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  1. Hany Adel

    i do it for 2 days rightnow ... really effective especially when am fast ;)

  2. Maria Cavarretta


  3. Iliana Ph.

    The song choices were 🔥

  4. It’s me Stella

    I DID IT

  5. Paolah Gaytán Dávila

    Looooooove the dance music ❤️

  6. It’s me Stella

    Her-doing the super mans Me-looking like a beached whale

  7. TaeTae BaeMine

    BRUH it hurts so bad i feel like im working my organs

  8. Meike

    Ich habe jetzt lange keinen Sport mehr gemacht über den Winter und habe heute aus der Laune heraus dieses Training gemacht. Es hat mir so viel Spaß gemacht das ich danach noch das Best Of gemacht habe. Meine Energie ist so dermaßen heraus gesprudelt und ich habe mich sooo gut gefühlt. Danke Pamela, ich werde jetzt wieder mit deinen Workouts anfangen!

  9. It’s me Stella

    Ok now post the beginner

  10. Sofia Busolin

    Love this workout

  11. Bert Hein

    i wanna know.. how many people watched this... and actually found it helpful and didnt just jerk off. seriously.

  12. Bluejay

    Definitely not for beginners (for me) :D

  13. Yi yo

    Can someone tell me how many calories this workout burns? I know it is quite individually, but just as orientation😊

  14. Kristýna Herková

    Love this workout <3 70-100kcal

  15. детка Чика

    Day one.

  16. Julia Schmidt

    Is anyone here that can’t make the high knee move because your parents would hear that?

  17. Barbara

    I just did it with a SMILE like what!? I hate working out and always quit those 2 week shred on day 5 or 3 but like this is fun. Im gonna do this all day like! whaaat!?

  18. M S

    By far the best cardio workout of pamela. Love this!

  19. raissa MEZINE

    i will do this every day +one video of chlloe ting +diet +1L.5 of watter weight :63 kg heigh :159 cm day 1 :done day 2: day 3: day 4: day 5: day 6: day 7: final weight :

  20. PB-Movitaing myself for a better butt side channel

    I gotta have more inspiration. :D 1 like = 10 glute bridges with 15lbs on waist along with my normal routine. Help me get that nice summer butt :p Good luck everyone else

  21. Demetra

    OMG For a moment I thought I would fade... I did a mistake to workout with full stomach... But this workout was a hard one for a full stomach. Anyway, I'm glad I made it to the end!💪😎

  22. Мария Асенова

    Proud of everyone who made it to the end! It's week 16 now, we have come so far! Don't give up!

  23. Julia Schmidt

    How do I not damage my elbows?

  24. Fatima

    how can she hold her booty like that in the last few exercises omggggg

  25. kidz can too

    i felt my glutes get stronger! i love these kind! when you can feel it!

  26. Esperanza Aguilar

    Hard but did it, sweated alot! Thanks!!

  27. aung myin

    I check every work out videos wherether I can do or not.if it seems I can't do, bye bye and next video. Lol

  28. Simran

    Day 1 - couldn't do it for more than 10 mins that too with breaks

  29. Samar Samy

    fair play to anyone who actually did this without lowering their booty

  30. Carla Troskie

    I did not know that cardio could be so much fun! Thank you, Pamela.

  31. Kyla Nwonye

    XOXO Love the exercise

  32. Alex Sizov

    Самое главное начать, а там и ржать перестанешь))))

  33. kidz can too

    wont my neck get bulky if i cant relax my neck? i normally can but couldnt with this one. help!

    1. Ashley Brandenburger

      You can support your neck with your hands

  34. Lê Ngọc Vân Anh

    Có ai từ Linh Ngọc Đàm qua đây không =))))))))))))

  35. Lupsii Luuu

    Soooo easy

  36. Valentina

    I just burned 68kcal :(

  37. Zümi Kösek


  38. Sárinka

    It may have worked, but I feel good.

  39. Poland

    Mom pick me up im scared

  40. Dani Akmad

    when i saw jump squat i said “nah darling not today”

  41. Liv Provosty

    after doing alexis rens and daisys keech...this killed me

  42. Alena Gregušková

    I this workout, squat hold looks like a rest :)

  43. Tarana Kapur

    plank jacks, music- thats how i feel rn me- i cant feel rn.

  44. ari

    does anyone's lower back bother them? What am i doing wrong?

    1. PB-Movitaing myself for a better butt side channel

      You should record yourself doing some of the exercises and then compare your technique to hers :). Good luck

  45. Kyla Nwonye

    Thanks so much Pamela

  46. KrukulTV

    Biggest bullshitt i see and make

  47. Masuma Masrat Toya

    Your all videos is awesome...

  48. Nada Siraj

    When I see ur beauty look I thought ur name is Katie Reid

  49. clara clara

    Pam if you can change the music i will appreciate it! :)

  50. Nggoc Annn

    Pls make more video like this 🥺

  51. julia

    the best cardio ever ♥

  52. Rainbow Butterflies

    Whoever says planks feel like breaks is either lying or not doing it right lmao

    1. Ashley Brandenburger

      Ikr haha they prbly have their buts up in the air or something.

  53. Berilyum

    I did. yeeee bhvjhgvgbc

  54. Natalie Ddd

    Does anyone notice that Pam chose the same leg for the diagonal steps? I was confused 😅

  55. Almond milk.

    i literally get so happy while doing this xd

  56. Baguette

    O....M....G bon niveau là!

  57. Celia Rocchia

    first time trying this, not even done and i’m DYING, she looks so calm and is talking at the same time, how does she do it !!?

  58. N Kh

    Your channel is THE BEST :)

  59. sepideh seraj


    wow...senza parole.. FANTASTICO! Ho appena finito il workout e mi sono divertita troppo

  61. Aksa Anil

    When working out with Pamela I have no idea where the time flys

  62. Kim Ngọc Hồ


  63. theUnwingedSquirrel

    Thank you for your vids, really saving me during covid! Would it be possible for you to add tips on the subtitles by any chance? Like which muscles or body part I should be focusing on? I'm afraid I might just be 'pretending' to follow the workout!

  64. E E

    I’m sad the last two weeks you hav not posted a dance workout schedule. That was the most fun schedule where I had fun felt the burn and sweat the sweaty schedule is too boring for me to do I get bored and then don’t follow the schedule

  65. iMerii21

    Hey community ✨ do you directly start with this workout or it’s necessary to make a warm up before ? Thx for the answers ✨💥

  66. Ola

    i LOVE this stretching! it was really relaxing and especially my back is grateful <3

  67. iMerii21

    Question : do you start with this workout directly or do you make a warmup before?

  68. Kaja ajaK

    it's so tiring but worth it 😍

  69. Gönül Eyice

    hayatımda daha uzun bi 10 dakika olamazdı

  70. Juliette bvirzi

    The funnier and happier dance video you ever made!!! love it soooo much! I want to do it every day!!

  71. just a dude

    Okay who else thinks she made a mistake and this is not low impact?🥲

  72. Emma

    Pamela really said "let me put 10 seconds rest in between super hard exercises and call it beginner" great workout, my abs were on fire!

  73. Lilian V

    How can she still look so pretty after workout.... I look like melted cheese

  74. نرگس محله باغی

    is veryyyyyyy hard l'm trid ☹😰💜

  75. Blíblo

    The chair pose was like playing Twister with myself. 😄❤

  76. Talya Rotstain

    bro I can not walk

  77. Elif Kartal

    Love love love 💕💕💕

  78. Karol Wall

    done It for 1st time didnt believe how stiff and hard my body is ... but I finished it lol gona do every day + some work out. thank u Pamela ur my favourite trainer ♡

  79. hatpb

    I always only feel lunges, squats etc in my legs not my glutes, does anyone have tips? The only ones I feel my glutes with are kickbacks and stuff like that

  80. Ishika Avasthi

    someone please help! I cant feel the burn in my thighs, instead my whole body is shaking like crazy. Am I doing this right or wrong?