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  1. _Magical༒ Empire_

    സിൽവയെ ഇറക്കാതെ ബെഞ്ചിൽ എടുത്തു വെക്കാൻ സിൽവ വല്ല ഭംഗിക്ക് ഉള്ള സാധനം ആണോ🙄

  2. pLaxton

    Whoa whoa can you subtitle it please?! Rather listen to Portuguese I can't understand than this bloody northerner

  3. Mo

    Good translator.

  4. Julkarnaeen Araf

    He looks fully charged to show Stamford that Bridge what he's capable of!

  5. Matt Hunter

    Did not expect thiago Silva to sound like a Northerner

  6. I play It on


  7. Satchem

    kepa out. Ty.

  8. Joseph Walker

    Love the mentality but they need to stop asking footballers is the prem hard is the prem this these guys are elite they have played in numerous big competitions don’t downplay it like the prem is just the hardest thing ever

  9. Sibasis Mohanty

    "Age is just a number on a document". This guy is the Cristiano Ronaldo of defenders!

  10. Gidion g.q.w.m_6ix9ine


  11. Karin Molund

    Where is Frank? does he not usually comment?❤❤🙁🙁. No offensive to Silvia👍🏼👍🏼. He speaks very good English❣❣

  12. Felz

    Happy Birthday to Thiago

  13. sixers2020

    Need Ziyech to play asap. Havertz sucks. He is slow and clumsy and he costs the most. Leverkusen probably laughing their way to the bank now.

  14. Aymaan .T

    Man chose Chelsea instead of a PSG contract extension. He really will give us his all and it's clear that he wants to succeed here. He will make tomori and zouma better

  15. Pay Nongrang

    God be with you T'silva, and we wish you all the very best in Chelsea family🙏👍

  16. michael Nganga

    I still hate Conte for letting deigo go

  17. Asyraf Kamil

    Can he speaks in english?How to command & lead the defence?

    1. Karin Molund

      No I don't think so

  18. King Tshilobo

    He’s finally playing tomorrow. I’m really excited for Chelsea this year. And doesn’t he look like Paulo Costa the UFC fighter? But the way he fights this weekend against Israel...

  19. Official Fergz


  20. C FC

    Kepa Azpilicueta Tomori Thiago Alosnso Jorginho Kovacic Kante Havertz Werner Mount

  21. Gift Kelvin

    Oooh is it possible to understand a language and being unable to speak it!!?

  22. Ben Justice

    Tiago knows his stuff


    He will defintely make our defence better

  24. Hery Manullang

    Chelsea captain...

  25. Chris Phillips

    Long ball. Hes been watching Liverpool then

  26. Chinmay Joshi

    Can’t help but admire his mentality

  27. G-unit

    Lol 😂 he violated the premiere league and he’s kinda right

  28. Big_nhssy

    Mata saved us in the final 2012 that corner kick isn’t talked about enough

  29. Med ELM

    I think He will play better with Chelsea than PSG (like Tadic when he came to Ajax )

  30. Mamedou Faye


  31. Samsung Saracen

    Why not 442 tommorrow? . Giroud Batshuyai . CHO Kovacic Kante James . Chilwell Thiago Tomori Azpilicuetta . Caballero Subs: Werner Havertz RLC Mount Barkley Zouma Rudiger Kepa

  32. allou monant

    ower abramovitsj chelsea suport israel very bad chelsea will finisch bad

  33. Stefan Rogers


  34. Bla Bla Chelsea

    Thiago is like a Mexican narco of hollywood

  35. Gidion g.q.w.m_6ix9ine


    1. Nesta Marley N

      Who cares is not a British if u think speaking English make u intelligent then keep being proud for speaking someone's language

  36. Melissa Lytton

    Why no goal against Man utd in top 10

  37. Norman Nel

    One question you guys. How is he going to communicate with the rest of the team? 😓

  38. Munya Chatupa

    Let's go get them Thiago!

  39. Ncedo Nhlengethwa

    he knows how to speak English, I went to school with him.

  40. justasoftie

    Doesn't he speak any English?

  41. Success Edughaen

    Great thiago Silva with Experian..Will are Chelsea 💙💙💙

  42. Izdore Theo

    Go go amigo

  43. Ubermelon

    A very honest and professional interview. He comes across and very determined and very intelligent. The perfect character to grab a game by the scruff of the neck when things are looking bad

  44. safwan zidan

    Stupid that u made a crazy contracts and forgot the disastrous goalkeeping

  45. Cameron Hendrickson

    Can’t wait for him, chilwell and mendy to strengthen us at the back with pulisic Werner Ziyech our front three so exciting

  46. Tony ade

    come on chelsea, jangan seperti kemarin pas lawan liverpool.

  47. michael murillo

    I just hopes he learns how to speak english.

  48. 재후후 TV

    ZOUMA & Silva completion of strong wall But KEPA ... PLEASE.. please...🔥

  49. Péter Váraljai

    tiago silva jo CB

  50. Jonathan Peralta

    El chelsea me deseciono pense q iba hacer un partido mas apretado tanta fichas para nada ... espero q mejoren porq si sigue jugando asi no va a ganar nada

  51. Kassim Ismail

    Nice to hear this new about silva making his first deburt to Chelsea tommorow

  52. Pete K

    No highlights here

  53. Steve Cahalane

    He will marshall our defense with his technique and vast experience... He looks great for 36, and im sure we'll be a better defensive outfit because of him and Chilwell... I'd pair him with Zouma with Tomori as back up... Christensen and/or Rudiger out... When we get our natural wingers back (Pulisic and Ziyech), Havertz will go in attacking midfield with Kante and Kova in the engine room... And finally Mendy between the sticks, then we'll see what Chelsea are all about... They've had a poor unconvincing start in their first 2 games... We need to play Silva and maybe Pulisic against Barmsley to get them blooded in before our game away to West Brom over the weekend.

  54. haris siddiqi

    Would've loved luiz and him in the back.

  55. Michael Ekpe

    Can’t remember the last time we had a player speak with such leadership other than the terry days!

  56. Bayu Sadewa

    Kepa assist

  57. Bhagawati Acharya

    Ooooo thiagooo silvaaaa

  58. Mc Comedy

    Welcome Thiago ........always the blues

  59. yusuf suryana

    ayoo tiago cepat maen lah ku tunggu yaa .. god luck tiago silva

  60. Elton j.

    Ooooooo thiago silava ooooo thiago silva 🎵🎶🎵🎶

  61. Liam

    What a well spoken bloke, exited to see him in action. 🙏🏻

  62. Wahyu Hidayat

    Lol kepa, kick

  63. speed breaker v3#sikkim 0.3ver

    Lets beleive in our team we will be in top lets all beleive in team chelsea ☝☝☝

  64. Ustatpreet Singh Ahuja

    What an interview lad straight up goosebump territory 👌🏻

  65. M3lmen

    he still looks so young ... i belive he can help us so much :)

  66. Papa Lommo

    Giggs and Ronaldo need more run in the field when they still play with they age they have.. T Silva is CB less run to all the pitch and he like Ronaldo no cigarette no alcohol home to work work to home.. He still can play like young player until 40..

  67. Rajay Reid

    Let's go blues

  68. Ceeeej_99

    Age is not a number for Thiago Silva, he’s still fit and an important player for PSG last year. He’s a GARGANTUAN signing for this club and exactly what we need! COME ON YOU BLUES

  69. Cabdullaahi Xaashi


  70. phsychomonkey

    Wow great a captain who can't speak English

  71. Sarthak Shakya

    Ohhh!!!! THIAGO SILVA

  72. Papa Lommo

    I hope u can adapt pl gameplay. The very senior player in the world to be the key of Chelsea success in the back in this 1-2 years coming.

  73. Rajay Reid

    Let's go blues 4-0

  74. Sarthak Shakya

    He is good perfect and a leader at everything except for his english

  75. NavyRider 93

    Those UK sport journalists always asking about English league speed, come on guys, any quality football player can handle such speed, it is not a big deal. Look how good James is doing so far!

  76. Wisanusan Phakchan