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  1. NSB Ghostzz

    Do y’all remember when you used to be able to lob a C4 like 30 feet?

  2. theblackout6661

    Keeps complaining about not having ammo yet keeps the grenade launcher and 1 gun weapon with out mulekick. No wonder he keeps running out of anmo

  3. BetterThanYou

    Still my favorite map to date

  4. Po Kee

    We didn't actually see ethan die is it possible duke saved him with his teleportation power? Just something to think about

  5. Crimson W1ld

    He said blood of the dead would be the crowd favorite, if only he knew lolol

  6. Sosa Tony

    Time stamp the boss fight

  7. harryarcher


  8. Sipyless

    I’m autism needs kinda person

  9. J Arispe

    But are they DANK

  10. TvShowNerd

    I've come back to this in 2021 and I yell at m screen when he doesn't shoot the bonfires

  11. Vince Boom

    Noah you mist a GOAT on the contruction of the elevator 1:42:14

  12. Mack Manning

    bro when I played this part of the game it was like 3 am and it did not help at all straight up scariest section of the game

  13. EMG2013

    Anybody down to do this easter egg? Need 2 players😂😂

  14. Wesley Pierce

    Which call of duty zombies is this?

  15. nathan

    waffles is kinda immature af lol

  16. Steven Islas

    Where are we going

  17. dragon slayer891

    i cant barely get to round 3 by myself/:

  18. lost fire

    When I play this game the snakes scares me every time

  19. [blank]

    That ending is extremely sad I was already sad enough that just stabbed me in the heart 2 times

  20. Djenairo Simmons


  21. Daniel Baker

    It physically hurts when he uses napalm blast

  22. Joran Vermeulen

    1h 37'24" new ringtone

  23. Daniel Baker

    I can’t imagine defend without toxic growths

  24. Salttheweirdkid

    Richtofen: I want to be ME. I want to keep going. This me... I was the nicest one. And you won’t even remember. (Richthofens last words)

  25. Daniel Baker

    Can we appreciate 696953 views

  26. CARNAGE 66


  27. Daniel Baker

    3:17:30 I always thought napalm bursts biggest downside is that it sucks ass and eats shit

  28. Master Assassin

    That’s lit bro 💯

  29. Lucas Hedberg

    i shouldent ly but that intro tho

  30. MC Shach

    Brizz Rawsteen 30'd Noah!

  31. Zotac store

    I actually want to see double or nothing match think this could be an awesome series

  32. Angel Salcedo

    This my second time watching this Noah plz to a SPEED run with Infinite Amo

  33. Auctor

    There is a crate in outbreak and it says that I do not have the required weapon and I can't find anything online about it.

  34. Salty vx

    I beg you try the alien isolation map on custom zombies I played it and it's such high quality it's got cut scenes

  35. peter joyce

    Spoiler alert. Money , It's all about the money. There, you can go onto another video now.

  36. Chaks243

    Noah: Enters Lycan den Also Noah: "WhY aRe ThEre sO MaNy???"

  37. Loko Mapes

    Warzone next u was too good !!!

  38. Loko Mapes

    Zombies finally back!!

  39. Jack Binnie

    I just got clickbaited

  40. Angel Bayona

    Was down for a bit this made my day thanks noah

  41. Cog Gunner

    Welcome back

  42. lxTazixl

    Wish me luck boys I got school tm and it’s 10:29 pm this is gonna be a long night 😎

  43. OG Jee


  44. Rifnos

    I really hope Capcom doesn't remaster more games and puts all their effort into re9 so we can get it in 2 years vs 4

  45. Deezy G

    Noah can we get a resident evil 8 speed run reaction ??? Was a fantastic game really enjoyed watching and playing it. And would be cool to watch

  46. FkW Huncho

    The monsters are from the book in the beginning.

  47. Unrealconan

    been watching you for years noah i grew up watching you bro thanks for keeping strong brother ❤️

  48. Jeff McMango

    why is this on my recommended

  49. Alexander Ford

    Oh shut up

  50. Not from 63

    I wish I played during this season to get the op flatline skin 😭😭

  51. Space909man 17

    Noah: It took me to round 50 to get a ray gun Me and my friends: One of my friends with the d.i.e shockwave Me: pulls 2 ray guns just holding the thumper Me and my friends: All yell thumper luck thumper luck thumper luck

  52. BlackBullDeku

    I like how the characters in the story tale in the end are each one of the bosses Ethen Faced

  53. All Mighty Death

    So then is mia mold as well

  54. Robert Nelson

    Noah says it "hasn't" been hyper scary, even though he has gotten jump scared in the first one by the likens and in the second one by almost every thing🤣🤣🤣

  55. Justin Butler

    This would have been an amazing game but the developers decided to make a movie instead...SMH

  56. ThatGuy disclosed

    These names are the best for example: 35:02 potato 9000

  57. Robert Nelson


  58. Trace Taylor

    I can’t watch it in Saturday my sister has here graduation party


    Corona Virus outbreak 2:30:47

  60. Carson West

    Lmao when Noah uses the word yoinking @21:43 so frequently it just kept getting funnier each time


    @Noahj456 react to the world record on resident evil village by Radical Revenge 1:39:01 he hold the record right now First in the world! the youtuber dot dot guy dont hold the world record no more.btw

  62. Zachary Serrer

    Yikes my guy lol

  63. Thermite Hawk

    I started thinking about bo4 zombie pathing mixed with wwii mechanics and almost threw up.

  64. Bradley Cordova

    My first Noahj vid I ever watched before al the zombies it’s crazy

  65. Nate Diggy dog

    Lower the gun volume

  66. red dead redemption is my thing

    No zombies where harmed in the making of this video

  67. This One

    Tip : Use the ShockLaser D.I.E, if in solo, it's the best. The ammos on the ground regen the shock but not the other elements' ammos. Tbh the hardest part is remembering the steps

  68. Dat GuyGage

    Spoiler* If he's a part of separate mold that was unlike the other that originated there like they said, then why does he die. Plothole?

  69. Ghaidaa Behnam

    This game defo deserves game of the year if no other hype games are coming out this year

  70. KingslyRoyalty

    First in 2021 lmfao

  71. Kelvin Bell

    This game is litteraly The best parts of resident evil 7, resident evil 2 and the gameplay of resident evil 4

  72. Cosmic Boy

    Do you think it’s possible without any unesacary uphrades

  73. Oscar Gary

    Has anyone figure out were or how to get the loot chest u can hear when you're in the office with the safe..... It's loudest near the jug cola perk

  74. A.j. Leblanc

    I watched the end video and I felt like what you said here was likely the reason for the departure. Life can be such a grind and we sometimes have trouble stopping and thinking about ourselves and who we really are. All I can say, as someone who has been around this community for a long time, is that who you are Noah is an amazing person. I know your videos and streams have always been stuff I look forward to and I try to like all of them and support what you do as much as I can. There is a proverb about a pebble being dropped in a calm lake and sending ripples outward and that is what your content does for all of us. I never really thought of it from the pebbles perspective until now but that pebble likely struggles to see the ripples it creates and hopefully all these comments helped you see the ripples you create in this world. Much love and never stop being you Noah.

  75. Wlf Fix


  76. shelton mckoy

    Sheesh aim was shit

  77. Riotxvi

    Anybody want to do this with me on pc ?

  78. Mitchell H

    Hands down great guy! Thanks for the amazing videos

    1. mikea hiooi

      Dude you make money playing video games. I better never see you complain ever again.

  79. Justin Sturgess

    Gold fish blue crow youll thank me later