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  1. Gary Gagnon

    Dallas was the far better team tonight.

  2. KalKenobi83

    His injury hurt us

  3. john hill

    This is what happens when the Tampa Lightning plays suck ass defense. Just abysmal. They haven't learned anything from their playoff experience in the earlier games. Ryan McDonnaugh is the absolutely worst defenseman to play in the NHL. He ought to just go home and cut ice for his home city because he hasn't done any good for the Lightning all year.He just Sucks so why does he have an alternate capt letter on his jersey ?

  4. Silly Goose

    Does the best team win the Cup? Hard to say. The playoffs are a war of attrition, so depth is important, as is luck. It also boils down to goaltending, ultimately. Oh, and coaching. Much respect the non-star Star players for stepping up. It's gonna be a great series!

  5. Silly Goose

    Corey Perry's whole existence is a Dang-It

  6. Кирилл Перваков

    только свой же защ. может забить худобину и то с "нарушением правил")

  7. M C

    Chudobin reminds me of Tim Thomas in 2011 Playoffs

  8. Adam Smith

    Maroon just idiot

  9. Ben Scanlon

    The Handoff will always be the greatest hoist ever. Nothing will ever top that. Captain always hoists first, but classy Sakic handed it straight to Bourque after he fought so hard for so many years. That's a story I'm gonna tell my kids.

  10. Chr Jal

    Oh yeah, Dallas is winning :D

  11. Kev Kratz

    puck over the glass should be treated like icing, defensive zone face-off and you don't get your line change, simple as that

  12. Ethano L’ebreo

    That’s not a suspension sure it’s a r*t*rd move but it wasn’t gonna hurt anyone. A slap on the wrist and the 10 minute misconduct is good enough

  13. steve combs

    Stupid move. Over emotional and reactionary stunts like that screw your team.

  14. Jonathan Frimerman

    Summer night vs Winter night How ironic?

  15. Happy Trails

    tampa home ice i dont understand

  16. Iso Lammas

    What s dumbfuck

  17. Pahan77 Ffff

    Даллас молодцы играют в агрессивно атакующий хоккей только так можно победить техничную Тампу

  18. Reid Wright

    Can’t handle the fake crowd sounds! BOO

  19. Nathan Kam

    Chris Cuthbert should replace Jim Hughson as Sportsnet's main play by play announcer.

  20. Rescue Captain Bob

    Dallas in 6.....Amazed to hear you pick the Stars and in 6 also!!

  21. Chimeratech8

    Loved him in EDM but bush league move by him. Doubt he gets a suspension in the Finals though.

  22. Гашек

    Тоха красавец 🔥🔥🔥🦙🦙🦙

  23. PeteOnFire

    Does he think his son would love to see that? Cmon man...

  24. second wave

    Rick Bowness deserves a Cup, I think he's coached almost every team in the league. I'll be so happy for him if he wins. Seems like a really good guy too.

  25. Diego

    I know my baseball better than any other sport. the genius Montoyo must go !!! His IQ is so low. Can't even stand the guy stand in there. Schneider must be the new manager. All these kids played for this guy in AAA. Montoyo go're not qualify. Go back to Tampa......

  26. Click Hub

    After watching the entire playoffs; I have come to the conclusion that Victor Hedman is tall.

  27. Anuar Saifulin

    Khudobin - cheater. Dobbie's unreal game.

    1. Александр Мягких

      So he's not human. You didn't know? We assembled Dobby at the factory where we make Kalashnikov.


    Hahahahaha xD

  29. Tim Smith

    Ol kwief really went off the rails when his wife divorced him and he had to move back in his mom's basement

  30. Delta927 Canadien-français

    Yes it should be a penalty because you can’t have the refs decide if it’s intentional, that will only bring more controversy

  31. Delta927 Canadien-français

    10:13 « that’s a dang-it »

  32. Neil Perry

    It just proves that marchand is a COWARD!!!!! and he'll keep doing it till he is either banned for a whole season. That should cool his ardour and maybe he'll grow up a bit or get a backbone.

  33. Снежная Фея

    гол Тампы это капец какой то😳недоразумение блин😐считаю что Антон сделал сухаря😂😂😂👍

  34. 29moons

    Dang! Vegas losing in O.T. on a penalty call (good or bad) again. I see a trend.

  35. Alexey Shitenkov

    Никогда не думал, что буду болеть за Даллас

    1. КОМПОТ

      Весь сезон болел за Даллас, Нью-йорк рен., и Тампу!!!

    2. Снежная Фея

      ага я тоже😀а теперь прям как за родных переживаю🙈🙆

  36. Jeffrey Adams

    Thinking of the leafs.......I know, I know, sad......can anyone imagine them coming close to either of these teams? Now that’s sad.

  37. B1gg3st Blu3s Fan

    Jim hughson is such a boring commentator, he sounds like he is never excited. They should give someone else the job of commentating in the finals

    1. Nathan Kam

      I thought it was gonna be Chris Cuthbert tonight since he already was in Edmonton since the Qualifiers. But they instead told him to leave the bubble so they get Jim to fly over from Toronto.

  38. Руслан Болдырев

    Тампа!!! Ты чё это? Неужели сдулись? Давай, давай Тампа, соберись! Чашка рядом!!

    1. Снежная Фея

      жалко что 2 кубка не дают😂я бы разделила,обе команды заслуживают ,даже не знаю за кого больше переживаю😳

  39. Sam I am

    3:17 front teeth out - ugh

  40. Neil Perry

    March and, deserved what he deserved after the crap he pulls. He has to hit from behind because he's a coward!

  41. DriZkaL23

    Trash play. Great job igniting a fire under the entire Dallas bench there Maroon. RIP

  42. cash mone

    I hate the oleksiak trade as a pens fan

  43. Георгий Фёдоров

    let's go stars!

  44. Scott Langley

    By the letter of the law, it's a penalty. This is nothing a rule change can't fix.

  45. Best game I’ve ever played

  46. scoldingwhisper

    huge telecommunications company, game one of the stanley cup finals. uploaded in 720p... makes sense

  47. Геральт из Ривии

    Tampa need Point and Stamkos

  48. виктор коледин

    В матче Динамо - Салават Юлаев, зеленые выиграли)

  49. Евгений Смех

    Oh, these Russians make you worry

  50. Jacobymans

    Nobody cares about this series

  51. Michael Montagna

    Oh you've heard about the lumber shortage? I jumped into a swamped deck store a few months ago and now I make sales. I spend my time watching hockey and dealing with these shortages. Real wood sucks tho, and I'm not a fan of the way canadians say composite.

  52. Benito !

    I hope a.bunch of stars key players get hurt so they are on teams

    1. Tuomo Rannanpää

      Kiviranta was replacement for Andrew Cogliano. Where´s Tampas rookie to replace Stamkos?

    2. VikingLias Mjolnir

      Lol Stamkos is a no show in the playoffs anyways, not Dallas fault he's made of glass.

  53. Civil Brawl

    Makar could win cause he plays for a competitive team like Mackinnon winning the Byng trophy yet Hughes shows his skills like Pettersson did last year

  54. Benito !

    Trash team doesnt even belong in finals with its trash city and fan base

  55. Kane From Milton


  56. Tik Fung

    This might cost you a Stanley Cup

  57. Андрей А

    Cowboys & Aliens 4:1

  58. Jonny Snipes

    They should have never introduced that Michigan goal into this game. It’s bad enough with the annoying glitch goals this game has already. Can you imagine how many times someone going to score that stupid Michigan goal in a game? I hope not many

  59. Potty The Parrot

    Dallas’s 3rd and 4th line always works so hard.

  60. Mike S

    This doesn’t even feel like the Stanley Cup.

    1. An Evolving Ape

      @12OclockLow You should admit you''re an absolute loser.

    2. 12OclockLow

      ​@An Evolving ApeI imagined it. Now what?

    3. An Evolving Ape

      Imagine whining about playoff hockey.

    4. Baji Kimran

      No, but it does taste and smell like the Stanley Cup.

  61. Ethan Noel

    Shocker. Maroon is such a child.

  62. Costas Georgiou

    Is kiviranta just the GOAT now or what

  63. Panzerkampfwagen VII Maus

    Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus in 4

  64. masssification

    Tampa are such sore losers... They think they're the best ever, so when they lose they act like babies. So pathetic! Go home

  65. Makotroid

    Don't know what's more impressive, Dobby continuing his resurgent career... Or Vasi proving he's not clutch.

  66. evol1

    it was a 10 minute misconduct not a game misconduct, and he just flipped the puck... wouldn't have hurt anyone... but whiners will be whiners...

  67. david hill

    I want us to get good so bad for this guy, all effort and talent.

  68. JMart

    Are tampa players that much sore losers?! Hit the box for 10. That’s smart.

  69. Neil Goldring

    Bobby Orr made the All Star team???? I find that hard to believe. Lol There's like 7000 pts sitting at that table!!!!!

  70. Matt Hewlett

    That's a dangit.

  71. Zach Raimy

    Lighting were tierwwwed.

  72. Jarryd

    Stone cold killer

  73. second wave

    Honestly, never cared for Bettman, but kudos to him for pulling off the COVID CUP. I never thought it could be done as well as it has been.

  74. dmsims

    Dallas in 6

  75. MrHookernugget

    Maroon was going easy on them. It's not like he ended their entire playoff run, yet.

  76. Jacob Wright

    Dallas is on fire 🔥

  77. Terrence Lopez

    What a punk.

  78. second wave

    Islanders fan here . . . Go Dallas!

    1. Crimsonfang

      Was hoping it would be Stars vs Islanders. Islanders taking the cup would be far less disappointing to me

    2. Eternal Star 2401

      second wave I never like to see guys get hurt, but I'll admit y'all tired them out for this one

    3. second wave

      @Eternal Star 2401 You owe us one too for beating up on them a bit to tire them out. They took a lot of hits from the Isles. Play them hard the Cup will be yours!

    4. Eternal Star 2401

      Thank you!

  79. WT

    Tired Tampa vs rested Dallas. Kind of stupid how they don't give the teams a break in between series. Makes for boring hockey as you can clearly see everyone is bagged out there. Far from there full potentials for both teams.

    1. Eternal Star 2401

      They're trying to get these teams out of the bubble asap, Lightning will look much better on Monday

  80. robert babb

    Reaves goon