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  1. The Legend

    Bro the Q andbrainfootvv the best

  2. Max’s Woofles

    Can we get some 🖕in the comments? Lol

  3. daniel martinez

    I don't know who, but someone actually needs to hear this, you've got to stop saving all your money. Venture into investing some, if you really want financial stability

    1. Sophia Baker

      Pure wise comment

    2. mathew lopez

      Beautifully said, I tell my folks these words everyday. It's good to save money but most people don't understand the market moves and tend to be misled in facts like this and always depend on money in the bank.

    3. daniel martinez

      Invest globally in bitcoin, gold, silver, forex market, commodities. Just don't be left out and save yourself

  4. DrLeroyGreen

    Do donuts!!!!!

  5. Super PugDog



    Why CSsel?

  7. M15T

    4:29 your daddy

  8. stopwatch kid

    I feel like if u just flip it upside down all the keys will just fall down

  9. Dilan Morin


  10. M15T

    5:29 your mum


    you are very good congratulations

  12. Tvnomre1


  13. Marco Wiens

    I think what u would need to do to make it go faster is put like the gears for the back in the front so the front moves faster then the back then i think it would work to drift better

  14. Tharealsjamal music & films

    45k people hating cuz it actually worked

  15. Aliax Invent

    why not just put nails in the rubber -_-

  16. Xavier Torres

    Television in the 1920's:

  17. RisingTides

    Don't slip backwards off your seat..

  18. Ggj سجاد

    نعمه الله

  19. Trax222

    Hohoho bro

  20. Vaporeon

    Imagine accidentally tripping and falling.

  21. hadlix. Official

    Wooden setup. You can live in forest bro!

  22. bourdon845


  23. Star Blackinum

    You couldve avoided the 34k dislikes if you decided to name it "Making wooden steering wheel for ps4 controller" and thus get more views

  24. Jack Bonderson

    Just don't go in a circal and you will be fine.

  25. _*#[žíga]#* _

    Bruhhh.....that's on another level!!

  26. Shona Schoeck

    Ashton P X P P X X X X Xox Xu Xx Xx X X X X X Do X X X Xu Px X X X X X X X X X Xx X X X X X X X X X X X Xx X X Xx X X X Xx Z Szbyvzaqmaot46

  27. henry p


  28. WavesToWet

    That's very unsafe

  29. KP kubajder


  30. DarkEther

    Final Destination 6

  31. Mari M

    Am I the only one who waved goodbye to my phone like I a nut case thinking he is gone home?😄

  32. blazefn 33


  33. 7K BINHO


  34. Marvin Berton

    Could have just let the rubber tyres on once the ice was covered with snow. But what the hell! Was entertaining af!

  35. York luwis

    Jajaja 😂 😂 😂 😂

  36. Паша А4

    In 1980: In 2021 we will have flying cars! In 2021: We have a middle finger machine!

  37. Паша А4

    If you imagine that how big is his studio

  38. Ceramic Frog

    What thicknesses is the pvc?

  39. Monster_Mitch

    They see me rollin the hatin

  40. Robert Hull

    February 27th: 48 million views.

  41. Bagher K.V

    اقلا تست کن ببین کار میکنه دسته ما که هر بار دسته ی بازی پلیستیشن باز کردیم گاید شودیم🤔😄😰

  42. erhan orak

    Sell ​​that car to Smart for show on museum

  43. Паша А4

    Trending in india at 9th spot !!

  44. Linda Bernhardt


  45. Khalil king


  46. Devansh Plays

    Some 9 year old even after watching the video: 😮😯😲How is he flying?

  47. najima el bahouti

    Pliiiz like pliiiiiz

  48. HoxeoN

    Cuz he can!

  49. Lrmill01 Lrmill01

    and then your pant leg gets caught...dammm

  50. Eliya Nibitanga


  51. Mariana Dias

    The is" god Not"

  52. Jn Strck

    this guy just invented icecycle

  53. Zacorey Harris

    Imagine doing wheely and fall

  54. Игорь Кокин

    Вот дебилизм неприкрытый, выдаваемый за классную придумку !

  55. bbtube11

    Every cyclist just cringed as he touches the face of the disks... :(

  56. Josiah Singh

    Iron man

  57. хусниддин набиев


  58. ShadowBlox

    imagine running over someones foot with that

  59. D Y

    Good start, but not thumbs up worthy.

  60. S TV

    And this, is why "Mud Guards" were invented... Yes,... "mud guards"

  61. Röze Fachion

    Se cair em cima daroda o cur ja era kkkk

  62. WehHey78 •

    The scenes when he goes over the bars and straight into the wheel.

  63. شغف


  64. Anonymous Person

    You can only fathom at what would happen if Mark Rober, Colin Furze, and The Q teamed up...

  65. MantraBeeg

    Is this who Crosleys are made for?

  66. Chubby Waffles YT

    Can there be a warranty on this thing

  67. Diego Aldebaran Fuentes Carrasco

    Me voy a tardar mas haciendo la maquina del futuro que organizar las monedas a mano no creen?

  68. Mr Mike Boy

    imagine missing the pedals...

  69. Adan Grabiel Coldero

    No ladañe ésa visi dámela ami primo

  70. Pawan Goel

    Your mind is si sharp and you do very excellent work The Q Sir🤔🤔

  71. Eeeevan One

    Ну и нахуя?

  72. ItzPacosh

    Me with vape Hold my beer

  73. Dream Lazy

    The front blade was put on backwards on the first trial 😅

  74. Amar Shah

    something out of a saw movie

  75. MantraBeeg


  76. Heinrich Huasfart

    This guy has balls...or perhaps he hasn't 🐵

  77. лютый про

    Я один тут руский?

  78. Allien

    Мама дала 10 к руб на кроссы я с 99999999999 гемов в бравл старсе

  79. Cajun Swamp Fox

    The perfect answer to public restrooms.