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  1. Randy B

    Mma fans are brutal. She's spot on

  2. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    I box, trust me, I box.

  3. alcott devalte

    Kayla gonna stay undefeated rest of her career as long as she stays true to her style, nobody gonna stop that style. And her striking looked amazing in her last fight even though it was a short one. Always exciting fights :-)

  4. C Wallace

    So Johnny boy pussied out eh. Thought we'd get that fight but ultimately a smart move by Jones.

  5. Albert Molina

    Silva is still one of my best fighters

  6. MMA Fan

    During 2006-2013 he was considered the greatest fighter that ever lived, the way he finished his opponents wow, God bless u Anderson Silva. 🙏🏿❤️

  7. LENGEND khan

    so much respect he dont even look at her when he is talking

  8. eric kim

    she's going to get a lot of hate. she's salty

  9. Daily Sam

    She knows she doesn’t compare to Amanda

  10. Lone Woolve

    Did she just pop out of the shower?...

  11. Its brad 1f4f1

    I wish he walked away from MMA when he was in top these new fans will never know just how incredible he was as they seen him get beat by ppl he would flatline in his prime shame that fighters can't see when it's time to hang them up

  12. Thadnill

    Next: " Anderson thinks he's done with boxing, talks sumo wrestling "

  13. H Hh

    I wanna see Kayla vs cyborg

  14. Jason Baldini

    She’ll have to bring her weight down, anyone who has training experience knows she has to lose some muscle which is actually very healthy when you’re carrying around that much. 5’8” is with her build is tough to consider 135 but you can’t be the best if you fight at weights that no one else fights at, you just can’t do it.

  15. Bernardo Guimarães

    Silva's wife I the morning: hey babe how are u? Silva: I'm doing my best for the sport.

  16. An Asshole.

    Kayla Harrison kinda looks like a single mother here.

  17. C Wallace

    Had a talk with Nick Diaz and the result is they're gonna talk about it. Lmao I take that as it aint happening

  18. MMA Freaks

    Crisps Cyborg Entered The Chat

  19. bbking778

    I’m definitely a fan now

  20. Obitrice For life

    Kayla vs Nunes. Take my money.

  21. Deridivis Star

    Im more worried about his grappling. Its really weak if Olivera can "Force" you to the mat. Not saying Olivera has shitty bjj. Just saying he has shitty wrestling. He needs to refresh basic boxing and wrestling 😂

  22. Victor Kaska

    Kayla done ducking around

  23. Peggs' World

    Go back to Zoom. The ESPN delay $h!t...talking over each annoying. 🙄

  24. Stoned Zebra

    Idc what anyone says the spider is the GOAT he had the most dominate reign as champion in MMA history up until his horrific leg injury.

  25. Johan Berggren

    Him lyoto Alex wonderboy and cruz. All u Need to know.

  26. Mike Skidmore

    All that Kayla has to do is beat Cyborg and Nunes and she will be the G.O.A.T.

  27. fred burdett

    If u want to get an interview with ariel the proffesional victim they say something bad about Dana or get Dana to say something bad about u ..what a wimpering schmuck

  28. Marcos Ferreira

    She looks like my buddy’s mom...

  29. Ag21

    Put your trust and faith in the king of kings and Lord of lords. He died and shed his blood for the world and on the 3rd day God raised Him from the dead. Jesus. Life is too short to not find the truth. Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal life and to heaven and to the father.

  30. Hulk Amania


  31. mwgcubs

    I've now seen 3 of her fights. Her grappling is second-to-none, but her style is BORING!!!!!

  32. Andre Lopez

    CCC would knock her out cold. CCC is the best combat sports athlete there ever has been. Double champ, Olympic champ and intergender world champ

  33. SamM

    The wrestling disrespect will not stand, hope she gets KO’d by Brock Lesnar in her next fight

  34. Zeneb Osman

    The female khabib 🔥🔥👊

  35. heckalydalii200

    Claimed shes the goat. Also explains why she wont go down to 145.. WHILE also telling dana white "pay me" if you want to see her fight. Yea shes defenilty not tryna fight nunes

  36. Obitrice For life

    Tony of old would finish this guy. But we don’t know what to expect from this Tony.

  37. Josh Patterson


  38. Tupac Shakur

    very happy with your win all the best from poland

  39. allen panicker

    I hope Kayla goes to bellator or the ufc

  40. allen panicker

    The ufc is not anti ufc fighters. Look at respect for Michael chandler. U win they put up high

  41. Niketan Rai

    People accusing Kayla of steroid use without any proof is terrible, she's a 2 time Olympic gold medalist put some respect on her name.

    1. Niketan Rai

      @N I cannot hold a lot of value to your opinion if you take 10 seconds to look at a picture of a professional athlete and accuse them of steroid use without any scientific evidence .

    2. Niketan Rai

      @Alec Torelli's Hidden Chips And they still got caught which means the drug testing agencies involved in Olympics are working for a cleaner sport.

    3. N

      I had no idea who this chick was. 10 Seconds in just looking at her jaw structure I assumed steroids. Then I googled a photo of her. Yep, steroids. Sorry you're too smooth brained to not notice key signs of steroid use.

    4. Alec Torelli's Hidden Chips

      right testing for the olympics is stringent its crazy what Russia had to do to get away with it

  42. Phileas Fogg

    Arguing about who is the GOAT Kayla or Amanda, when you know it's Valentina, they are funny!

    1. Victor Kaska

      The BULLET

    2. taiphoon zero

      @C Mc Nunes got submitted u can’t call het the goat when u have 4 losses in your career

    3. Daniel Madison

      @C Mc Nunes is for sure the most dominant in women's MMA but if we're talking technical skill and being the most well rounded fighter, it's Valentina by FAR, if she was the same size as Nunes she'd kill her

    4. C Mc

      lmao valentina is not the GOAT its Nunes by a mile. Cyborg was the best womens fighter and nunes annialated her and now is a multi time defending champ in 2 divisions. Val couldve won the 2nd fight i agree but she is not the GOAT of wmma its Nunes by a mile. Val is amaing i love her but she has not done what Nunes has and thats facts whether u like it or not

    5. Swizzler 80

      Preach bro

  43. Thomas Needham

    I like her attitude

  44. one two

    fun fact, Stipe has shorter legs than Jose Aldo... google it if you dont believe me

  45. James Handley

    Kayla and Nunes are the Goats at fighting tomato cans 🍅easy to look good when your fighting cans most your fights

    1. Joe Grine

      You meant Kayla and Cyborg?

  46. Alexander C. M

    Kids just won’t understand and it doesn’t seem that long ago. Anderson Silva was a master of the spectacular finish! He was the closest realistic version of a fighter having “FATALITY” moves. If you look up ‘Ninja’ online it should redirect you to his page. The Spider in his prime deserves to be mentioned along with the all time greats of other sports MJ, Tyson, Federer, Barry Sanders, Roy Jones Jr., Bolt, etc… Give this man his flowers while he’s still here. When boxing was in chaos thank god UFC had Anderson Silva’s highlight reel to help build its empire as not just a mindless blood sport. There’s more than a couple but he’s my UFC 🐐!

  47. Hanz Mchiggin

    I believe she’s the second best woman’s fighter under Amanda nunes

    1. Mayce Collectibles

      pound for pound better than the bullet? Nonsense.

  48. Randy Ortiz

    Best time to retired was after the Izzy fight

  49. Mark S C

    .. say what you will about Helwani least he allows the interviewee to talk .... unlike most .

  50. Konrad Torpeda

    I not back, trust me, I not back

  51. john doe

    translation of Dana’s words: she’s not my fighter and likely won’t be any time soon so why compliment her.

    1. taiphoon zero


  52. Ramon Salazar

    he should've retired in 2012 or 2013

  53. Ramon Salazar

    es normal !

  54. Ace Garison

    Let her fight The Lioness. Not to mention, good luck matching the pantheon of work Bullet Val has done.

  55. Ciaran Doherty

    Shes not even in a real weight class, the last girl she fought looked like a 25 pounder, Kayla likes to act hard lmao

  56. Daniel Oliveira


  57. jstarr23kid


  58. Grid One

    It's great that in this day and age, women are finally being accepted into combat sports and are on par with male fighters skill and technicality wise 👏. I have doubt Kayla will do great things and future hall of famer.

    1. clysses S

      Not even close to on par but yea its good

  59. leanne

    I have so much respect for Kayla and think we will see her fighting in the ufc soon.

  60. Physcadlic Music

    Kayla is a beasttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  61. John Blue

    She fine AF.

    1. Swizzler 80

      @Obitrice For life no she isn't.

    2. Jeff Fullerton

      @Obitrice For life no

    3. Obitrice For life

      She’s cute in a way and very articulate.

    4. Swizzler 80

      It's early in the morning where you are from. Right?

    5. Jeff Fullerton

      You trippin...

  62. Sher Mirsaliev

    we needed english speaking Anderson in his prime

  63. Yazan Khalil

    What about a pfl bellator collaboration and have Harrison fight cyborg ? That will be interesting , Kayla already fough in Invicta and bellator already worked with rizin , both promotions were willing to cooperate, what do you guys think ?

  64. Brandon Bisaccia

    What’s dc got against pat mcafee lol

  65. Logan Wheeler

    As a somewhat new fan of the sport, this guy is a joke, maybe he used to be good, but ever since I started watching MMA this dude has been losing every single fight he's in. Just an embarrassing old man who should have quit long ago.

    1. Eliézer Portela

      new fan indeed

  66. synysterallen

    kayla litterally hasnt fought 1 fighter of note... its a joke to have her in the GOAT conversation at this stage, she needs to beat several people that people know first she hasnt beat 1

    1. mpforeverunlimited

      Not her fault dana doesn't like her

    2. mwgcubs

      Plus her style is super boring.

  67. The Son of the BattleCry

    Cain shogun Silva gsp bj penn use to all be the champions together

  68. Canaanite Tv

    I love her

  69. Justjuiceak

    Dana “ all the stuff that had happened” white

  70. Khamzat Chimaev

    I honestly feel like when she comes to the ufc she will dominate everyone at 145 but the Nunes fight will be a true test

    1. Ciaran Doherty

      If the Nunes test is a true test, Kayla will get mauled

  71. le4therf4ce

    Dana’s wife - what should we name our son? Dana - You know me. I don’t like to claim kids the night of the birth.

  72. EZ SLIDE

    Respect to Kayla. I really like her she seems very genuine. It seems like she had a lot to get off her chest but never wanted to ruffle feathers with the PFL. Can’t wait to see her in the UFC.

    1. Daily Sam

      She’s afraid. She would get embarrassed by Amanda

  73. LizzClairborn

    I've said this before. You watched Silva to see not if he was gonna win but how he was gonna win.

  74. Kevin Hernandez

    How can you be the 🐐 when there's no real competition in your weight class???

    1. Daniel Madison

      What a dumb argument, you can say the exact same thing about Amanda and Valentina, they have no competition besides eachother

    2. mpforeverunlimited

      No goats past 115

    3. Denise Noles

      Thank you! That is the point a lot of people are forgetting.

    4. Ciaran Doherty

      Shes fake

  75. Murphy Lazar

    Ariel loves to instigate drama lol.

  76. Thunderfist McBeefcake

    Crushing cans gone to her head