Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem (stylized as EMINƎM) and by his alter ego Slim Shady, is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor. Eminem, along with his solo career, is a member of his group D12, and also one half of the hip hop duo Bad Meets Evil, with Royce da 5'9". Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in the world and is the best-selling artist of the 2000s.

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  1. Eisaiah White

    His lips are not supposed to move to form certain sounds and words!!

  2. Kelli Crockett

    best rappeur

  3. Mr Lust

    Nick canon 4th diss track is fire

  4. Eisaiah White

    Tell him don't sit in the car with Monica or Mooshie cause he gone keep getting hit with Asa's epilepsy signals which will distort his own personal information.

  5. Que_Rico

    Why am i just hearing this??

  6. yoshosh

    Fill em with the venom and eliminate em dbdjc r rjeie r dbeoebevrjeji9k8jhusaqvv to do to rip dl do forum wayward swipe b wawa jdkfjhdgshof3uheve eheeb eeobe. Enejne E jene r krlmr r nr8dgev E mdodhd deko r. Rnkrhvr r r

  7. Eisaiah White

    Don't erase I have to chart these

  8. Eisaiah White

    His legs are swelling up because he has to do some walking to mash his stroke chemicals in his bones and muscles, if his legs keep falling asleep it's because it's a sign that he needs his limbs deadend!!!

  9. Mohau Taioe

    Best song on the album Royce killed it! Em buried it

  10. Eisaiah White

    For now if he's talking to Monica for some odd reason, he needs to use dont tell nobody's business including Head's business to keep from losing his facial features!!!

  11. Charif Hayeemad

    Thailand 👋

  12. Stefan Lekic


  13. Horibon

    Man stop.

  14. Eisaiah White

    They really not supposed to look in the mirror anyways alot it makes them run more stroke chemicals!!!

  15. Abdul Bari

    Oh, this what we doin'? Alright (M.A.) I like a bitch that like to wobble, wobble Shake it, shake it, break it, break it Nigga, we made it, made it, they hate it, hate it Pro professional, pure persistent, I'm paper chasing I hate complaining, I hated waiting, I'll pay for patience But I hate to pay a bill (hate that) And I made a mil' without a major deal (I made that) Yeah, her ass fake, but she came for real (she came, uh) Money ain't a thing, that ain't a thing for real That's the broke lingo (huh) And no, ain't nothing Saweetie, this is no Quavo (Migo) Man, I just get high, let my hoes lay low (ooh) I just want some face but this is no facial (ooh) Do right and kill er'body, Drake mode (hello) Bitch, I'm tryna eat out, take your plate mode (hello) Disrespect your life and I'm in gang mode (grrr) You can leave this earth, bitch, I'm in rake mode (huh) I'm in cake mode (huh), I'm in brave mode, uh What up Marshall? I'm a martian, I'm in Wayne mode (facts) Neck wet, big drip, I'm in rain mode (drip, drip, drip) Eight niggas, eight hittas, take eight souls (brrr) Collect pesos (huh), and I'm paid, so? (Paid) Self-made goals (hey) When the pain leaves (huh) Where does the pain go? (Where?) Tip of the Backwood is where the flame goes (there) To the sky is where my brain goes (wow) Same pack, same fiend, sellin' the same clothes (wow) Pinocchio and my pistol, they got the same nose Me and my niggas gotta eat, we share the same stove (what?) Case closed, bodies in my lane, bitch, lane closed Game over, Thanos on you H-Os On my petty shit but I don't paint toes (yeah) Get the plunger (plunger) 'cause Marshall and M.A go plum crazy Call us liquid plumber, 'cause even Dre know (Dre know) Beat knocks like a beefed up Detox You're gonna need three SWATs Or police officers at least to pull me off of it And I don't stop Please dawg, I need y'all to keep talking shit 'Cause I feed off of it I am the complete opposite of these retards Who spit these weak bars, I'ma leave carnage Each thought'll be so toxic It'll block the wind through your esophagus Stop it, cutting off your oxygen And I hit them pads like a boxing gym Better watch for Slim Better get to popping and when I'm at the top again I won't topple and I'm giving it to anyone Who wanna come and get it and I'm not gonna stop But when they ask me Is the war finished with MGK? Of course it is I cleansed him of his mortal sins I'm God and the Lord forgives Even the devil worshippers I'm moving on but you know your scruples are gone When you're born with Lucifer's horns And you're from the school of Notorious, Puba, Cube And The Poor Righteous Teachers tutored my students Showed them all the blueprint and formula But it seems like the more they studied my music The more they remind me of eyeballs I'm watching my pupils get cornier (uh) But I'm contemplating yelling, "bombs away, " on the game Like I'm outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting Here comes Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini Where's Osama been? I been laden lately Look at how I'm behaving, they want me gone away They wanna JonBenet me (fuck you), I'm unaccommodating Man, I don't see why they hate me I'm a clown like John Wayne Gacy They call me Kanye crazy "APESHIT, " Beyonce, Jay-Z And I'm back with Andre, baby And the doctor's operating But he never put no scrubs on from Snoop, K.Dot to Shady Shady like a shadow or your silhouette, intellect I better check to see why you feel upset 'Cause I met your bitch on the internet Now I'm getting head like a Pillow Pet That bimbo Kim put her lips All the way around this bone and then blow Like a dusty cartridge from an old Nintendo Those were the days but I bet you I'm never gonna be broke again, no I don't smoke but I got paper, to be blunt, I'm rolling Indo And I keep it one comma, zero, zero, zero, zero Real, real, real, murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill Nickle-plated, twenty two, two, two Bitch, shut the fuck up 'fore I shoot you too Ain't shit I won't do just to get a few CSsel views Run up in a church like pew, pew, pew 'Cause that's what I do, do, do But, even to the untrained human eye We ain't the same, you and I Somebody should have explained to you why For you to go against me, it's simply insane, you will die (yeah) That's why they call me Kamikaze, it's plain suicide, yeah But I know magic and here go my last trick I'm 'bout to say "Abracadabra" and pull a B Rabbit up out of my hat I'm about to relapse and I betcha that you won't know how to react But a look of disgust, I don't doubt it'd be that As I begin to fuckin' devour the track And you backpedal that as a cowardly act Like a Saudi attack when the towers collapse Here comes Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini Where's Osama been? I been laden lately Look at how I'm behaving me, they want me gone away They wanna JonBenet me (fuck you), I'm unaccommodating

  16. Eisaiah White


  17. Eisaiah White

    Yes but I'm going up Webster road.

  18. Terrestra Gaming

    getting faster?

  19. Thikky Thai


  20. Eisaiah White

    He also has to have a set bedtime because for some reason after a certain time at night down Syndrome patients brain go into hyper mode which also alters their facial features I'm sure that can be fixed tho later with a few locks and his limbs have to be deadend according to the speech pattern he has!!!!

  21. Super Zack

    teacher: tell me a verse Me: 2:56

  22. CL1P3XX

    Plz if legends are here sub me

  23. Jay Stewie

    Eminem is literally faster than the blonde guy that sang rap god

  24. Cristian Rojas

    Sometimes I wish I could forget this song so I can hear it again and relive the moment.

  25. Mike Khachikyan

    Only Em can rap about his stepdad at 45 years old

  26. James Reese

    Royce is one of the few rappers that ALWAYS holds his own on a Em track. On this one I think he actually has the better verse.

  27. TLFebby

    YOU A MONSTERRRRR !!!!!!!!!

  28. Pietro Anedda

    Unpopular opinion: singing fast does not make a rap song good


    Eminem is raping in speed of 10x. I watch video in 2x. *SUPER FAST*

  30. Eisaiah White


  31. Eisaiah White

    He just lost his rap voice cause his throat opened up more because he was a victim of a stroke and it stayed open wide enough for his testosterone to run and drip down his throat whether he swallows or not, his testosterone drip must keep getting disturbed, after his drip is over with he should feel the muscles in his theoat feel like their moving, that just means its tighten up.

  32. Eisaiah White

    Too much laughing alters their facial features too, I'm trying to keep his brain off of hyper mode until I can figure out what hyper mode does to or for them!!!

  33. kJa'Von

    So, they actually made the dictionary by having EM rap into a mic and transcribing it later... yeahhhh

  34. Eisaiah White

    Tell him to make his brain do it, if he's trying to talk Myrtle tell him to ask Andre how to show him how to reset the conversation, and tell Cruize to tell Andre to retreive the closed captioning it's all distorted now so it's not playing no more, SARIN done entered Monica's spine yesterday, let's see what it do now!!!!

  35. Shane Murphy

    Maybe i'm crazy but I think he might have referenced the 1988 movie Dead Ringers, with the diabolical gynecologist line.....? Love the song!

  36. Jv G

    Wheres Osama been I been Laden lately means Wheres the Lion been I been loading lately. I have to really study Eminems music. Everything he raps has a meaning its just hard to dissect it.

  37. menima AAQ

    Hy em I'm menima .. Ready to against ya .. How you like to mix your glasses ... With gasoline...or some baskin robinez .. zez zez .. Yo I don't how I against up em cause I got a camel so it take time and years ... Please 45 mins I'm in the way ..I will write up rhymes with fresh air above the camel alone with camel beats .. till I arrive your address code tet tet .. delivery here you up your rhymes by menima please say cheese ... Thanks please call again ... I'm happy to deliver menima rhymes from Saudi to theaa ... It tak time and years .. Like the day by 50thousnd day .. so please go in dictionary .. I know my writing weak .. cause I'm menima I just say from my brain .. ohhh that's happening again ... OHHHHHHHOOOO

  38. Eisaiah White

    If his facial features become altered he'll keep producing and running stroke chemicals until he has a real one,, his brain done locked up to stop releasing the stroke chemicals but if he talks outside of his speech pattern their going to begin to run again for corretion fluid until his face locks up just to form a dimple or to produce a look on his face for proof that he's in full stroke mode, he has his own set of a vocabulary brain pattern!!

  39. Don’t look at my channel

    I thought eminem didn’t like mumble rappers?

  40. Luka Glisic

    Eminem failed school because he said that oxygen doesnt exist.

  41. A Anupam

    Eminem on fire...🤯

  42. red ghost

    Nah wait I'm confused isn't juice world ded or am I just trippin

  43. Phát Hồ

    No one: I don't need air

  44. Eisaiah White

    Tell Meek to use his head to conversate because if he uses his mouff too much he's going to alter his facial features!!

  45. Arturo Moreno

    Eminem dont needs oxygen *Oxygen needs Eminem*

  46. IlhaanBlueAce

    It's good at 1.25x speed too Eminem Is even faster

  47. Michael Struss

    Even joe Budden jammed out to this

  48. captain kapakipo

    Lets all take a moment and apreciate the vocals of juice wrld

  49. PambysYT

    2:56 He Is Fucking His Lungs!

  50. Денис Mercurial

    Eminem thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Gareth McDonald

    Why does this man keep going on about his carpet?

  52. Eisaiah White

    He's releasing a shit load of stroke chemicals he's at risk of having a stroke if he gets angry

  53. Eisaiah White

    Somebody in Meeks family must of had a stroke and gave him up for adoption cause they couldn't care for him and become it affected him!!

  54. Brandon Ayong

    Here waiting for that Crooked I Eminem interview tomorrow

  55. Chos3n ZW

    This is litty hits hard 🔥

  56. Eisaiah White

    115 minutes attention span time for Thug since that's his attention span, you have one hour and 55 minutes attention span time, then I'll order transformers!!

  57. Abdhi Perkasa

    Oxygen : u cant live without me human. Eminem: i am bout to end this chemical elements whole carrer.

  58. JustinNettlesVlogs

    All his songs on every album and the ones that aren’t on a album is amazing, only few can compare to em but even then he is still the GOAT...

  59. OpenGL YT

    Oxygen: am I a joke for you?

  60. Black Mike Blackm84

    OK its official Black Though is the GOAT💪🏿🔥

    1. Black Mike Blackm84

      1 and 2 no order Jay-z/Black Though 3.Biggie 4. Kane 5. G.Rap

  61. Kakoytataam_off АГА

    I have not any words! It is so fast! SO FAST. But I wonder why Kids' chanell(Like Nastya Vlog) can be more successfuly than musician! It is strange. SO STRANGE!

  62. Parth Rawat

    I had to pause the music so that he could breathe

  63. GamingWithOmer

    2x speed + rapping part = random dudes speaking random words

  64. Jove coceT [MERCY]

    Есть ли русские слушающие бога рэпа?

  65. packedgoku

    Yeah you're music still sucks

  66. Eisaiah White

    If I answer you before you can get it all out it's cause your 10 minutes attention span has returned, like it's supposed to!!

  67. P. Escobar

    Epileptic people cant look at the lyric video ;)

  68. Lukas

    Me: Yes got rap god fast part. Eminem: beats his rap god record. Me: Shit im so bad.

  69. Jazib Ahmad

    Legend is back with his legendary tracks.

  70. Eisaiah White

    Pimples are electrolytes that doesn't have enough power on them to fly out of the skin,if you eat alot of candy and lay around for at least a week your going to break out, if you run off the sugar in your body and then lay down for a week you shouldn't break out, I forget how it goes do an experiment on it this morning at 115 minutes attention span time in 25 minutes!!

  71. Just Kidding

    After watching this Rap God Nothing compared to this

  72. Dragon Trainer

    2:56 I think it starts

  73. Eisaiah White

    Do what Ronnie did, either cancel the fakes or pay you royalties one or the other!!

  74. Vanidia Ronaldo

    Em"There is something inside me that is a little more happy when i'm angry....there is a rush of it that I like' Listen Stan sons listen ... This is why he never gets old. This line touched me because sometimes we are dark .we just hope that at the end of it all that,the light wins over darkness.

  75. Garrett Smith

    best roast ever

  76. Niobi Murray

    Ok, but why Ed

  77. Tana Best

    I’m not a hater but young ma is not all that like everybody b saying I mean ya she had nice bars from time but she also starting to sound the same on every track

  78. Дима Саврасов


  79. lil' Cris L'antidote


  80. Thebigbad

    I have been murdered. Good job Alfred.

  81. r fdp

    this album sounds like the eminem trap show

  82. Chembil Jingrü

    Anyone realized that the instrumental sounds like some other song?

  83. M Zul TV

    i'm cumming and you're going... made my day!!

  84. every thinger

    One of the best songs in the album

  85. Jay Stewie

    Top 10 Rappers Eminem Was Afraid To Diss 10 .n\a 9. n\a 8. n\a 7. n\a 6. n\a 5. n\a 4. n\a 3. Marshall Mathers 2. Slim Shady 1. Eminem

  86. TotallllyFrEnChH81

    585 Ppl don't know what talent is!! Dislike really?!

  87. a113sabertooth

    If you want to inderstand the last part put it at 0.25 speed

  88. Nubian Vegan

    Lmao I just realised the elevator music was "Venom"

  89. ToastyTuber

    The fact that there is footage of juice after he records the hook is sad, and its even sadder he was supposed to have a verse, but he passed before he could record it.

  90. Villain

    I confuse which song is the best ? Every song is lit 🔥

  91. Geometry show

    2:56 То что ты ищешь 😉

    1. Geometry show

      Интересно я один русский?

  92. Dead Pool

    Eminem is stopping global warming by not breathing

  93. Lucas Thomas

    still waiting for Eminem Joyner and Logic to make a song!!!

  94. Mustafa Kum 10 The most important health related documentaries. you must watch

  95. diungy alisnr

    Eminem: Hmmm lets see. Rap god: PLEASE IM YOUR FASTEST SONG eminem: Not anymore

  96. Km radical

    who is from india here?

  97. Mridul Kumar

    Rip juice wrld

  98. May Lee

    this remind me of greg from the trailer park :D

  99. amazinglollo 1244

    Tu si che sei il vero dio del rap

    1. diungy alisnr

      " Oxygen exists " Eminem: NOPE

  100. 904J-Ville's Loudest

    This album has sold 718000 copies of CDs who in the hell by CDs these days unless it's Eminem the most sold CD since 2009! Fucking car don't even come with CD players and haven't in the last 6-7 years!