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  1. Betty Figueroa

    You're lucky cuz I love her too

  2. gschtaude

    Dunkey clone

  3. Betty Figueroa

    Why did mini Jake Paul and mini Erika break up

  4. gschtaude

    It was really important for the seven year olds to let the lyrics in the description

  5. BokBokTube

    Funny how Bieber lives in that blender now

  6. Mr. Buul

    Ur an idiot. Milk doesn't help with tear gas, all it does is trap it and makes it worse

  7. it's natalie Z

    I see you wearing a korean shirt

  8. Puttzter Puttzter

    This song is sooooo fucking shit how r u guys enjoying this?

  9. eddy ary

    I only came here from Aba and Preach. Why the hell do people give this douche views and further inflate his obviously out of whack ego? Even his girl in living in fairy tale land. Someone bring these people back to earth.

  10. JJ GACHA

    Idk if everyone notice it but does Jake feed his fish ???????

  11. sian hwie tan

    You have two of mini jake and its ben and tydus and how is you favorite tydus and ben will be sad but you will like tydus because ben was a long time ago so ya bye

  12. Kieran Tickle

    cool car jake

  13. Adamo SVK

    @Jake Paul Hello

  14. Jesse Hoper

    When Jake says his channel is kid friendly :me .....ok

  15. Itz_alxxyah _ dingwall

    That’s my f*ing dads name😫😩🥺

  16. neslihan akbal

    He probaly nicked his dads wallet

  17. Mallory Mattison

    Jake, hon, I see no kids he’s making fun of

  18. Rico- Brawl Stars

    Moment of silence for Jake because he is a vine

  19. Clipzy

    How tf is she 7 and how tf did he kidnap her when he’s on a scooter 😂 it’s when Jake Paul try’s to be a hero lol

  20. Sinta lometa

    Im 19

  21. Javier Gonzalez

    Why didnt they get enough balloons to float?

  22. Mallory Mattison

    You will never be as funny as our short king

  23. The three C`s

    Does it look like ZHC made his couch

  24. Tyler Carroll

    I swear ima kill my yef

  25. nechotheweeb

    This needs to be deleted from the planet

  26. nechotheweeb

    I want the fragment of my brain that has the memory of this song removed.

  27. Lorelei Kathryn

    This comment section is completely on Cody’s side. THANK YOU! 😂😄

  28. Betty Figueroa

    yo you freaking lit Jake Paul

  29. Gwala Akinyi

    Y is he cursing himself

  30. Lolita Cardoza

    My girlfriend left me

  31. Tyler Carroll

    When you get caught in a live with your girlfriend

  32. Mikey Lange

    He gay

  33. Tyler Carroll

    Mini jake paul cute

  34. Cian Smith

    I miss your old vidieos

  35. ImJustFaded

    Ngl this was simpler times

  36. Jaime Nuevo

    this is shitty and there all mother fuckers

  37. Tyler Carroll

    I’ve got a question jake are you gay

  38. Adrie Acosta

    When u have 20.1M subs and get 1.9M views🤔 no wonder why everyone hates you🤦🏽‍♀️

  39. Tyler Carroll

    What the hell jake you crazy damn

  40. GamerPepperPig99

    I know this is a lie but just pls make this be true for our great nation

  41. Tyler Carroll

    When people say they neket

  42. Tyler Carroll

    You ain’t crazy lol ima woop you

  43. Pinar pimpiriko

    Jack Paul n wath ta kicl de walmarth!

  44. Mansoor Ahmed

    😁 Why do you have a tiger

  45. Daniel Laux

    Mas é tudo efeito especial

  46. Daniel Laux

    Primeira coisa nunca um médico ia deixar gravar na sala de cirurgia

  47. Papas smith

    My face when you spend 250000 dollars on a date and proceed to donate 5000 dollars and brag about it

  48. Emberlyn Johnson

    to be honest logan's was much better lol

  49. Jezuz 101

    If only Deji wouldn't be a lazy shit and actually trained to beat Jake couple years ago, then we wouldn't see this garbage of a human being still having a platform..

  50. Landyn Givan

    This comment is for the video you posted 8 hours ago, we do have the proper leader in our government. Donald John Trump is a great leader and president

  51. Renee Varner


  52. Sam Maschmedt

    Just wanted to say since the start of 2020 you have really picked up your shit and have been making great content you're for real genuinely just like a good guy🙏👏

  53. Nyalia Cummings

    I deposit a real Jake Paul but why did you just have to shrink tigers come on you’re ready to get a prank on a parent that his leg was broken what are you gonna do again

  54. Dominic Orosco

    Say what you want but KSI makes way better songs than you buy far buy FAR

  55. Kam Lillie

    Still any color any skin color any wife I don't want to kill nobody I don't want to hurt nobody please stop this riot but still shoot the cops

  56. Kay Moses

    Who watching this during covid 19

  57. joe rogan

    Is this movie made in canada?

  58. isaac lara

    karen 6:06

  59. Dominic Orosco

    Is that even the real vevo logo ?

  60. Roko XD

    1:16 your welcome

  61. Cee Los


  62. Levi Stevens

    They show him wut to sY

  63. Jacob Hudson

    Biggest hit him with a car

  64. Jaylianie Bonilla Natal

    😢 im so sad that jeika is over

  65. Renee Varner

    Rollercoasters make me🤢

  66. KingSLAYER Mask

    Whenever I remember that Jake Paul won't be making any money from my view because I'm using Ad Bl0ck I get a hard-on

  67. Jordan Maffey

    Lol the guy turn his comments off on his video addressing the looting situation he knows he can’t talk his way out of that.

  68. Jonathan Coyoy

    Did you see that he jumped on the side of the lambo

  69. Aditya Chowhan


  70. Hi

    Tbh I kinda miss the old days...

    1. Hina Batool

      Facts bro

  71. Mason Cole

    3:57 it’s 2020 and it STILL makes me laugh XD

  72. Muziwakhe Thekiso

    RE looks like Hamilton

  73. Hannah Ramirez

    Me here 2020 and hearing him say Kobe,like...🥺☹️

  74. Itz_alxxyah _ dingwall

    I miss Erika being with jake

  75. Hi

    I have never seen so many dislikes before...

  76. Johnson

    A rich looter

  77. slark key

    I like the beat but.... idont like the lyrics

  78. Karabo Mofokeng

    Make your phone shrink

  79. Joseph Prince aka #Blade


  80. PlaZza

    Jake the women abuse

  81. Geovani Hurtado


  82. Weston Arndt

    Jake your girls is nice

  83. TheRealPestel

    I heard Helen Keller jams out to this song.

  84. Oh Yeah Yeah!!

    Hello 911?

  85. Sean V

    imagine if pewdipie made a diss track he would diss solo many people

  86. Nicholas Baldwin

    At 1:46 banks is on the car with him

  87. Anabel Bonilla

    I can flip to i can so you

  88. Hamz Hamz

    I didn’t even know they made a remix until now

  89. Rebecca Ranney

    If he really did that would be sad

  90. Anabel Bonilla

    I love the dorder brothers are amazing

  91. Betty Figueroa

    I don't go to Instagram

  92. OG. Gxrdy

    Jake Paul looks like the dude from that one Disney show

  93. dog lovers

    In his new video the comments are turned of why

  94. J&E Garage

    You need to leave youtube. If you think rioting is something to bring change instead of peaceful protesting. COUGH* COUGH* MLK. You just ruin a career only people can dream of. Just cause you think that is right. Disgusting.

  95. Ace Witsauce

    0:33 what is she doing

  96. Sione Laulea

    i follow every single person

  97. Franco Ferreyra

    "Its only 40k"... alright Jake, we get it

  98. Mr. Hansen

    If the Paul brothers were Doritos Jake would be cool ranch cause it’s straight ass

  99. Lildrop X


  100. Ryan Li

    Your brother dated your ex wife.