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  1. Roland English

    I cried to this song this is to beautiful 😭😂😭🤣😇💔😱

  2. Kelly Fenton

    Pov: you came from the tiktok

  3. Thatdanceguy Cool

    This is one of my top favorite songs of all three movies.

  4. Mary Fleming

    I love you mal

  5. warrior vinay

    Someone provide lyrics please

  6. Charles Olunloyo

    Descendants is a good movie

  7. John Eldred

    Johnathan young has much better versions

  8. Marra channel Queen Kena


  9. Subscribe and I'll Subscribe back


  10. Giovanna Veridiano


  11. Hahash Hyahahav


  12. kaito castro

    best voice pinoy

  13. Arvi Go

    no hate but i like naomi and mena verson

  14. Maychie Edrada

    Bravo.. Beautifully restored! Nice rendition of the song..

  15. Ruthy 385


  16. koko S

    私は日本語のa whole new worldよりも英語の方が好きです❤️ この曲は世界で一番好きな曲です。 この映画と、この曲に出会える時代に生きられて本当に幸せです。😌 いつも元気をくれる素敵な曲!! I prefer English a whole new world. This is my favorite song in the world. I am really happy to live in this time when I meet this movie and this song. This song is a great song that always cheer me up.

  17. e s t e l l e

    Just a reminder, that’s the same Treavor who says “don’t even worry about it”

  18. Isma Wardah

    3:29 is the best❤️

  19. Estela Fernandez Miguez

    Esta canción es una puta copia de Im yours

  20. Alfiely

    On this song the couples and cheating on each other This is how many people agree 👇🏽

  21. Waseem Hassan Sundoo

    Super. Vk. You. Iiiii. Mal. Vkk

  22. Joey Lee

    This song is the only good thing about this movie,

  23. Waseem Hassan Sundoo

    You. Mal. Fun. Lol

  24. Waseem Hassan Sundoo


  25. brewedkophie

    Oh my god I'm so inlove with these two

  26. Maira Mere

    Cameroon we meet only once but you always put a smile on every one around you

  27. Shahar Rahamim


  28. Brina Tuiavii

    She almost sound like Dora the explorer

  29. Prashant Shiledar

    learning 1 & 2 by swara

  30. Aleeya Mysara Zulhizam

    This song is really good her voice really good😍😍😍😍

  31. Amazing FROG

    I wish this scene were more dynamic like " You'ill never have a friend like me" !

  32. shibu Thammanath

    It's amazing voice of sofia good I'm big fan of you from kerala

  33. Naty Rojano

    Recordando lo bonito que fue mi infancia🥺🤧

  34. MasterOogwayIsntDead __

    Tbh I don’t like it

  35. adam smith

    paw patrol

  36. 미안하다 너무

    미국 영화요?

  37. BrashFix

    Teacher: Today, we will all finger paint The girl named paint:

  38. Divine Grace Timcang

    LISTEN TO REFLECTION BY KATRINA VELARDE 😍👌 You won’t regret listening. Eargasm!!! Best coverrrrrrrrrr

  39. Hira T

    I kinda wish they had someone Arabic or Eastern play Jasmine's role, would have added more authenticity.

  40. Lilly Marino

    my strange addiction

  41. Nagmahal Hindi minahal

    This is beautiful song.... At first It was not the song that captured my attention but now this is my favorite among frozen 2 songs

  42. Anastas Zhuti

    Lea Salonga sing better than you

  43. Hasina Haque

    They can sing it in their own way but I listen to it because I love the song

  44. Hasina Haque

    Good for disable kids love it

  45. Vanesya bella

    I love how they still know how to be a villain even if theyre heroes and they also have this wicked touch in how they talk uwu

  46. Heamen Endale

    My 2 fav singers❤❤

  47. Lolmonster777

    Why do I know this song. What is it from.

  48. Rizky Meilia

    i'm here because runningman LeeKwangsoo voice..

  49. Maria João Masters

    Adórei Habbo✨🌹

  50. WynWyn

    Dis i so gooooood!

  51. Sofia Mondal

    Zhavia has magic in her voice✨❤️

  52. demon_stn

    I Danced to this in the kitchen because I'm home alone

  53. Lol Hi

    Why can I imagine Shawn mendes and Camilla cabello

  54. Smoozy_ Sticks

    This is the only good part of the remake lol

  55. Odrianna Bastian

    This is sooooooo cool. Cameron you look sooooo cool and cute. Mal you look pretty. Evie soo good looking. Celia like your cloths. Jay looking handsome. 🥇🥇🥇🥇😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰😭😭😭😭🌹🌹🌹🌹🎬


    متى سينشر الجزء الثاني على اليوتيوب

  57. yes no


  58. Raquel López Lucas

    Alguien sabe dónde puedo ver las 2 películas???🙏🙏

  59. Venus Andrea


  60. GatoRis0n

    panzona aguilera

  61. Solange Griffin

    I really think that it looked very interesting and very fascinating to see that

  62. heltick

    I love this song it is sooooooo gooooodddddd

  63. leza.mengullo 81

    Beyoncè forget that she's singin in duet not on solo.

  64. heltick

    I love the song it is my go to song if i am sad now it is that good

  65. Anya Atcheson

    I loved it

  66. IxID4rkM00nIxI WildCraft


  67. Wlegend mulan

    loyal 여자끼리의리 brave 불평등한 사회를 발견하고 싸우는 용기 true 나의 진실된 강함을 발견하는 솔직한 매력

  68. heltick

    It is very catchy and my fave weapon of choice is the nun chucks

  69. Wlegend mulan

    미친한국엄마들. 모성애로애키우니쓰레기남자만들지. 애좀 오냐오냐그만 키워서, 예의바르고, 선지키는 사람 만들어라. 한국 잘못키워진 남자 진짜 극혐.

  70. queen-rianna Brown

    This song is ok but kicking in that'' song

  71. D D

    😢I am crying. Can you share my experience?

  72. Munteanu Madalina

    Too much? 😀😀😀

  73. Ha ru

    Sign languase as one of the ways to sing. Fabulous

  74. Tristan Reyes

    I would have preferred if Lela, Queen of the Beach was the sequel of Wet Side Story not changing the Wet Side Story Into Lela, Queen of the Beach

  75. Brooke Reads

    When I was 7: I wanna be Gabriella Me at 21: I wanna be Ryan

  76. Jenecarjan Gonzales Mangilit

    I got goosebumps. My favorite singer of all time ❤️

  77. Trần Da Đen


  78. clementine mafuta

    This is how many ppl who loves her beautiful voice 💖💖💖 👑 👇🏾 👑 👇🏾

    1. Nukhebuk

      @clementine mafuta It's Hebrew

    2. clementine mafuta

      Nukhebuk which language is it then

    3. Nukhebuk

      Excuse me but this is not in Chinese

  79. Fatima Moumi

    Even she felt the song while singing.And just look at her expressions..omg 😍😍

  80. Dean Elyjah

    What an outstanding Voice!!!