For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by CSsel star and anime pro Reina Scully

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  1. Ill will Ill will

    Tyra’s cute wit it.

  2. steven upthegrove

    Looked for cuban sandwich in tampa? LOL go to miami you mongrel

  3. The man in the mask

    Has anyone died on this show? *Coolio noises*

  4. suryadi taufan

    Wait. So her father is that guy who design katniss dress??

  5. Zinoxe

    Sean is 100% made for game show hosting

  6. Masoud Hosseini

    His last sentences made me feel that I want to hug him

  7. Evey Evolves

    He did so much better than probably anybody else on this show lmfao

  8. sean studard

    gotta love paul rudd!

  9. Anthony Clement

    She is hot ones. Hahaha

  10. suryadi taufan

    Waw you are really good on research

  11. Farras AM

    6:38 love this reaction 🤣

  12. Dane Loncar

    Id love to see Eddie Hall or Ross Edgley. That would be really fun 😁

  13. Lara Somaschini

    You should get josh tillman in this

  14. Sofia Rodriguez

    The whole prince concert thing immediately brought me back to the New Girl episode where they go to a prince party! And everything she said matched exactly!

  15. Erika M.


  16. Sapone

    It would be very interesting having a guest like John Carmack in the show. He has a lot to give not only optimization tips I feel.

  17. juicehustlin

    lmaoooo HILARIOUS!!!!

  18. juan arcila

    Tom eats the whole wing. Respect.

  19. John Kathrine

    Whats the last dab?

  20. Crash Compilation Top Аварии и факты о машинах

    Man fell ? what happened to him?Faint?

  21. e1ectroniKa

    I dunno who these people are but this was the only ep of Truth or Dab I thought was good. Top effort, good they’re co stars

  22. XxPink Linar xX :3

    Watching make feel hungry 😋

  23. The Real Old Newb

    1:04 G.O.A.T rofl very funny and true :)

  24. Hashire Kitsu

    Thumbnail looks like Gordon Ramsay going snorkeling

  25. Jay McComb


  26. T81

    0:27 what a sweet looking grandma

  27. javier cazares

    This one and Stone Cold have to be my favorites hot ones ghost

  28. Antiloper Doper

    I like how the people behind them are just watching them suffer.

  29. Jasroz Singh

    4:44 DJ Khaled: "I don't really like too much hot on the theory..." Sean: "Really?" DJ Khaled: "Uh uh" What does this even mean? can someone plz explain it to me? o.O

  30. toshman99

    She is so boring jesus

  31. teofilled

    One of the funniest episodes ever, Shaq is awesome fun :)

  32. Sairus

    Heh.. mark ass brownlee...

  33. Bryan J

    Is Kevin Hart 12 years old? Who the fuck is worried about their friends thinking they're gay? That's some world class insecurity.

  34. ShadowRunner3k

    Damn Shia seems like sucha BRO for real tho.

  35. Junior senior

    The opening sequence is fimed After the Interview???

  36. Check Truth

    Its Pop.

  37. Mathew

    Someone tell Shaq to sitdown

  38. Cranberry Studios

    Who else is here randomly :P

  39. Priyanka 1307

    We literally need camila cabello on here now

  40. Aishat Skndeep

    Slutty Vegan in Atlanta✨🙏🔴

  41. Gloomylady

    I will say it again. I'd love to see Joaquin Phoenix on this

  42. Frank Castle

    Marshawn looks interesting.... he's black but something about his face also screams crazy Japanese samurai.

  43. Timothy Funk

    Please get Karl Pilkington on Hot Ones

  44. Bato B.

    Ok I am pervert for sure lol

  45. fixed_8

    LOOOOLL shaq said *wait*

  46. Rene Escamilla

    Now when is the Rock gonna come onto the show?

  47. Icram Chaban

    Those chicken wings look like jellybeans next to him

  48. sonnyspliff

    The key to spicy food is breathing slow and staying calm. Keep your mouth closed. Don't talk. You'll be good in about 3-5 mins

  49. David Knight

    What minute is "look at us"

  50. Mrwan A.

    Fack u shawn hahahahaha ha

  51. Kevin Clapson

    Seeing this really drives home how underutilized he was as Finn

  52. Mitchell Alexander

    Aubrey Plaza reminds me so much of my imaginary girfriend. Not as pretty but way more realistic. I feel like her and I would get along better too.

  53. Squid Sad


  54. juniper quaintrelle

    Brett make your own youtube show!!

  55. Mitchell Alexander

    Nick Offerman reminds me of my late stepfather, Karl, in so many ways. Through Nick I still feel blessed by Karl's stoic, wise, creative and humorous influence.

  56. christina nicklin

    WHAT convulsions and she doesn't even eat spicy food

  57. Benno Zappenduster

    What is she drinking? It seems, it water. Bad idea. I would prefer Vodka.

  58. Unser

    Bring back chili Klaus

  59. nolan stelz

    Whaaaa. Snoop has bad etiquette?

  60. Christopher Collazo

    Kristen Stewart is in every sense of the word...a TRUE HOLLYWOOD actress!

  61. Unser

    We gotta get MGK and EMINEM together on this show.

  62. Johns

    Kristen Bell is great

  63. Erick F

    What the fuck are you guys waiting for!!! Get on with it!!! Look at all that fkn food! Bro

  64. Khum Dhan

    get a better host. this dude is boring and monotone as fuck. no personality. just have the old guy do the show solo.

  65. Miao Ee

    I didn't expect her to get thru the last chicken..she looks so delicate. well,I admire her for being so brave unlike some male guests who fussed a lot..👍

  66. Simon Schneiderman

    Kevin Parker pls pls pls

  67. jody howell

    I tried to leave a comment when I was watching the debut episode and TruTv disabled their comment section. Holy shit, this is the worst show I ever seen! Sorry Sean, youtube doesn't translate on t.v.

  68. nothingnewhere

    I love Stone Cold

  69. DolanFANGIRL

    *I mean seans taste buds are probably non existent now*

  70. joe Johnson

    I like she

  71. TheLongDark

    Damn, I had no idea someone tried to straight fuck Adam up on MvF. That's messed up.

  72. Jesse Amoah

    this nigga built like m huncho lool

  73. Arianna Williams

    The albatross reference in just everyday talk like that brings tears to my eyes. What a beautifully cultured person.

  74. PokéWeeD Lover;

    I lov hoW he eating vegan wings He reAly l0vs animals:)

  75. cheekoandtheman

    As an Australian I can attest to the fact that many Australian don't handle heavy spices well

  76. Hudha Fathima

    Me:(eats something with the smallest drop of hot sause) Also me:(curl up, start sobbing, feel like my tongue is gone)

  77. Pravin Kumar guys would make a great video, just saying

  78. Hudha Fathima

    18:43 he is high

  79. Walid Films

    Mega doo doo sauce

  80. Kushal Chaudhary

    Respect for both of you Thats what i wanted to see in this show

  81. James Garrod

    Just can’t hear his voice without hearing exist 😂

  82. aurora

    aM i WeArInG a HaWaIiAn ShIrT !?!?!?!?!?

  83. Hudha Fathima

    15:01 is it dillution Or dieluetion? How do say this?

  84. Ryan

    Coyote Peterson is such a great fella!!

  85. Hudha Fathima

    8:02 that is the slowest I have ever heard Liam Payne talkk

  86. Matthew JBD

    Cats 😂 what a good movie that was.

  87. Re Plays

    that's how you torture a human being. so..

  88. mercifulentertainment

    Uhm. I came here to watch his reaction to wings but I'm clicking away after the whole guitar hero stuff. I'm no good enough either but there is people out there that are. Not looking at his wing suffering at this point. Next.

  89. Ben Yarwood

    Can someone please tell me what brand/model cooker/flatop he is using for cooking?

  90. jacksrandomreviews

    just giving you guys the heads up the Beef Barn in North Smithfield RI


    Man, I liked Action... Up until this interview. Fucking douche bag.

  92. andrebjermo


  93. wemarchwithSoap

    I never watched wrestling but didn't know how nice Steve was. He seems like a lovable guy!

  94. Farshad Fouladi

    She’s so hot.

  95. Jazmine Tesch

    I need Samuel Jackson to say, "Damn, these are some hot mothafuckas!" I need it in my life. Please.

  96. Jeremy Heck

    What a couple of great friends

  97. j mula

    Cornish pasties are the og patty. Culture vultures 😂😂

  98. magpie369

    WOW! Having watched at least 40+ episodes, Philip DeFranco got HUGE BALLS, & made EVERY other 'Hot Ones' guests, look like kitties! VERY impressive! <3