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  1. xChaleur

    It's like someone is under the desk going down town on him.

  2. k j

    THIEM has arrived !!

  3. sehhi vooty

    them incredible mentally strong moving forward.

  4. spirg

    Only reason he won was because the big guns weren’t there . Just another baseliner....

    1. Sherlock Holmes85

      yeah, because he was in 3 GS finals before and every time beating one of the Big 3 on the route.

  5. Stephan El Shaarawy


  6. らんだーばー

    Rub will win GS in the future.

  7. Tide Cruz

    photographers can be so insensitive at so many times, this is 1 of them.

  8. Samuel JLS

    You sure he isn't getting head?

  9. Jake Baker

    The cramps that you can’t stretch out are the woooooorst.

  10. Tanya Brown

    QUEEN of everything 🦋!

  11. Tanya Brown

    Beautiful 🦋

  12. Karen Olarve

    Nick’s reaction is like, “What just happened?! Roger did a great shot... Like, wow!”

  13. Kashnisht

    The timing of these highlights are worse than the pandemic itself.

  14. Wendy Su

    He looks like the mummy of ramesses

  15. lance ball

    On TV today I saw Serena doing a deodorant commercial and Bianca doing a toilet paper ad. Surely their agents can do better than that for the 2 champions.

  16. Keegan Oakes

    Extended highlights should include the handshake. Come on.

  17. Lily Turner

    Simply amazing tennis and effort from Thiem! So unusual to see Rafa really feel under threat from someone. I really wish the commentators would stop chatting away about tennis trivia and concentrate on what's going on in front of them! We're in the 3rd set right now & they're chatting right through all the points. So annoying!

  18. leech

    would love him to win HAMBURG500

  19. T

    The media acts like Naomi cured cancer or the coronavirus. More important things in life than sports. Why do people like sports so much?

  20. Maryse Damas

    How do Like Haiti, first time You went there...

  21. Erik Landstrom

    Wait, you can win after requiring medical attention? I mean that seemed like a walk-over to me, Djokovich gains an unfair advantage through all that

  22. Doc Smith

    His poor legs 😭 lay down mate someone help him haha

  23. Doc Smith

    Would hurt so much 😂

  24. Bobi

    8:04 That is very very uncomfortable XD

  25. SS Kingsley

    Poor Petra 🥺

  26. Simon Speedo

    I thought her lockdown CNN interview made her a bit goofy but in fairness I think she is v likeable.

  27. Me Me


  28. Martina Horváthová

    the Queen ❤️❤️❤️🔥

  29. Paglia444

    If you don't support Thiem, I have nothing to say to you. Goodbye!

  30. Sylvio Fleurant

    I love ❤️ her

  31. Ryan Haymer

    Then Nadal and Djokovic came along and Federer would win very little in the next decade. Just goes to show who the real GOATS are.

  32. MrInsensibile

    lets be honest: we are all in love with vika

  33. A. ##

    Felt sorry for Petra. She could've won the tournament. Too bad she lost to this annoying player who looks like grandma.

    1. RB3

      How old are you?

  34. Vikas Yadav

    Side effect of Drugs

  35. vincent cheung

    She's playing with a hamstring injury, which makes her victory more incredible!

  36. Oats & Goats

    it is extremely bizarre to me how thiem was limping and grimacing since set two of the semi final, yet neither of his opponents could beat him. weird, empty performances from all the atp players this year

  37. vincent cheung

    Let's not forget she has a hamstring injury. Incredible!

  38. Oats & Goats

    this video was so uncomfortable to sit through. thiem's weird dropshot overhead and limping, medvedev acing one moment then just making terrible errors the next, the male commentator's insufferable tangent about dropshots, all the long stares and empty camera time in addition to the empty stadium.....felt like time stopped in some kind of purgatory

  39. m lee

    wow! A true Alfred Hitchcock thriller! These two competitors have time to achieve perfection

  40. Jeab BBK

    She is so beautiful

  41. Flash Gaming

    First comment

    1. tremaine861


  42. Psi.

    Fun Fact: u didnt searched this



  44. S M

    In my opinion, this Daniil Medvedev and Dominic SF match was possibly the best US Open match in 2020 (much better than the final)

  45. Virgo Girl

    Love this interview. Very wise and mature reponses.

  46. Abdullah Khawaja

    Now japan is back goat in tennis

  47. B M-Y

    Naomi just needs to get Serena Williams back in her sights. If Osaka wins, Serena will finally accept that her time is done.

  48. pablo indra

    Why drama everywhere?

  49. アバラ

    He is a Japanese legend. However, there are few reports in Japan. And He is not well known in Japan. I am sad.....TT

  50. Dmitry Walter


  51. Vik Sinha

    Very disappointing match

    1. Vik Sinha

      @Patrick I wanted it to go at least 4 sets. I think a match between these two deserves to be at least that long. That's what I meant by 'disappointing'

    2. Patrick

      Vik Sinha It was high quality, just more one sided than expected

  52. Fran Godoy

    Doctor: Le quedan 3 horas y media de vida Yo:

  53. Alba Welch

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  54. Joel Thomas

    I love her heart

  55. Fel’s Life

    Thiem the best!!! hope he wins RG

    1. Fel’s Life

      yayyy lets hope he wins

    2. BY Lyze

      @cory wichman me too

    3. cory wichman

      me too.. hes my favorite

  56. DragoNoid29HD

    Plot Twist: He did this on purpose to stop the conference

  57. Tom B

    The way Williams looks is obnoxious

  58. StFidjnr

    Now she has a trophy renamed after her for women's team tennis ultimate prize

  59. Wei LOH

    Mariah saves the day!!!

  60. SomedayWe'llKnow

    Steroids out of stock!!!🤣😂🤣😂

  61. JGabs

    You might be wondering “what a random video to get recommended” but trust me, you needed to see this. CSsel knows.

  62. Terez Csorgo

    Dominic the GENIUS!!

  63. moslemecoz

    Oh geez,this was excruciating to watch haha! Hats off to both of them for putting on a five setter, tons of pressure, no big 3 Covid etc. Sasha's time will come.

  64. Son Thai

    they are truly superhumans

  65. breakaway2x

    Remember Nadal 24 years old here. Novak is 23. At this point in their careers, Rafa has 9 slams and Novak only 1. Rafa has defeated prime Roger Federer several times and even on Wimbledon, so clearly at this point Rafa was at his peak and dominating the tennis world. Nobody knew Novak was going to hit his prime in 2011. The fact is this, Rafa and Novak peaked at different times in their careers. Rafa is only 1 year older but he looks like he's about 5 or 6 years older than Novak. Novak here at 22 looks like a baby and he looks like a 19 year old. Rafa peaked earlier than Novak and Novak was more of a late bloomer in comparison.

  66. Flukey Zones

    Never seen a sorry looking final set tiebreaker in my entire life 😁.it's understandable though.

  67. Fatih Mehmet Yalçınkaya

    I want to see the day you will win a grand slam shapo !

    1. Nikola Dubljevic


  68. Nouvel Ordre Mondial et Satanisme

    Zverev's horrible double fault in the tie break... I thought I was actually looking at me, he was so scared of doing a real service, it's like he's stopped his motion. He really has to work on his confidence, he cannot afford to do that in a grand slam final in the tie break

  69. zachary wan

    Looked more like rafa getting some under the table😂😂😂

  70. 名前無しさん

    日本人としては嬉しい対決やな😂 けどアンディマレー以前よりキレが無くなって悲しい😭早く以前のようなスーパーディフェンス魅せて欲しいです

  71. Justin Dao

    I play tennis better than I do and I have been playing for 4 years

  72. Wesley Pierre Jr

    This is more entertaining than non-disabled games

  73. 随剧而安

    Imagine if federer beat nalbandian that year of 2003, andy will be left without any slam title for his life


    The most civilized crowd in US open History. HATS off crowd 🇱🇰

  75. Esta Subtitulado

    Serena won the US Open two times in this era. Clearly there was some competition on women tennos back then

  76. zubair hasany

    Stan winning in 2016 is probably the best moment of the whole decade..

  77. Catalina Fitzgerald


  78. Eric Alavez

    The best of 2020, Vocals are 🔥

  79. Akikio Zee

    Rooting for Kostyuk-Kenin in Roland Garros

  80. pac0re

    2020... why am i even here but ok