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  1. Frank

    What Movie is this? If it even is?

  2. Daniel Barnett

    I'm so confused as to what constitutes the cross section of people that would watch this and also dislike it. Like, who are you? And why are there 13k of you? For example, my mom wouldn't like this video but she also wouldn't watch it.

  3. 187Guitarplayer

    Where have the PowerRangers been to prevent this from happening?

  4. Jociele Lopez


  5. Daniel Garduno

    Love how BMTH switches it up every album, this one is going to be more Covidcore!

  6. Christian X Molina

    Mood rn everything going to shit but im happy and at peace

  7. TorchicFTW

    Why yungbuld lookin like shark boy with red hair

  8. Juandi Sánchez

    Han pasado muchos años y no puedo describir lo vivo que me ha hecho sentir esta canción

  9. Adolf Hitler

    Remind me not to bite yung blud

  10. Jeffrey Arsenault

    Is it just me, or is that the same armor from Chronicles of Riddick?

  11. NOMADIC THE 1st

    1. NOMADIC THE 1st


  12. Praise Murambiwa

    This song is insanely good but extremely underrated. But it’s still good 👏🏾👏🏾

  13. Jill Bayn

    I have to dance to

  14. Jill Bayn

    It's awesome

  15. NOMADIC THE 1st

    this ain't got shit on stevie wonders, this is basically pop

  16. Gary T. snail

    As soon as I saw two big robots and saw it was those two I was like “they’re gay” and I was fucking right 😭😂

  17. Wall Yoof

    Bring me the horizon with another banger. So underrated. I don’t understand how can artists like stormy can headline Glastonbury but these dudes can’t.

  18. zelda magdragnelli

    Por que no hacen conciertos asi en Chile? aqui hay puras grabaciones de telefono que suenan mal, desearia escucharlos en vivo jjjjj.

  19. Callum Tilsed

    Has to be to this day one of the greatest pieces of music to watch and listen to, I still can’t get over how amazing this sounds in 2020

  20. Ben Div


  21. James Moynihan


  22. Aaminah Mesias

    This song is 7 years old and I've just heard it

  23. tor

    i listened to this w my roommate on acid and the shift of my brain after that trip was so beautiful i feel like i processed so much and came to understand things that i knew but just hadn’t clicked properly - this sound isn’t for everyone but those who do like it, we’re cut from the same cloth and i feel connected to u

  24. tor

    also really wish i could find out who painted the artwork i’ve tried looking it up and couldn’t find an answer

  25. Rikk Hyo


  26. red hollow

    this is something I would listen to

  27. Syd Sides

    Literally Bakugo and Kirishima

  28. Kristine

    yungblood is a combo of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious u love it

  29. Hannah Campbell2001

    I loved this way more then the video Itself lol

  30. Daniel

    Let's play a game, 2 lines in the lyrics description are wrong. Which ones do they gotta fix?

  31. tsuki _:P

    0:40 empieza y imaginate a bakugo cantando :v

  32. mrKozmoz

    Looks like that Necromonger armor from Chronicles of Riddick is still floating around

  33. Harry Lee

    Such a good fucking start but it’s spoiled by his voice

  34. Fred

    great song but too much techno for me, breakdown was sick tho...another song like pray for plague please :)

  35. Kanał Zamknięty

    Jao ktoś ma problemy to warto pójść do psychologa, psychiatry, zadzwonić na telefon zaufania czy poszukać innej formy pomocy. Nic sobie przede wszystkim nie róbcie, jeśli wasze życie jest aktualnie złe, pamiętajcie że nie więcie co przyniesie jutro I może być po prostu lepiej. Nie poddawajcie się, popełniając samobójstwo odbieracie sobie możliwość lepszego życia które keidys nastąpi. Powodzenia wam życzę

  36. Kanał Zamknięty

    If someone have problems is worth going to a psychologist, psychiatrist, calling the phone or looking for another form of help. I know that someone may have an unpleasant memory related to the people mentioned above, but in the end you will find a good person, and it is worth looking for such a person because he can help best


    so... is this where call of duty modern warfare (new one) got the kreuger skin concept? @0:09 just wondering lol

  38. Fade Woo

    tripl red ?

  39. ム刀ム刀りリキノズムレ

    My idol oli sykes From indonesia 🇮🇩

  40. alessandra


  41. Chronosin

    my dad used to play this when i was 7, good times

  42. Tobi Woods

    3:17 Dom's face

  43. Oscar Vc

    Smiling Oli Sykes OMG :0 \m/


    how have I heard this song before???? like in my childhood???? tf it only came out last year right

  45. Alice Urie

    3:04 Me when I listen rock music (always)

  46. reasons for you


  47. John Garcia

    I honestly just wtf

  48. NoLimitRider

    Hi lisa ☺️

  49. On3y3

    hahahaha the end ! ☺☺☺

    1. eioshen boboi

      Oli Sykes With YUNGBLUD - Obey (feat. Bring Me The Horizon)

  50. Deomondes Santez

    1st time hearing this , major chills , wow what a song

  51. Mitsuki dugas


  52. Loki Kuroi

    Why does Oli have one of those night light touch lamps on his groin? xD yungblud dude really took a dive back into 90s fashion. entertaining :)

  53. renaissent

    whoever did the visuals for this video deserves an award, they were INCREDIBLE!!!!

  54. DanielFromSalem

    Imagine walking to the store and seeing 2 big robots making out


    his raspy voice>>>

  56. Matthew Snyder

    Good to see, Oli isn't done screaming yet, love this song, and the vid!

  57. Mato Hrdlicka

    matt nicholls looks like jschlatt in this video

  58. Moxie

    Hi, I'm a new youtuber & a blacksmith, whoever reads this, if you wanna leave feedback for my works I'd be interested in reading it<3

  59. Moxie

    Hi, I'm a new youtuber & a blacksmith, whoever reads this, if you wanna leave feedback for my works I'd be interested in reading it<3

  60. Sofia Semanková


  61. John Michael Mondilla

    Band of the year.

  62. Kai Narukami

    Why do I see no comments about the fact that Oli's robot is wearing the armor from Chronicles of Riddick? The armor necromongers wore? Like Vaako [AKA Carl Urban]. Love the song, but now my headcanon is this exists in a strange riddick timeline

  63. Hoo air


  64. Lewis

    Remind me... why does this song still have an age restriction?

  65. dani martinez

    omg! it´s forest whitaker! this is awesome!

  66. Mohamad Nematy

    WooooooooW Was the best song

  67. francisca mendez

    :( sad

  68. francisca mendez

    Justo en el kora

  69. Roman XD

    en la parte de yungblud es la única en la que se ve bien las líneas blancas alrededor XD

  70. Skeptical Slim

    I'm blasting this in my headphones in my hospital room after I tested positive for Covid, screaming "THIS IS A WAAAAR!"

  71. Lee Hunter

    This music will live on forever 💙

  72. Monserrat López

    Love yunblud

  73. Monserrat López


  74. Jose Rodríguez

    One of the greatest creative content I've seen lately and an awesome example of collaboration. Well done guys, I love it

  75. Sascha

    bro, i cannot deal with these comments they're all like "Well, i have REAL depression, compared to blah blah blah" "This is real music because blah blah blah" like, get over yourself??? you're not better than anyone and everyone is valid.

  76. bihin zuhri


  77. 123 ABC

    This band obviously knows this pandumbic is a hoax!

    1. Gizem Sayir

      I think you mean pandemic

  78. Autisticated Fox

    I never thought cheerleading would sound badass til' I heard this.🤘🤘

  79. egemen kilic

    i know the father from somewhere

  80. Jesmus

    I'm a huge fanboy of count your blessings album, suicide season and there is a hell... but this has something to it that I wouldn't mind hearing more of ;)