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  1. Queen bee Tokyo

    Idea for a vid:depression

  2. Haisea Umik0

    Basically witchcraft is just intention and energy. Witches like to connect to Nature because the Earth and all the elements are filled with tons of raw and pure energy so it just makes it easier to make “spell”. Anytime you use a tool/instrument and give it a meaning you can perform magic with it. It is in our Nature ... even just looking at yourself in the mirror and repeating affirmations is witchcraft -.- it is just the movement of energy with an intention behind it.

  3. SandboxArrow

    I’m Asian, yo.

  4. Skyla D'Amico


  5. micah ingram

    i wasn't kidnapped, but i was abused sexually at four years old by someone that was a close family friend from church. Jan's story, here and her documentary on Netflix, has helped me see that recovery if a lifelong process, but i will be okay. Jan is such an inspiration to me, I have and always will look up to her as a guidance figure.

  6. Bekkah B

    We all love Anthony but GEEZ can y’all keep your hands to yourself 💀💀no fr 😳

  7. Emily Tucker

    he got more than 1,000,000 he is a witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. squirrelman351 GT

    Watch abducted in plane sight on Netflix

  9. Radio

    i fucking love danny gonzalez

  10. Vibe Oof

    They were social distancing

  11. Momo Castro

    I would have been a sexual if I didn't find out what porn was in 8th grade. Glad I found out Lol

  12. Bill Gates

    Good thing Tseries is Not Included in this Video

  13. Haisea Umik0

    That lady that used to be a wrestler is the real deal. She def is the one most in tune with her intuition out of all the three.

  14. Liamboutjerr

    Everyone gangsta until they pull up on their brooms

  15. Cursed Kiwi

    My family would be so disappointed if i was an actor lol

  16. 1ryanfire1

    How was the black woman's story policy brutality? I mean, it was a horrible situation, but it wasn't really police brutality.

  17. Rebecca Lawlor

    way better then shanes "documentary"

  18. Miralola R

    4 days of horror is too much. never just 4 days. and also the story about the grandpa and the special one is so sad

  19. DriedLegless

    Damn how do you get this monetized

  20. thatsmeiguess

    I really think this show deserves to be picked up by Netflix. These stories deserve to be heard by a bigger audience 🥰💓 I'd defs watch

  21. SUOMI GAMER 500

    4:32 that hurt at a deep level

  22. hi


  23. Allison Thornton

    All of these women are soo strong is unbelievable

  24. King Toad

    24:20 I would have thought that you would feel the opposite of lonely.

  25. MDK 8

    Nin would be fun to be around I can sense it

  26. 1ryanfire1

    There's two sides to every story though...

  27. Haisea Umik0

    Well I really appreciate the survivors of these traumatic events for being strong enough to share their experiences and that the interviewer is bringing to light such important topics that might bring light to these tragedies and help to prevent others from happening. However, personally, I think that the editing is really bad, it is really noisy, and all the cuts that are mixed from one person to another just make it further confusing. Couldn’t watch all of it even though I wanted to. But valuable content and respectful interviewer, just my personal opinion on aesthetic.

  28. Kira Pozdnyakova

    He should have brought morgz. Wonder what would happen.

  29. blueberry_borb

    I personally am not at all inclined to dress in a fursuit to participate in conventions, but I think furries are pretty cool. They definitely don't deserve all the hate they get, just because some of them do... not appropriate(?) things in public. I love communities like that, and would encourage anyone to do the things they love as long as its not harming anyone else.

  30. Darkskulltrooper Ayeet

    White police is so rasht tords. Black bruh

  31. Y u H

    You should interview kpop idols like twice, bts, evergow, and BLACKPINK 😸

  32. why am i here?

    Honestly part of why I clicked on this video was to watch people argue in the comments section lol

  33. Jadelinne Salinas

    that guy sounds like plankton from spongebob lowkey 😳😳😳

  34. Fingle bopper 3000

    The fact they’re able to smile and even joke while retelling such awful and horrific stories shows how strong they are. Good for them!

  35. Isla Lochtie

    :o omg these women are so strong I am so scared 😦

  36. Adrian Russell 7C

    Le Falto Dylantero xdxdxdxdxd

  37. Sambiro Kitawi

    Wait so how do they know to show one personality during the interview

    1. Blue Fire

      They don't, if you watched the whole video then you saw them switching 😒

  38. Allison Conley

    If you do a boarderline personality disorder I would love to be in ur vid

  39. Michelle Bennett

    I’m a survivor of this horrifying crime! I was 16. My ordeal lasted 6 months. That was in the 80s and it never goes away. In fact the memories get worse as you get older and really start processing. Because life slows down and you have time to think. Predator got 3 years probation. I won’t tell all the charges.😞??? No justice

  40. Maite Barriga

    The amount of photoshop and click bait they put in the thumbnail is more then how much dirt they put in my cats grave

  41. Zoo wee Mama

    U should sit with firefighters they see messed up stuff on the daily

  42. Angie Mach

    i used to love kyra so much oh my god i feel old

  43. Zoo wee Mama

    He goes straight for the cops XD

  44. gloria reyes


  45. gloria reyes


  46. gloria reyes


  47. Too Stacked

    Did u guys here about Nigeria’s rules if you rape someone?? Yea no one will be raping anyone if that laws brought here.

  48. Chuy Alvarez

    Bruh did y’all forget about the number 1 youtuber who haven’t shown his face H2O delirious!!!


    ok so im here in 2020 and EVERYONE FORGOT THE VSCO GIRLS.

  50. andrea Rivera

    mufursa lol

  51. XxRainbow_Gamer_GirlxX

    This is basically me everyday during school

  52. Max Wood

    OMG I HAVE TOURETTE SYNDROME 2. and it sucks so i feel really bad for these people.

  53. sans pro gamer


  54. UwU Snatcher

    I have the same last name lmao I get that padildo joke all the time 👊😔

  55. Sofia Montoya

    there’s actually a documentary about Jans abduction on Netflix. It was very hard to watch, and i forgot what the name was. But it was also very interesting how someone that is your neighbor can abduct you right out of thin air. The film does deal with some hard topics. But it goes into more detail. I am also so proud of all the survivors out there! ❤️❤️ keep going, you can do it!

    1. XxRainbow_Gamer_GirlxX

      Yeah. It’s called abducted in plain sight

  56. Revy

    i spent a day with femboys

  57. King Crazy

    Dude in the thumbnail Anthony looks like he just pressed X to doubt

  58. box gh0st

    I'm a new animator :/

  59. Danika Lively


  60. Jack Doesn’t like to talk

    thats like a furry but scarier

  61. Vanessa Wissner

    one of my subsutitutes in 3rd grade thrend us for no reason and didinet pay atention to us and the held the middle finger at us and didnt take us to any classes