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  1. Cantiflas Cantiflas

    It’s called thatch it’s dead grass that hasn’t decomposed and it piles up underneath causing that instead of leaving the ground reachable, me observing this I see some spot with a different environment causing it to grow different.

  2. BuriedFlame

    Yup, that's a "Next!" face.

  3. unamed

    Good grip

  4. ThatUserMC

    She is upset

  5. YaBoi Jaxson

    Never thought I would find this video in my recommendations when it was posted 1 minute ago

  6. WARGA PLUS 62




  8. RealPB

    Dude stop uploading so frequently

  9. Michael Wheaton

    The one in black is “sober” 🤣😂🙌. Irish get it.

  10. Raquel Unicorn


  11. kyroWrld


  12. Name Surname

    I can bet there were her kittens somewhere nearby, that's why she's acting aggressive.

  13. Ayah Agus

    Let that cat alone his hungry (╯_╰)

  14. sandy666ification

    How I met you mother... lesbian version

  15. S.B. C.

    Stupid little cell cluster. I would have done NOTHING in that father's place. Darwinism.

  16. Brocake 127

    Gas pocket?

  17. wikwok bingbong

    What's with this guy, he's been on my recommended 3 times today and he's posting stuff about every minute

  18. Loki Lorena

    That reaction looks like she won in many ways

  19. heavy bricks

    People during school be like:

  20. TooGrey


  21. Parker Silva


  22. Ast


  23. Heidi Kemmerer

    nobody cares but im first

  24. Miqa Miqa


  25. LewRicZ

    I would be tired too if I have to sit threre and do absolutely notin'

  26. WARGA PLUS 62

    yes aiudu

  27. A Sparrow

    I don't see why people give cats catnip

  28. Rompiendo Cadenas

    Que abra dicho Los reptiles..

  29. EK MH

    This will be in everyone's recommended in like 8 years when they have hoverboards.

  30. MintSwirls

    Where’d she get the eyeliner

  31. 97% Incorrect

    Imagine not having foresight

  32. Typ RBLX


  33. Typ RBLX


  34. Ozz •

    This looks like it’s from 2009 👍🏽

  35. Filium

    That dog is deaf AF

  36. Cheryl Friesen


  37. Typ RBLX


  38. Bharat_Thakare _

    It seems pseudopdial movement of protozoa.... Amoeba 😂😂

  39. Andre

    Hello people in 7 years

  40. Parker Silva


  41. YaBoi Jaxson

    “Whenever your so early that they are no comments yet”

  42. L ia

    Recommended & it was posted just 2 days ago ?

  43. feed jake

    I want to see him get out himself. They should have filmed that

  44. Soldier For Christ

    Imagine if your hair was accidentally ruined cause a deer ran into the barbershop.

  45. Christopher Lacroix

    He's never going to learn that way.

  46. WARGA PLUS 62


  47. YaBoi Jaxson


  48. dogog


  49. 킹두

    noon walk

  50. MrGatsby1981

    The girl kill her self cuz her boyfriend left her so she suicide

  51. David Towers

    How other countries see 🇺🇸 😂 Fat, smoking a cigarette and barely mobile.

  52. joe castel

    He said I started to panic when I was in there then walked away

  53. Lobo 1

    At 0:04 - 🌋

  54. North Carolina

    It’s hilarious but let’s be honest, some of yall would be screamin if that happened to yall

  55. Leggy Pubg

    Claim your “ before this gets recommended in 7 or 8 years” tickets now 😂

  56. A Sparrow

    Kitty is a junkie and owner is the dealer 😂

  57. Evin Manco

    The definition of a head shot

  58. Sliver Crazy

    Gots to be sum serious

  59. Sabah Zarid


  60. Anandh Bharat


  61. Captain bleach

    crackhead magic

  62. Reydel Mendez

    That how u get your kids to snitch

  63. DistroHopper39B

    i wonder if anyone has notifications on for this channel lol

  64. the boss

    It said "not for use of smart babies" try drilling screws into it so it stays no matter what

  65. Ishio Kitetsu

    That deer just wanted a haircut.

  66. Nanny69


  67. CaWolfie


  68. LoRdZ IND0

    Who was first🤨🤔

    1. Ok so basically I’m moky

      @YaBoi Jaxson your about 1 minute late

    2. YaBoi Jaxson


  69. That BTS Crackhead

    As a female- this hurt

  70. Savage Cabbage

    This man doesn’t follow the law, the law follows him.

  71. dev dev

    Asians. they probably eat the dog after.

  72. Shwetha Dharmalingam


  73. ΑɱɾҽҽɳԂɾαɯʂ ʂƚυϝϝッ

    Wowie I'm early

  74. YaBoi Jaxson

    Girl: *whispers secrets in moms ear* Me: *hmmm I wonder what she’s saying*

  75. Muneeb Azeem Shaheen

    I saw the title. I saw the video. I am not disapointed.

  76. Shankom

    I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life.

  77. Mister Schnitzels

    This is a real life example of when Jesus went to town on all the people selling birds and animals and stuff in the courtyard gang

  78. Bilbo Baggins

    Its a foreshadowing

  79. Atmosfear

    "Mission failed, we'll get em next time"

  80. Stanford Pines

    It's called a nyerf gun