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  1. James Swidan

    Great song but Trump 2020!.!.!.!

  2. AndiesLive

    Well done. Your voice is like an angel. Your love for all types of creature makes you even more adorable.

  3. ain't that sweet

    2:25 me between all my taken friends

  4. Emanae Emanae

    Never been so jealous of a piece of watermelon

  5. Alexandra Esponda

    The fact that I started crying is just- I wanna meet him so bad :,(

  6. Hedy Schuurmans


  7. Jacob Tamata

    "would you believeee it' that part definitely got me ahaha

  8. AUNIL 001


  9. jigsaw puzzle

    Why does Harry look like Elton in glasses?🤔

  10. Ryder Moran

    The first video sexualizing watermelons.

  11. Ni ki

    This song feels like a long, hard journey. The journey of life. I wanna this to be played at my funneral. That will be my last wish.

  12. Angelinne MC

    Esta canción me hace acordar cuando vi a mi bisabuela por última vez 😣pero también me hace revivir esos momentos hermosos que vivi a su lado🙏🌟✨


    nymeds!....= nomads

  14. Anuy

    Idk anyone who actally likes him. He’s mediocer

  15. hamsters so cute

    i am crying in a cool was

  16. Dafne Ofelia Vallström

    King Arthur, and I. 🌸🌸🌸💮💮💮💮🌸🌸🌸💮💮💮💮

  17. Drean

    Harry Styles,eu te venero ESSE ÁLBUM É TUDO QUE EU PRECISAVA OUVIR

  18. Dafne Ofelia Vallström

    I miss Cornwall....

  19. Dafne Ofelia Vallström

    I 💙 you, for many things, but for this brilliant video I just feel alive and happy/strong. Beautiful you!!!!!

  20. Matilda Fries

    When you realize this song is literally 6 minutes long that just shows how much fun this song is

  21. Dandhara Maciel

    vim ver a JOALIN <3

  22. Rachel Lyn

    ok but put this on 1.75 speed it’s a vibe

  23. kimmi

    this KILLED ME

  24. Aphinity

    Vamos Brooke, boeeee... no entendía nada.

  25. Teja Kausik

    this song is so underrated and the lyrics are honestly so heartbreaking. the way it sounds is like nothing else. the harmonies are so beautiful. this is definitely one of his best songs.

  26. Na

    Did he buy those baked foods from the bakery he use to work at? That'd have been pretty cool of him

  27. hayden rose

    this is definitely not about watermelon uh

  28. {GåchaBůňňy}


  29. lorelai w

    i love you

  30. Amanda O'byrne

    I swear I cried every word it's hurts. The drink and my foul mouth destroyed what I had and I can't take it back but I got him back my mental health is so bad but now I know too work on this thank you Harry . Love from Scotland. And he said he cared and misses me too btw after I cried all weekend without him my heart was broken thinking he wouldn't come back he's back and I won't let the drink and my mental health destroy this again xxx

  31. Rafael Gondar

    Te amo sábelo, sos único

  32. Monita Deka

    When I listening this song first time I feel very good

  33. Brandon Mariscal

    Wait is he gay or not bc I’ve heard he was

  34. Kalyca Emily Chia

    Everyone in quarantine: *not touching each other and keeping distance* Harry Styles: *literally touches 15 girls and doing the exact opposite of social distancing*

    1. Deborah Newman

      Kalyca Emily Chia It was filmed in January before the pandemic

  35. chika

    you're literally just the best person i've ever seen. i hope you have a good day harry! we love you! :)

  36. Emin D

    l love his song

  37. Emily Smith

    when he makes it seem like he is singing about a girl but we know he is not

  38. شوق الدوسري

    Thank you Taemin for made me listen to this song, it’s so beautiful

  39. Rebeca Araujo

    Deve ter dado tanta mijadeira depois desse clip kkkkkkkk

  40. rawdez




  42. goddess

    I'm crying...in a cool way

  43. Becky Low

    “There’s no one to blame but the drink in my wondering hand” wow gets me every time.

  44. 1518 Malagón Villarreal Carolina

    is a little weird the video

  45. Freddy A

    I have never liked him but .. sheesh... might’ve just changed my mind

  46. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Whats harry upto these days? Idk just surrounds himself with girls.

  47. Olivia White

    Me allergic to melons: 👁👄👁

  48. Shamsulazhar

    This is exactly how I imagine the video to this song would look like

  49. DaviBroxa

    Parece uma orgia com melancias

  50. frank perdue

    When I first heard this song I thought it was Peter Gabriel (listen to the song 'Sledgehammer' ) 🤘🏻

  51. Eli Guaytima


  52. Lexie Sontag

    Harry you have no right to do this to do us

  53. Carmela Aranzadi

    que te salga un anuncio de cepeda antes de esto es darse cuenta del arte que hace harry

  54. Carmela Aranzadi

    i am SO glad this man was born

  55. trini shay

    i will NEVER get over this song or this music video i- HIS MIND>>>>

  56. trini shay

    i will NEVER get over this song or this music video i- HIS MIND>>>>

  57. nadia 🐍

    me duele el alma

  58. Carmela Aranzadi

    im falling again dont blame me for falling

  59. Kaya ward

    Harry looking into your eyes while your crying telling you to stop crying really hits different

  60. Mac Spoon

    The first song I've heard by Harry and damn I gotta admit, he's pretty great.

  61. Razan Makawi

    never been jealous of a watermelon before

  62. Leepi

    CSsel recomending this while the Coronavírus pandemy is happenin

  63. Fatoucha Anne

    Random guy: Harry who are you into? Harry: My fish :) Random guy: I love Harry Styles lol

  64. Saonli Banerjee

    Watermelon and sugar causes diabetes.

  65. Camilla Rocha

    This video makes me remember Charles Manson...

  66. IvanPlayz

    At least that kid got a cup from Harry Styles 😂😂

  67. it's kexnxdy

    The way he touched dat watermelon 😳 0:36

  68. what is my life

    *turns red led lights on*

  69. Jaypee Siarez


  70. Frida Estefania

    The rhythm omg✨❣️

  71. leaf uwu


  72. vida mendez

    the amount of times i’ve replayed 4:34 is unhealthy

  73. berin celik

    this is a fAmilY shOOwWwwWw!!!! or iS ittTtTtttTTT!?????!?!!?!

  74. Nobody

    Why does this make me cry so much, it's a fish

  75. Fernanda Züge Oliveira

    This brings me up my bisseuality

  76. D P

    Literally just watched his audition can't believe Lewis Walsh said he didn't have enough confidence 😂😂😂

  77. Hannah Yaskovic

    The first time my sister put Watermelon Sugar on the speaker I instantly loved Harry's songs. I love the ending of this song too! Oowop oowop doop doop doop doop

  78. Vivian Canto


  79. Army Fitriani

    U look like a sugar bae🍑

  80. LLinX

    Ngl wasn’t a fan of one direction, but harry styles is great because he fits into my genre of music so much

  81. Jazmin Lara

    What in the fruit 🍉 👁👄👁 🍓

  82. m

    I miss my loved ones who passed away 😔

  83. Caique Campos

    This sound makes me remember perfects moments of my live 💙

  84. Wababoy Wababoy

    I cried to this at the end lol

  85. ASEEL 98

    But like why there is no one talking about “the fish represents LOUIS” !! Because it really does!

  86. Nazareno Alvarez

    terrible VARON con V de VIOLENTO

  87. Haris Halid

    Kerennn 👍👍👍

  88. amelia lea

    this song makes me want to take long trips with my besties

  89. Kayleigh McGinn

    I'm wet

    1. Legend Amar


  90. Deborah Daly-Romilly

    Go ahead

  91. sweetstrawberry


  92. sweetstrawberry


  93. sweetstrawberry


  94. Nicole Silvera


  95. Rose Brogno

    Who else is singing along and is slowly ruining the song because their singing is horrible...just me? Okie, imma cry in my corner now

  96. Savage_ SAMANTHA_xXx

    This video made me cry for watching a fish go away 😭😭😭😭

  97. ANNI3

    0:07 he says sunflower backwards

  98. Maria Corte Tavares de Souza

    2:07 a mixture that defines my sexuality

  99. Hannah Methvin

    I did a cover of this on my channel 🥺 i think you should check it out :)

  100. Pinky Clover

    My bestfriend told me to watch this i swear...