WHATS UP?! Im Jake Paul.
23 y/o pro boxer / musical artist
Instagram: jakepaul
Twitter: jakepaul
Snapchat: jakepaul19
Oh... and you can text me: 310-870-3349
Business: [email protected]

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  1. Baraa Alrifai

    What if he pranks them and then there is a real allergy

  2. Billie Eilish The Potato

    I miss their content ngl 😭

  3. Elias Dahan

    Cody had a 100k sub day because of this video, Jake just did the opposite of what he was trying to do

  4. Elias Dahan

    Cody: Ew cum powder Jake:I just can’t imagine having that much hatred, he needs to be cancelled

  5. Ewanjiku Channel

    If ksi did this what about Mayweather

  6. Dean Osgood

    bro sick

  7. Thomas Jayme

    Welcome to grown manchild channel

  8. Patrick Brock


  9. Corina Garcia

    Hi jake Paul

  10. GamestarTV

    Jake 2017: gets tattoos Jake 2020: smoke weed to kill himself with more cancer

  11. Pursun Vighnesh

    Yourself stupid clown

  12. Manoj Kumar


  13. Marie Eunice


  14. Asiyah Khanom

    I love you but Ryan is gonna destroy u

  15. Fake Ninjazz

    Ryan garcia gonna beat !! Your ass 100%

  16. Mia Emery

    That’s soo sad my man I subscribed

  17. Irfan Hmd

    This song is amazing

  18. QwavyAU

    I can't believe i was singing this 3 year's ago

  19. Mohamed Kerdougheli

    me as a 9 year old thinking he saying layaway LOL

  20. Shihab shams

    Why does this guy thinks he became a rapper..... Humble urself....ksi doesn't brag himself like that

  21. Rs Rudra Rhee busha rudra

    I'm new

  22. Nash Thistle

    You should do more videos with Titus

  23. John Leontin


  24. Aka King Tiko

    Are you sure you’re pregnant I think that’s a brain ha ha ha

  25. Rex Dambamuromo

    this is fire

  26. Hey There!

    I’m sorry to say this but I lowkey like this song

  27. Banan mand

    Jake just gets dumber and dumber dosent he

  28. Thomas Meredith

    At least Ryan was spitting facts about Jake getting beaten up by Ksi

  29. TTV Luca

    We want challenges spin the wheel pls like if you agree

  30. Dan x

    Shut up jake

  31. Harry YT

    He smokes

  32. Abram Mario

    Like you youtube love you jake paul ❤️

  33. vilecasket subs

    I actually miss this era even if jake was never a good person.

  34. Theragie 09

    If the comment section is better than the music, you're doing it wrong.

  35. Jeevz Ltd

    Unlike the half of millions that disliked i can admit this was fire 🔥

  36. Prime bïßçüīt on 60Hz

    thus nigga said ima make a new channel " upload from 1year ago

  37. Brother Skutnu

    Jake Paul is an actual musician. He should take it seriously for a year or two while he is young. He could easily blow-up.

  38. Joseph .G

    Once upon a time MrBeast used to react to Jake Paul's vids and now MrBeast is above 40 million subs. SUBJECT MATTERS

  39. Vastfire

    Haters: He has a ghost writer Everyone else: are you stupid or did you just forget about this song

  40. Yoosuf Zakariyya

    Why does Brandon look like lol mosey :l

  41. itzMythicPlayz

    *The Moment you realise that jake is the only member left of team 10 since that video

  42. Filip Paukovich

    Lmao the dislikes 😂this kid a joke

  43. Tyson Rodrigues

    The dobre took a quick win

  44. Hamish Woods

    Click bait?

  45. Robin Tarin

    i disliked. so as you should.

  46. DragonSixx89

    This song sounds better on mute

  47. Julie Mainwaring

    O my god

  48. General 71

    Ok I'm sorry but he would kill you if you fought.😂

  49. Mayank Arora

    Is it just me or the editing of this video is shitty af

  50. Gaming Wolf productions

    5mil in six month never done before dream 2020 ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT

  51. Fizzy PP

    Bruh Jake ur channel is deaf

  52. lucas_playz robolx

    The only reason this song did good back in the dad is cause Jake is in it🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Vishrut Malhotra

    who would have thought that masks can be bras

  54. Angelina Depina

    Are you high

  55. Asko007

    I watch this 3 times 3X23=69 6ix9ine

  56. Raed Rahman

    0:11 Is that a watermark?

  57. Bacon Madness

    Hope you okay jake

  58. Callum Dickinson

    Damn his goshtwriter is good

  59. Daniel Rivera

    Your going to lose ko first round

  60. Hannah Pollard

    You so fun lol

  61. wanda ortiz

    You coming back oh s***

  62. Sam Perkins

    This song has 2 million more dislikes that likes!! XD

  63. Alex Freeman

    You ain’t a rapper

  64. Alex Freeman

    Your a CSselr

  65. Faygo

    Credit goes to designer

  66. Stephen Thomas

    Some things never change. Look at this clown doing everything ksi did. He a ksi fanboy right from the beginning😂

  67. Ashley Dye


  68. Ashley Dye


  69. Raffie Gaming

    pls stop

  70. Oliver ROBSON

    It’s every day bro in the Disney channel flow I got 5 mil on CSsel, dislikes with the video

  71. Thor Asgard

    Are you kidding me Jake Paul is back

  72. Mike Tyson

    Honestly this is good

  73. TheBoatroom

    From CSselr to Boxer to Rapper, it’s so nice seeing Jake Paul follow in the footsteps of (JJ) KSI

  74. Hi.

    Child Friendly pg clean

  75. Hythed

    KSI is much better just take it

  76. Frank Bruno

    Grew up rich dad buys his views

  77. Jayne Pauk