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Here you’ll find funny animation stories about high school students. They fall in love❤️, make friends, cheat on the exams📝, and get into plenty of awkward situations😅, just like you do!
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  1. jorje mateo


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  3. Karla Aime De La Cruz Carbucia

    Hola como estas pensando que la gente

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    I love it too

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  12. the crazy gacha life family

    She could teleport like she just did does she have to climb the gate?

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  14. Yavriel Sierra

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  15. cokii, cute, gril i, low, cokiis

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  19. Aaliyah Jumper

    I love your show do you like the best shells I why do you like the best high school shows I watch this so amazing make more make up more of those they are so amazing I just love your shows I almost wash them every day and subscribe I left my notification on it so now I can see the new videos your post I’m watching the mermaid one right now oh I know I’m not I’m watching that I’m watching one of them I just watched one that you guys made three hours ago but I love your videos by check out my mom‘s channel on Facebook

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    Love mermaid🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

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