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  1. Jerry Smith

    i vote for milo/zed cause zed is not a monster imagine one in your head or search it up and there is a BIG diffirences and buck is just a human

  2. ꧁lu chan ꧂

    0:45 Tik tok :)

  3. Mary Barr

    Does anyone else find Idina Menzel's voice incredibly irritating?

  4. Drift

    I think it’s safe to say that we all started to watch this show as a joke but now are in love with it and obsessed with the cast

  5. Ivi Licious

    wait... baby ariel?

  6. Shamia Williamson

    Rip to Cameron Boyce

  7. Fransisco Sotelo


  8. Lakia The Fox uwu

    Your so annoying only are you better in me to Your not in me

  9. torriann sanders

    um ok lol

  10. Duck QuackerCracker

    0:34 MY FAVOURITE PART !!!!!!!!!

  11. Alyse Rickman

    Is this from the actual movie? This wasn’t in the one I saw

  12. Srikar Kalagara

    does anyone else think eliza was way underated in this movie than she was in zombies 1, she got less lines and less of a character

  13. Andrea Sc

    La peor película de Disney

  14. Jenna Helgesson

    Love this song❤

  15. the ghost beware

    *Eliza is my fav she is pretty*

  16. Viviane Muyo


  17. Cayy

    Don’t cry don’t cry don’t cryyyy

  18. CharlieIsn’tBrown

    Ok but this song is literally the movie.

  19. Alexa Buesking

    I love this scene. I've watched it so many times

  20. Loup D Argent

    2:15 I love you Carmen

  21. Johnathan Eldridge

    When I heard this on the show I cried a little because I relate to it to much

  22. Erica Fraser

    I've had this song on repeat for hours lmbo

  23. Oscar Herrera

    Love the movie and love the voice

  24. jenique barnes

    I love it so much. L can not stop watching it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. zeekslider

    I remember this song playing during opening week and watching R3X's movements during the song. He got really into it!

  26. Katherine and Sneijder

    I cant believe baby ariel is in Zombies 2

  27. bonjour itsizzy

    he deserved a standing ovation!!

  28. I Guell.l

    The fact that Olivia Rodrigo wrote the song too 🤩

  29. Rebeca Martins

    No meio na música tem now united pra quem sabe vai ter certeza do que eu tô falando

  30. Misty Daughters

    The whole movie I was like what the frick happened to Doug’s hair?

  31. Julianna Martinez

    I have the same voice 🤣

  32. 犬大好きあっちゃん


  33. Battlefront gamer 42

    Made me cry

  34. Emily Wood

    The songs are so similar to high school musical 2 The all for one to one for all And this song

  35. lྉoྉlྉiྉ- sྉaྉnྉ


  36. Yolanda Hernandez

    I am obsessed with fear song so much I love you zombies 2 1

  37. Logan Williams


  38. jeannette patrick

    I love it

  39. l Ł l Xx Dakota xX l Ł l x UvUz

    If you really think about this, the kids in these movies are always the ones who are doing the right thing. So think about it, we’re millineals. People won’t listen to us, because we’re kids Like them. They fought for what’s right. So cmon Millennials let’s find what’s right! Stop Cilmate Change, Poverty, Hungry, And Discrtimanation. Like they’ve shown us WE ARE ONE! This is our Moment!

  40. Talya Kalua'u


  41. Annika Offner

    2007 I gotta go my own way 2017 space between 2020 gotta find where I belong

  42. Courtney Queeniee

    Wow.. this is hilariously fucking bad

  43. Kim Estrella

    I love it 😍😘🤯😻😹😸👏🏿🤟🏼🖖🏼💪🏻💋

  44. Body Revive

    iLoveyDu Love to zombie channel嗯咯,baby油的钱了吗baby有的爽。嗯了,嗯了,我要下排为Siri Siri啊喂。And love Ryan toys review kid Ryan toys review keep Star Wars love Star Wars so Mobridge嗯,like like哇塞,我喜欢看埃勒问题什么是PK今天卡塔尔I love you I love you I love you Siri阿拉阿拉? 哎呀,妈呀,哎呀,不知道的内幕ring七岁买AirPod可真美绝伦Siri为Siri啊,老是那不就是拿来了。 And all of your Cisco my name is Iris love your channel so much I love all of your channels and yesterday I just got now I just buy the ribbon that is pink for a dress I was mad because it going to make in my area touch my tooth I don’t know I don’t look at my 2 cm I get my grandma to see it was wiggly you see any so Wiggley hair like so Wiggley I love your all so scribers hii

  45. Nathalia Alsayed

    Finish the lyrics “The day started ordinary.”

  46. Aubrey Harris

    Would you rather be a zombie or werewolf??

  47. Xx I’m tired xX

    Like no one see them dancing in the street or like is that just us?

  48. Yeny Garcia

    I watched zombies 2

  49. Pria Kelly

    If they make a zombies 3 and addison's not a wolf imma be upset...... ;-;

  50. BlitzMan83

    Not Gonna Lie, I'm Mad This Great Song Never Mad It Into The Movie.

  51. zeekslider

    I feel like this could be played at Epcot's World Showcase, and nobody would know that it's from Galaxy's Edge...

  52. Patrick Popp

    This song is still good! I am 18 and DAMN THESE ARE ACTUALLY CATCHY

  53. Changer101

    Their voices tho

  54. Charmender Charmender

    Wait but this wasn’t in zombies 2

  55. KittyGamer

    0:46 the good old "get you head rubbed my bobo/jay" :3

  56. Kim Estrella

    I love elsa❤️👌🏻❤️❤️💕💁🏻😃✌🏼😍😘

  57. Nice C.

    1:33 this dance move🥵

  58. Fátima Martel

    Y la fuckin películaaaaaaaaa

  59. Lemon Lime


  60. movies r us

    Is it just me or does the dance look like that on spectacular dance move????

  61. Lawsuit Bitch

    Addison has magic hair :O

  62. o k

    zombies has a sequel damn the writers making easy money

  63. Lawsuit Bitch

    It sounds like kids all together wen they sing

  64. Alyssa Alcantara

    This whole song hits hard 😭😭

  65. Ambreen AlFarooq

    I am impressed with you Jasmine

  66. Luana Melo

    Faltou Brasil :(

  67. Marcos Vinícius Lopes

    E o Português ? E o Brasil? Responsável por grande parte da bilheteria de Frozen! Qual argumento usaram para não levarem a Taryn Szpilman?

  68. SyxxPunk

    1:47 STOP! You're gonna start a Howl!

  69. Lawsuit Bitch

    I the almost the end wen they was shaking with thier hand I looked liked they farted

  70. Callisto Krueger

    I love this song I want Disney to make zombies 3

  71. Michael dejesus

    MEL is the Best

  72. Tomba Green

    Addison is an Alien, she is one of E.T. first cousins. She is an alien that came from the Galaxy. She probably came to cane Earth to ask for help to get back home. She ran out of fuel, she turned into a Human to fit in so she doesn't scare anyone.

  73. Michael dejesus

    MEL is the Best

  74. Supreme J

    Shit we have to wait a whole year for zombies 3😭

  75. Thalyta Paiva

    Brasileiros Cadê Vocês??

  76. Cory Buffalo

    A little off tempo... Aurora and some of her compatriots are too much for the sound transfer from mouth to PA too television. Otherwise very good. Got chills...song isn't that hard

  77. l Ł l Xx Dakota xX l Ł l x UvUz

    *Mom: WAKE Up SChOol* Me: *I can hear you, but I won’t.* Mom: ur getting out of ur DARN BeD GUrL

  78. Trâm Sin


  79. Suhhyun Kim

    Is Addison going to be a wolf?🐺

  80. Nani R

    I’m so obsessed with Aladdin

  81. andres mota

    why is the comment section just filled with theorys

  82. Senpai LemonPop

    Wanna try it duck duck

  83. Ayden Malini

    Why do they say,"green hair is so whatever " when they sang, the bam song at the end of, the movie Zombies? 😞

  84. Trâm Sin

    1trantu 9o

  85. Glendy lopez


    1. Glendy lopez

      6PM 66inches are you guys f you 85th or should we get janaye when we are in a relationship with you 6th date with the other guy who is that guy who 997miles 5AM and the other guy

  86. Angela Osorio

    Maybe just maybe if they make a Zombies 3 he might be a new wolf😱😱😱

  87. Clara Lopez

    Tik tok a entrado al chat*

  88. Luke Huizenga

    I feel like there was definitely an amazing sequel to be had where Anna discovers she has fire powers.

  89. kaylee Rincon


  90. Trâm Sin


  91. Rissay V.

    Why didn’t they do Show Yourself instead??

  92. Makayla Pike

    Me and my mom watched this and found out she’s gonna be a alien next

  93. Quixxez

    I'm sure many will agree when I say I got goosebumps listening to this.

  94. jordan clark

    Did anyone else notice while watching the movie that this song in the beginning tells you who is calling elsa. It literally says "where the north wind meets the sea, there is a mother full of memory" it literally tells us it's her own mother calling her to the river.

  95. Veronica Reyes

    We're going to Area 51 are you with me

  96. gacha life

    Please make a zombies 3

  97. Kittyblox kittyblox got more kitty cats Hoi amigos

    I watched this almost like 50 times

  98. Veronica Reyes

    What are going to Area 51 people at the third movie

  99. Tiggeroo071 Tigger

    My favorite is Willa cus i think im just like her because im a leader too

  100. Андрей Рабинович

    При припеве Gisela и Батурлина - обалденные голоса Эльзы! Нежные, звонкие, очень мелодичные. У Индины, к сожалению, голос некрасивый, прокуренный, как у вороны. А Эльза девушка.