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The story of DJ and producer Robin Schulz reads like one in a million. Originally from the German city of Osnabrück, he is now a high-flying frequent traveller bringing his music to loyal followers across the globe and the epitome of a ‘pop phenomenon’. Building on his unique blend of house, electro and pop, the Osnabrück DJ and producer has meanwhile established himself as Germany’s most successful music export of the past two decades in record-breaking time.

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  1. Milica Djapic


  2. Gustavo Arantes

    This is what trevor on gta


    Where looks this videos in 2021

  4. Bochumer Junge

    Stark jungs 💪

  5. Kevin Wilde

    Make more Songs with Felix please!

  6. Kevin Wilde

    Finally! I waited for so long for a Song From you to zeig DJ's. And the Song is perfekt😍

  7. Hanna Synowiec


  8. REDMOOR Youtube

    didn't think Trevor became a cop

  9. Dominik

    Das ist perfekt!

  10. Filipa Frogdaughter

    Imagine listening to this now, when the pandemic is still a thing. FREAKING IMAGINE, BECAUSE YOU JUST CAN'T

  11. Nikola Raczynska

    Bardzo bodoba mi się wssza piosenka😍🤩🥰💖😘🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

  12. Polarbear

    If you ever feel stupid, remember that there are people who disliked this song

  13. Pureczek

    Thats summer song

  14. javier Arzola

    Quien más piensa que el principio de la canción se parece a dance monkey?

  15. Susanne Rogetzer


  16. Forever Aronius

    Every wonder Sequoia

  17. Edy Ly


  18. Azoret O

    One more time is for daft punk

  19. Tomás Ramirez

    Me caga que en México alchile se esperan en la bjsqueda

  20. Southern Fried Media

    I hate these feel good videos, too ideal too happy.

  21. Александа А


  22. Jules

    Es ist soo cool

  23. Marta Irzykowska

    Uwielbiam 😍

  24. Chralz Delvaz

    2:50 pre-TikTok move

  25. louis _drt


  26. Lily B

    Jeju jak ogladam ten teledysk to ciągle płacze 🥺 Proszę zróbcie do tego jakiś film na Netflixie

  27. xristina dimou

    The clip is from any movie ??

  28. Josh Harry

    when they say your to old biiii who made you

  29. I mean,

    Thank goodness my competitions are nothing like this

  30. Jimmy MK

    Saddest part is that it ends.... mankind thanks you Robin Schulz

  31. Dani M


  32. Amanda Kay

    Sexy house rock

  33. Arturo Sánchez

    3:00 best way to end this track, full eargasm🥵😍

  34. Huzar 777 kosy

    kurwa sauper

    1. Lo Luś

      Bez kitu kox

  35. Robert Hsu

    LEC Gang

  36. Alejandra Muegues Obando

    George, I don't know why this song reminds me you, damn it! I'm in love, but hurts. I hope you never see this. Haha

  37. Car Obando

    Robin Schulz espectacular no hay canción tuya que no sea fabulosa 💙💚

  38. Gerald Picca

    I love this song soo much I can't stop playing it on my phone

  39. Juan Lara

    Love from mexico 🇲🇽❤

  40. Zee Quite

  41. TheRedDeadGuide

    The professionalism of the LAPD summed up in one music video

  42. Roberto Tomas Simón Rubio

    someone knows what skaters are called? alguien sabe como se llaman los skaters?

  43. ROACH


  44. Brian Martinez

    ya necesita algo diferente de Félix Jaehn porque solo hacia slap house

  45. rousfox

    6 years ago so I felt like 👵

  46. Andrew Raf

    who is listening in 2029?

  47. Bliss Raincloud

  48. Andi Labias

    I can't believe it's been 5 years since this song came out, it seems like yesterday

  49. Andriy Nemchenko

    Why in C, but not in JavaScript?

  50. M4L0K4 G4M3R

    Ele já é foda sozim com o eddie vedder ent man no temple of dog é MT épicooooo

  51. Adam Williamson

    If you don’t feel like doing this when bumpin this then idk what gets your turnt up lol

  52. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza


  53. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza

    HOLA 🖐️ SALUDOS 👋 ÉXITOS 🙏💯🎧🌍🎶

  54. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza


  55. Emilio Gonzalez Pastoriza


    1. hen ko

      как это по настоящему похоже на индию

  56. Giuppi

    Summertime sadness vibes

  57. lamiae hanafi

    exeptionnel sooooonnng , loooove ur treeendss = 🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥🤩🔥

  58. Monica Martinez

    Me gusta el vídeo.

  59. Nico Anker

    Great song.

  60. Diffway

    Rozjebano system tym dźwiękiem :X

  61. Bootsrila

    Oh no I hope I don’t fall

  62. Michel Plagnes

    Le sourire psychopathe a la fin 🕵😅😅

  63. Michel Plagnes

    Qui cherche les coms français 😂😂😂

  64. Lucas Medeiros

    The best megamix🎶🔥🔥🎶 🇧🇷

  65. Yula Yulic

    Robin Schulz💓💓💓 Avicci💓💓💓

  66. Claudia Carranza

    The other day I was listening my old playlist and this song came up, I'm happy I found it again

  67. name_already_used

    This is my favorite music video of all times 🙌

  68. Luca

    2021? (I miss the old times)

  69. Yula Yulic


  70. Yula Yulic

    Bosnia 🇧🇦🇧🇦🇧🇦❤❤❤

  71. Yula Yulic


  72. Maks Pasenko

    настоящая бомба видел целую передачу как снимался этот клип чувак вжился в роль это правда

  73. Yula Yulic


  74. Heartbeat

    Keep restarting this song 🎧 because I feel like I didn’t appreciate it enough 🖤. Robin Schulz 🔥

  75. Felix Nöbauer

    How do all of you guys know that there are drones? Ist could easily be just visuell effects ?!

  76. Keskin

    is this track copyright free?