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  1. DimensionZombie

    Joe BIDEN hates black people

  2. LLL B.

    America Ferrera, actor/director/producer? Man, how we have lowered our standards in this country. Ferrera is a village idiot; this person does not know her head from her ass…

  3. ludovico pizzillo

    This is what happens when all good comedians are considered “not family friendly” or “controversial” in the US...

  4. XW-32z

    mixups deejayed

  5. Rose Taylor


  6. Brooklyn Phillips

    I was so confused! Omg

  7. razony

    Great, I'm being reminded of why I cut off my cable...

  8. ebony s

    They picked the best person to sing this song 💯

  9. Elena Parker

    Hello everyone 🤗🤗🤗


  11. mika yahav

    Wow. It was the audience from last year. How much money do you wanna bet that if it was a real audience there wouldn't be much laughter there. This is just... Sad.

  12. Z

    I never liked her in real life or on this TV show. Stupid bitch should of never been on tv. #NotArealActress

  13. Usbekck Kwndjoenf

    0:22 my love video :X

  14. Skylar Yo

    no it’s always merluca

  15. Home Device

    Cannot believe the huge number of you that thought there was a live audience 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  16. Tobias Brown

    If you are a true Tyler Perry fan you will see that he talked about this quilt in one of his plays!!💙💙

  17. Kham Chautari


  18. Dylan Psinakis

    I think The Oscars will gonna be like this...

  19. Kham Chautari


  20. Marielle _

    Meredith and Derek’s post-it has more exposure than Derek in this clip

  21. Tommy Lopez

    All those p3d0s in 1 room. No masks or anything. No social distancing or anything.

  22. Ivan L

    This guy is so fake....

  23. Amanda Bourke

    Omg..i had to check the comments because I have been so gob smacked at the thought of all those people sitting together without masks!!😂😂😂

  24. Chip Chipperson

    put on some more black face ya fuckin racist

  25. elenabob

    Nah, the most important are the hairdressers who fix their hairstyle.

  26. KDF Kdf

    That was actually funny.

  27. Julia Lovez අධ්යයනය ෙ සටහන අනුව] අපි ගෞරවය පුද

  28. Black Girl Bakes

    That's is what America is all about!🇺🇸🇺🇲

  29. Anna Fowdy

    I had a feeling it was a fake audience. Henry Winkler was in the audience, but Barry hasn't been nominated for anything this year. (I think they're on hiatus)

  30. Joshua Almeida

    Not gonna lie... Barbara had us in the first half🙄

  31. Tony Payne

    HUGE congrats on reaching the 1 Million view mark! 6th Season 3 video to do it, and the FOURTH “Shea” video from S3!! I just love that whether sad, angry, hopeful, or happy, the story of Shaun and Lea resonates so strongly with so many!

  32. Freddie Mercury

    Norm Macdonald: Political comedy is low hanging fruit Jimmy Kimmel: No it's free real estate

  33. Ananda Purnama

    Great show ! 13 reasons why for adults and focus on men’s emotions side that no one talk about.

  34. Jonathan Valjan

    Check out my book on my channel

  35. Christina Spin

    Ι was soo so sure that it was empty...

  36. Jason W

    Hey isn't that Justin Trudeau brother good old Captain Blackface Kimmel ! Wow he looks different without his make up!

  37. Biscuit89

    damn white women never age well.

  38. Billie G Harvey

    Jimmy "blackface " Kimmel

  39. Robert Woodward

    So painful to watch

  40. Stunningly Brilliant Certifiably Humble

    No one cares anyway, except the actors.

  41. Jorge Robles

    Having in mind all the limitations he had to do the show, he did a good job. I'm just talking about Jimmy Kimmel.

  42. yeschanuyaaa

    Izzie's been out of the picture for so long why y'all decided to bring her back? Alex don't need Izzie anymore he's better off without her. The writers did Alex dirty. I am not sure if I would be able to continue watching this show.

  43. tie gideon

    I can no longer watch Modern Family on Hulu... Bummer

  44. Private

    Deviants and sociopathic idiots celebrating themselves. No thanks.

  45. Angel Yvonne

    Thank God for allowing Tyler Perry to be born!

  46. Stu Pid

    Host made nothing to work with. He did his best but what the Hell is the world doing? I couldn’t be bothered to watch it. I tried but after 10 minutes I was gone. Phoney phoney Phoney Crap. Good bye and goodnight!

  47. Sarah Harrington

    Did they pay tribute to Oprah Jimfrey and Karl Malone?

  48. Kevin Healey

    Host Jimmy Kimmel opens "The I hate Trump awards".

    1. Willow S

      Kevin Healey rightfully so. Trump is despicable.

  49. Nasty Nate 316

    Check out my music and let me know what you think !!!!!

  50. Sarah Harrington

    A giant digital zoom circle jerk.......

  51. Tony Soprano

    No one cares what these morons have to say when they live in their mansions trying to preach us about the inequalities and blah blah blah. You are in no position to be telling us anything. It’s like Laura ingram would so eloquently say “just shut up and act” 😝

  52. pookpookpook88

    Hey kids, if your ever surrounded in career-ending controversy, just go host The Emmys, and it all goes away !!!

  53. Tony Soprano

    No one cares what these morons have to say when they live in their mansions trying to preach us about the inequalities and blah blah blah. You are in no position to be telling us anything. It’s like Laura ingram would so eloquently say “just shut up and act” 😝

  54. monkeysluvdani

    Why is this my family? Why? 😩

  55. Melony M

    What, how so many people sitting down close to each other???* lol ok I kno better now

  56. Saana Honkatukia

    Is the audience from 2019 emmys?

  57. Martin P

    Well, I missed the Emmy's. I was busy cleaning out lint from my dryer. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

  58. Kay Cash

    I am over here crying and I havent even heard the speech yet

  59. Peter Parker

    I feel like Idina was constantly trying to overpower Ben, like even when Ben tried to harmonize, she just matched his note

  60. Joanna Woods අපි ඇන්ඩි ගිල දමයි අපි පීනන්න යමු පහළටගඟට ඔහු ගුවන් පතුවළේ ගල් දෙස ආපසු හැරී බලයි

  61. emmanuel ngowi

    Wow 😳 the whole thing was real for me

  62. charis shin

    lol the standing ovation part 😅😂

  63. Heleen Trotter

    Yes. His voice is so powerful!!! Inspirational, Motivational and inspirational❤️

  64. potawatadingdong

    Why anyone elects to use hammer weapons is beyond me.

  65. Angela Peed

    Great Job Jimmy ♡♡ you are right we need some fun this year. 2020 sucks

  66. ShallowDepression

    This man was on Epstein's flight logs.

  67. Mario Campos

    I love high school musical and descendants

  68. Necessary Evil

    Kimmel should have done blackface again and called it the Mammys.

  69. KBH

    MY GOD!!! THE DELAY!!!!

  70. Lorenz Juvan

    My mind is relaxing now,while listening to her gorgeous voice 😌😌🙂

  71. DiamondInGod’sHeart

    Who put the subtitles 😂😂

  72. The Good Samaritan

    you know its fake because people are laughing at jimmy kimmel

  73. SpaceKittyGamer2.0

    Why is Charli in this? She's not even in Disney and the last time I checked, she wasn't even in the originals.

  74. Roger Temple

    "that's Jennifer's new face she looks like an out of work adult video actress.... Courtney & Lisa as well,huh."-😆..

  75. Gene Fowler

    Suck-up alert.

  76. carl taylor

    jimmy kimmel dont like black ......he a fake when he around them

  77. ARN

    It's a fucking crime that Mr. Robot didn't even get any nominations. By far the best season this year.

  78. zarri nauman


  79. يزيد المعري

    أن حبك

  80. Nienke Koster

    What episode?