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  17. sebastian ortega

    reading comments... is not just the cast, is the entire script, is just an awful series

  18. Letícia Trevisan

    este filme é perfeito, invistam em mais filmes cristãos!!! ❤️🙌🏻

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  20. M knight

    CSsel telling outright lies again with the dislikes and likes

  21. Femboy Hooters

    This: is named Jupiter’s legacy Also this: not Roman mythology

  22. Jessica M

    the funniest thing on that documentary that gets me is im one of three sisters, the oldest and all three of us are bisexual lmaooo

  23. Rivyn Daniel

    cant wait

  24. Yanni Almonte


  25. Diana López

    OMG! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  26. voodoo2130

    Leon to Claire in Degeneration:” Next time we bump into each other, let’s hope it’s some place.. a little more normal “. *Cue them meeting in the White House.*

  27. ManuMiAS

    they better put Milla Jovovich in this one too!

  28. jesukryz playz

    Wait.. at the end theres a robot whos not attacking.. COULD THERE BE A HELPER (i also saw him next to them when the soda hit)

  29. Lindajoy

    is that a rubiks cube

  30. Stephon Vidal

    afro samurai?

  31. John Wayne

    History is not for us to judge, it's for us to learn from so that we can move forward. The left loves to criticize history and have the arrogance to believe that we are better than what came before, yet they use history when it benefits their narrative. This documentary is a foul piece of propaganda from corporate leftists at Netflix. You are not being told the whole truth.

  32. Geovannie Rivera

    It's funny how leon and claire look like they barely age even though they're in their 40's.

  33. jesukryz playz

    Netflix: we own this film Me a year ago: yesnt

  34. Gabriell Valentino

    could you pick up "Early Swallows" tv series from Ukranian to make it global? good teen series like Elite. So many peoples want to watch them but it cant, even not have english subtitle

  35. marielyn signature

    Japanese don't like.better english movie

  36. S S


  37. Wicktown Entertainment.

    Definitely Has The Exaggerated Swagger Of The Modern Black Teen

  38. mel

    I'm convinced everyone has an uncle kevin and every uncle kevin is just like him

  39. İrem Nur Özer

    Hayatımda izlediğim en saçma dizi herkes birbiri ile yatıyor.

  40. سولطان بن سعيد

    فخر العرب نتفليكس

  41. Achika Han

    im so stressed and depressed it makes me tired, i am tired of people who keeps on talking bad about me im tired of the body shaming i've got, i am sick of the sexualy abusive i've experience. Sick of broken family and broken relationship 😭 God only knows how much pain i am holding. I know God will never leave me a sinner ♥️ May God bless you

  42. Queen M


  43. iSlidxr

    An anime series would be pretty sick too tbh.

  44. Mariana Jiménez Ramírez


  45. Scenic Fights

    So hyped for this. Leon S. Kennedy will forever be the best Resident Evil character. 2 and 4 are top tier.

  46. Jonatica Lovatica

    1:29 .. BEYONCE IS THAT YOU????

    1. Lynn Sabinash Arnold


  47. Mariana Jiménez Ramírez

    Elite: Quieres mas triangulos amorosos???????? Yo: ehhh no, creo que no Elite: Khé khomo k no????? TOMO AHI MAS TRIANGULOS AMOROSOS

  48. Haridas S


  49. Jime Luk

    Awesome God Bless

  50. Cole Paintner

    Officially a proud Netflix Subscriber.

  51. Pa Modou Korita

    Allah Hu Akbarr Ya Allah is great 🙌

  52. Lindi Jackson

    watch below deck but for sure a season with kate chastain

  53. Vurkxis Wuzox

    Techies Be like: "What's Happening?!!"

  54. Azure Tiger

    How is it I can watch a dozen RE playthroughs and just find out about this now? YT is slacking.

  55. Mel L

    She looks so much like rosamund pike lol.

  56. MATT-AT 3000

    I can't wait for this & the reboot film set in Raccoon City, I'm so hyped as the Alice story before seriously ruined it all for us :/

  57. Diana Michelle Bana

    I'm soooo excited for this! 😊😊😊

  58. Garri M Eremyan II


  59. Milan Gaspar

    It’s not even on the Netflix wtf

  60. Garri M Eremyan II


  61. Chyna Blue

    Must watch this.

  62. ares yael ramirez velazquez

    has la 4 temporada envés de estar pendejiando

  63. Agnes Lim

    I really feel bad for bryant since they both him out for being too nice! I couldn't imagine that being too nice is a bad thing🥺 we'll,since this is a reality game show you have to be more strategic than being nice

  64. Bobos

    Zack's cinematography never fails! 🤯

  65. Omar Saavedra

    This should have an spanish ver

  66. ttoki

    Damn russia.

  67. the kv 639

    Peyton I seen the video called sweet but psycho someday I just want to be just like you and I hope I can do karate someday

  68. josie gray

    I don’t like all these comments the show was AMAZING . Don’t assume if you didn’t watch it

  69. Kitty Nichols


  70. Miguel Arriola

    Music in 1:06?

  71. Allen Trice

    Are you serious to be waiting for Stranger Things season 4 yet still?!

  72. Kazumaシ


  73. Pure Awareness

    Why hasn’t some rich person or athlete bought some land and donated it to these people for their horses?

  74. Jason Delarosa 2000

    I'm glad to be part Spanish.