus,

  70. Natasza Pilak

    Funny thing cuz I'm not fully English so when I heard Monica in this song I kept thinking its saying my knickers so lol yes weird



  72. Thomas2351

    When you bought something wrong and you can’t give it back 4:19

  73. idk what to name my channel

    i can't wait for episode 2

  74. Natasza Pilak

    Imagine being in a club like his and this dude just keeps singing and doesn't stop

  75. Kaela Nieto

    Kspsk Hi

  76. Stefan Savic

    Wow I defeated 50000 ender dragons on minecraft

  77. Claudia Marileth

    Me gusta esa cansion yo soy fanatica de sister lokeishon

  78. Commander Cody

    oh no not the seppies

  79. Stacy Hopkins

    I'm calling the imposter's species in this video " vampister"