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  1. Leo Sajnovic

    this is everything

  2. Alexandra Hernandez

    seeing tod mouth the words in the back got me 😂

  3. Candy Corn

    What was the music

  4. Cindy Valencia

    This is too funny

  5. Mohammed Siddique

    The only reason this is dirtier is because Zane is singing ngl

  6. Tommy Pearson

    Make this a song that we can buy please

  7. Cheska Abejo

    Its almost a year afteer this viddd wheres hidayas realll channelll

  8. Jaelyn Trevino

    Zane when he realizes the song says “there’s some whores in this house” instead on “hoes in this house”

  9. TTV TimeKpR

    This is actually better than the original imo

  10. Sasha Goldsmith

    Can you post the instrumental cover so we can sing wap too please

  11. Olivia and Eugene

    Absolutely beautiful, i think i even shed a tear.

  12. Laura Leaman

    This is literally my favorite video ever

  13. Nicholas

    This is funny af 😂😂😂👌🏻

  14. Samman Jha

    I am going to play this in my marriage because my family does not understand English and me and my friends can have a good laugh about it.

  15. xInfectionn

    matt looks like he's yawning

  16. Diya J Marar

    I feel like every line is stabbing me

  17. Keshav Mundra

    Natalie is like where tf I am😂

  18. treyana rose


  19. Shark Girl

    Omg I love this so much

  20. Mr. Abhishek Rawat

    Hey ... dont make me laugh

  21. YahyafromYT Yahya

    look at addison

  22. Govardhan A B

    2020 - Aliens come........(silence).... 2020 - ZANE 'S WAP IS FUKING AMAAZINGGG🤯🤯

  23. Peachy Clean ㄥㄩᐯ

    Did anyone know that he was just grabbing random songs and adding them up 👁👅👁

  24. Lauren Colby


  25. Emily Cornwall

    LOL I finally can understand the lyrics

  26. Icey

    Why is this SO much better than the original

  27. Emily S.

    this better be played at my funeral

  28. AnistyMarie

    love both versions babyy

  29. c a r o l i n e a l l i s o n

    this feels like a meme

  30. Emma Olsson

    My wedding song 💒

  31. BIG SOLE

    wtf this fkn funny asf

  32. TT Jenkins

    How could you be serious I’m this video

  33. kalinios

    This is definitely better than the original. LMAO

  34. Joelle Sterling

    Did i see addison rae

  35. Daniel Tovell

    well done Zane!!

  36. Mysterious Mora

    When he made Todd sing it to omg 🤣🤣

  37. Kaitlyn Richmond

    This is amazing

  38. Nimra Ishtiaq

    Is it just me or the girl in thumbnail on the left side of Zane looked like Addison Rae?

  39. paindegod

    Did no one catch stass laughing at 1:55

  40. DK Sandoval


  41. Love for game #lol

    Mr unlucky please please please please don't

  42. Vydas


  43. Mearg Gebrehiwot

    is it me or mariah and liza have a perfect form, i know mariah is a dancer but way to go liza!

  44. Ryein G.

    If anyone thinks this is terrible does not understand Zanes sense of humor. I laughed the entire time 🤣

  45. Grace Burke

    Why’d Zane’s vocals just absolutely snap tho

  46. Catherine Campbell

    Liza and Mariah would have been awesome fly girls.

  47. Thomas Kempf

    Alright I'm just gonna say it. This made me shed a tear or two.

  48. Tomás Gonçalves

    this made me cry

  49. AngieVic Vlogs

    zane a clown 😂😂

  50. BigLion654

    bro i love this guy im dead

  51. Life With 3

    Am I the only one that thinks this is better than the original 🤔

  52. Halle Kunjah

    I know stas was dying of laughter on the inside

  53. PrOSs

    Dam that’s actually good

  54. Catherine Campbell

    The whispering in this song reminds me of Robin's music video after Let's Go to the Mall.

  55. m bc

    Cardi b needs to get a pen and a pad to take notes lol.

  56. Taylor Marie

    i love mayday parade

  57. Movies

    His seita N

  58. Laura Aloun

    RIP to the kids watching this

  59. Silvia Loredo

    I love this 😭😂❤️❤️❤️

  60. Nathan Burdo

    that was literally incredible

  61. Naomi Davis


  62. Lilly Yearley

    I love this his voice is angelic

  63. MadisonMVlogs

    Why is Zane's voice really not bad in this song???

  64. Bec Beep beep

    Im so serious when I say play this at my funeral

  65. Kelsey Riverdale


  66. Hailey Goble

    My mom was dancing to your intro😂😂

  67. Love for game #lol

    Mr unlucky please please please please please please don't

  68. Katie Howell

    Okay but this is actually beautiful 😂😂

  69. Naomi Davis


  70. wierd child


  71. fatamtam


  72. Michael Leonard

    The lyrics are actually "There's some whores in this house"....Other than that I actually really liked it. Just hearing the wrong lyrics irks me.

  73. Noel Colon

    The song was all right you did you miss

  74. Him.J.

    Wtf ! How can they be so serious while singing ! I would have laughed hard 😂😂

  75. Gabriel Garcia

    Why dis go hard 😔😏

  76. Macy Merrell

    How is this better than the original 😅😂

  77. Bill Murray

    If this guy isn’t gay I don’t know what is

  78. Bill Murray


  79. Caveman

    Guaranteed she got wet when he got in her face. Guaranteed

  80. Gaming kid

    pov: ur watching this before you go to your zoom meeting.......