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  1. Shawn Ferenczy

    I can't like this video enough

  2. Zapdite

    So just so I am aware of the standards that sportsnet has, which seems to be none, this was a GOTTA SEE IT thrilling overtime, with exactly 3 shots on goal and only about 4 great chances. With the most exciting player in this setting not playing. Cool. Thanks for wasting my time.


    They got paid before they played. Sidney Crosby has heart and 3 cups and Alex Ovechkin probably has 2 hearts and 50 goals every season. Thats the problem

  4. Tyler Phillips

    It was definitely embellished but not a complete dive

  5. Peter Chairelli

    Looks clean. Keep your head up

  6. Dave L

    Leafs are garbage watch raptors

  7. Paul Turzio

    Wouldn't it be great if no one attended an Astro game the entire year and they played to an empty house? Ahh, to dream.

  8. Dman 777

    patrick kane is score

  9. Leonard Szubinski

    Good on Brad "the Aardvark" Marchand! The dirtiest player in the NHL!

  10. Andrew

    It’s sad to see that because usually this guy is super careful about this type of stuff... hopefully he didn’t fully mean to and thought the other player was on his way into the boards and didn’t know he was going to stop.

  11. Alexander Jones

    The hunt... for Red October

  12. HARC

    No goal duh

  13. Rational Thinker

    OEL put himself in a vulnerable position and got creamed.

  14. joshioaz85

    Unnecessary, u got karma coming Benn

  15. Chris P Bacon

    Gorton has some tough decisions to make, If the Rangers win their next 2, This is going down to the deadline.

  16. HARC

    Insane dive redonculouse

  17. 15% Battery

    Ekman-Larsson turned his back right at the very last second tho and Benn was already commited to the hit..... 5K and 2 game suspension -Tops......

  18. Josh Braun

    Did anyone see that slewfoot on Giroux from Kucherov in the Lightning game? No? Just me?

  19. Grant Chow

    Leafs play hockey like its a video game. They don't understand real hockey teams that win forecheck, back check and play hard. They play "shinny hockey" and hope they out score the other team. Skill will only get you so far, they have no will.

  20. Гашек

    Игорь молодец! 💥💥💥

  21. Jerrythecoo

    These kids are young and we’re seeing the “ pain” that Babs mentioned when he was first hired..................... it takes time to mold talent,............ be nice if it was overnight,....... the Leafs have a lot to learn and pain to live with!.................... welcome to the NHL!!!!!

  22. Neil Sanderson

    Soft as a babys bottom ARZ

  23. Sam Welsh

    way to start the playoffs

  24. Tom Brady

    Imagine watching your captain get crushed from behind and not even sticking up for him. I just lost a ton of respect for Arizona

  25. Nn Dd

    Correa is an a$$ Altuve is a giant asterisk Bregman is just a beezie. His face looks sad while he says sorry and takes in millions. Go away, buttholeZ.

    1. Nn Dd

      Verlander took the check

  26. VipexSB YT

    That is so dumb

  27. Cinnaticondors official Is Pretty Lit

    We traded him for a 5th....

  28. Nn Dd

    I'm excited for this American Greed episode.

  29. Tim Eboy


  30. Stan Halen

    Kinda surprised the goal the Leafs allowed after the Pens killed a 5-3 didn't make the cut

  31. Steve Bartlett

    The Leafs may be off, you two guys aren't.

  32. Potty The Parrot

    Wes Did this with Brady and Matt now he did it with Dylan and Ryan

  33. Kevin Crabtree

    This organization will not wait 10 years for the leafs to figure it out after those bloated contracts were signed.

  34. Angelo M

    he turned at the last second, not Benns fault.

  35. Kevin McGuire

    Why isn’t Ian Cole giving Grubauer a concussion in the stadium series game not in this video?

  36. Sean Booher

    I literally LOL'd watching Marchand's helmet go flying.

  37. Big Bear Bob

    I'd rather be a Sabres fan than a leafs fan.

  38. Casparus Kruger

    Oh man, is this guy annoying..

  39. Freedomfixer


  40. Tyler Imp


  41. Kevin Crabtree

    Sid is 100% correct

  42. Nikolas DeNicola

    LGR. That’s how we do it boys.

  43. Shawn Simmons

    But what did the Capitals do to win? Tried everything for years and eventually hit on a winning lineup. Be patient Leafs

  44. Tha4thLetterr

    That's atleast 4 games right there..

  45. Rick Nelson

    It's a dive. Plain and simple.

  46. AG sniper

    He didn’t go backwards it just looks like that because of the camera angle

  47. Numb Nutz

    Maybe throw them a couple of million dollars more to entice them to play " at a higher level". I mean it isn't like they are the highest paid in the league. Who could be expected to put out a 60 minute effort for a measly 7 to 13 million dollars.

  48. Иван Романов

    Idiot's Benn !!

  49. Jim H

    Only thing missing was his head still inside the helmet!😂

  50. 777Cobretti

    yea how do you improve this team in the shorter period that Elliot claims when most your cap is tied up in Charmin soft players

  51. milton steele

    when your"super star" player doesn't elevate the play of your team then he is really a superstar player?

  52. Jeff McDowell

    Take your hat off at the dinner table you pigeon.

  53. AG sniper

    It’s a dive

  54. Trevor Pierce

    Captain gets obliterated head first into the glass Coyotes do absolutely nothing lmao

  55. Brennen Johnson

    Benn was mad about the hot last game and no one on Zona wants to mess with Benn. Can’t blame them.

  56. 3lm3rfudd

    So dumb. Perfectly defend against a hit and they're mad lol Ridiculous!

  57. Jordan Ulbrich


  58. Shawn Simmons

    Average age 24

  59. Stoat Ski

    Jamie Benn is a dumpster fire


    That’s a brutal knockout hit. He should get suspended for this

  61. BeastKiller J

    On the panarin shootout goal if you look at the high camera you can see that it is a sideway motion not backwards there are also side camera angles that you can clearly see he was moving to the side not backwards

  62. Ryan Misiewicz

    Bread Man gets paid

  63. SupremePrestige

    Why did OEL turn away like that though??? Oh I know to try to bait Benn in for a penalty. When I played hockey I learned to protect myself OEL put himself in a horrible position. I guess thats the way the Europeans play though (not ALL but a vast majority are soft and have no clue how to protect themselves, fantastic skills though).

  64. Daryl Curry

    I know Benn is a beast but Cmon someone stand up for Captain.

  65. BenBen_4

    I kinda feel bad

  66. Alex Lobza

    🖕🏻 U jennie and your 💩 team!

  67. Alberta Cookie

    A dirty play for benn

  68. Jacob Kilpatrick

    Although it suck OEL got hurt on the play, Arizona fans must've forgot the elbow to the head from OEL to Jamie Benn back in December that drew no penalty. It's okay if you forgot, because Jamie sure didn't. Although I don't wanna see another player get hurt, OEL deserved to get lit up by Benn!

  69. Tim Wallace

    no respect for each other. bring back the enforcers the league doesnt want to deal with it.

  70. sean l

    Disgusting no reason to follow through or even lay that hit

  71. pooch

    He stole Jamie’s ketchup chips

  72. Raging Reagan

    These guys are in the NHL: don’t know how to protect themselves???

  73. David Pilgrim

    Tough when your rushing in for the puck and the guy turns hard to lay off at that point

    1. medhatalberta

      Jamie Benn can deflect pucks traveling ~100 mph from 40-50 feet away. He has tremendous reaction time. Once his arms are on the back of his jersey there is no need to extend them. Plenty of time to not finish that.

  74. NYRGaming30

    Staal and Trouba looking like 80 year olds

  75. Austin Hammond

    OEL took his ketchup chips.

  76. Jai Kohaal

    That extended arm... the knee... Jesus

  77. HockeyBlitz 303

    I'll never shed a tear if Benn is t-boned by a drunk driver

    1. SupremePrestige

      Lol you're cool dude. Real tough wishing something like that on someone else....MAYBE just maybe, it will happen to you.

  78. ErickFerReal

    Gloves off! Immediately

  79. Madhouse

    You’re beautiful bread man

  80. John Armstrong SES/CIA Whistleblower

    Check the curve of his blade!

  81. Nikolas DeNicola

    Should’ve been a match penalty

  82. Paul Gaasenbeek

    I have been consistent with this idea; the Leafs are going nowhere so they need to make some smart moves. I think getting rid of Matthews would be good for this team. He plays 0 defense and he wont resign with the Leafs when the time comes. He has also been injured a lot so I would trade him now for some good prospects on the back end, some pics or just a high end defense-man playing now. I would also consider trading Tavares if not Matthews. He has been dreadful on the back end and seems to offer little leadership to this group. They need that 11 million plus to build a stronger team. Now, they have no grit or toughness or defense. I actually turned the Buffalo game off after watching a Sabre go into the corner with 4 Leafs watching and standing still. This is just a badly built team as they stand. They can score so they can do without one of their 11 million dollar men. They are near dead last in the league in defense so they need a huge upgrade there and that will not come with trading people like Kap. Curious to see what happens but Matthews value has never been higher and may never be higher so if they know he will not resign after this contract or are worried about him being injured or just not happy with his defensive work, why not trade him now. They are going nowhere anyway. Maybe they could in the future???

  83. masvindu

    I get the call, but to be fair, Benn was already committed to a semi clean hit, Larsson just stopped and turned at the wrong moment and there was little Benn could do. Still, a risky hit to begin with, just not as bad as it might seem at first.

    1. masvindu

      @Jared Harper Yeah maybe your right. To be fair I never got to actually play hockey so it is tough to gauge what is and is not feasible. Tough one for me.

    2. Jared Harper

      Im dont agree, i think he could have commited to a pin against the boards. Instead once benn makes contact with his back he extends his arms and pushes his head into the boards, and that could have easily been avoided

  84. Ian Radford

    man if only mcdavid was there....

  85. vinyl79

    Do the leafs know how to bodycheck and fight ?

    1. Chris Kreager

      Hockey is about scoring goals. You can’t hit your way to a Cup

  86. Tyler Garza

    Yikes that’s a bad play by Benn...

  87. Rafael Binyaminov

    Chicago Blackhawks GM feeling salty for giving artemi away

    1. Mac Stephens

      Every single hawks fan hates bowman(the gm)

    2. Brett Donaghue

      Dang, I totally forgot Panarin played for Chicago... Yikes.

  88. Icy Paradox


  89. Thomas Muscheck

    Wear football helmets and body armor.. might be gunshots from the stands.. with all the open carry zealots who lost many a bet along the way. Should be made to repay their entire 2016 salaries. Suspend the whole team for 2020 season.

  90. J Kyle


  91. pseliver *

    Хуя он залепил

  92. Rafael Binyaminov

    I wonder who won the game

  93. Pompsie

    Breadman babbyyyyy!!!!

  94. Blackgold1155

    Steve in rare form this time! Btw that was 109% a dive.

  95. Dan Bogardo

    It’s a dive. He faked a head injury when his head never hit the ice. The Rangers goal should not have counted, he stopped forward progress. Shoot out goals not reviewed I guess?

  96. Scott Becker

    We should never have gotten rid of him.

    1. Luke A

      No we shouldn't have.

  97. al raguc

    At least he is finding success behind a microphone. He did not find much with a hockey stick his hand. 22 points in over 200 career games.

  98. Dust Devil

    Sorri El Matador Sid... Brock out of the top six forwards has ranked 4th 5th n 6th in performance nightly. Not even that good on some night's. 8 weeks is serious so hoping for the best for him but the team has won as a team with special props to trader Jim for the impact Myers and Miller have had legitimizing and solidifying the team lineup . Toffoli is the same style pro and this team will fire on it. Markstrom will still have to stand on his head but what cup team doesn't need to have that to win it all.

  99. Vincent Hoebeke

    Julian did nothing wrong, this is coming from a guy who normally strongly dislikes Julian and the Habs. Also: NO GOAL!!!

  100. Ken H

    I’m from the future...Red Wings sweep the Habs tomorrow.