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  1. Simran Sindhu

    Me at break in my new school

  2. II Emerald II

    Let’s see how many people are still watching this in 2021?

  3. Brookie _Cxxkie


  4. Moca XX

    🩸🍷🌹 Lovin it~

  5. matteo

    who's here in 2021

  6. Norita Antika

    true,, it's so HARD, to make them understand :')

  7. Non Existent

    This reminds me of the galaxy is endless

  8. Aina Petrus

    I need friends 😭😭 real ones

  9. Cheska Gayle Hewe

    My boybestfriend hate kpop and he wish that kpop will die😭🖕

  10. krishna BTS

    Any malayalees

  11. Kxislyrxse

    “I’m not being rude can you give me my space” Me: When Madison Beer sees the future 👁👄👁

  12. Eunice Cariño

    "And she's not ready for that" Me: And she's not ready to die-

  13. Ala Gatoloai

    wow i love that song and i have no friends

  14. Ferdinand Variety Shows

    No Indian very bad. But i am Indian and i am malayali Kerala.Gods own country

  15. Cadence Booth

    Who else really has no friends and are socially awkward

  16. Papadia

    i was obsessed with this song being my gach alife videos background music and omg i was so young

  17. Natalie

    Why did I like this song? :sob:

  18. Peaches and cream

    the fact that I accidently click this video and im not regret it

  19. Ron Santelices

    This song is good when your bf is cheating on you

  20. Pee-Jay Carag

    Andrea Brillantes is that you? Hahahaha

  21. trisha minne

  22. Nevaeh Dutton

    Today my friend ditched me for a more girly friend so this realates-

  23. Emily Rundell

    me: *listening to this song* my dad wondering if I'm ok

  24. Cristy Tandingan

    Why do I see my fellow armys in the comments?

  25. Merin Stone

    Uh I don’t have any friends but I might have my bros

  26. moonstone gacha

    I'm in love with someone who doesn't even exist if you know what I mean

  27. Lawrence Cabel

    I remember my pet cat and dog

  28. Chevy Vivero

    This reminds me of my fake freind she just wants my money then she moved in another school and then i have some real freinds I have two besties :D but.. I miss my other real freind tho :( she also moved in another school

  29. Lance Gabriel San Juan

    whos here in 2021 be honest

  30. InJail OutSoon

    Im the only one the hears tomorrow I said hi

  31. JJ Santiago

    The sad thing is in 3rd grade I wrote this song to my crush on paper 😰

  32. Me,Myself,and I

    Im just trying to be myself but somtimes i get confusined 'cuz i cant read social cues ReLaTaBlE

  33. iiMxoonCxhild •

    This was/is my favorite song.

  34. Itx Hailey

    Who didnt know the song but when daneilya sang it we all searched for it

  35. Mushymellowdino

    *This song really suits the quiet kid* HAAAAAAA ... Me ·~·

  36. Natalie Vega Huaman

    E encanto la musica

  37. subtitled music

    Whats your editor?

  38. Kar

    I am about to be 50. And I feel this way too sometimes. Hang in there to all you young ones. Just make you important to you! Don't fret on these things. One day you will realize it doesn't matter! There is so much other there that is FAR more important.

  39. Irma Pacheco

    genius i love you

  40. PysChoxoヅ웃

    I think is song the best❤😁

  41. Muhammad Arinda revaldo

    2021 hello from indonesia 😁✋🌈

  42. karla santana

    Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful Most girls, work hard, go far, we are unstoppable I wanna be like, I wanna be like, most girls ✨

  43. Emma Debora James

    Me and my friend made a dance but we real friends

  44. Lacey Jaey

    I absolutely love this song and the tiktok tag that you and Elijah Wood played brought me to your CSsel page which led me to adding some of your other tunes.. I think you should plug his name in here somewhere for helping Produce it.

  45. Eleonora Bertoia

    as a girl that suffers from anxiety and depression I can really understand this lyrics😪

  46. Spence A

    Best Fifa 19 song hands down!!

  47. Tay Williams

    Fridays zng so I'm signed up to dfsatxhidgyax😥😥😥😥🥰🥰🥰😡😡😡😡😡😤😂❤️💔👁️👄👁️🙏🥀

    1. Tay Williams


  48. fluxiha t

    anyone else hear Britney Spears - if you seek Amy?

  49. Oliver Berg

    penywise has on his rush 0:24

  50. Sanjida Khan Tuhin

    These is the inner voice of mine Tnx for such a lovely song ❤️❤️❤️

  51. Sneakey Kayle GG

    All my thoughts in a song.. im.. breathtaken.

  52. Dreala Vue

    i love this song.....❤️

  53. Warda Drm

    Team tiktok 😆

  54. Chewy

    I was playing last garden when this song came on . It fits a lil to well with the game.

  55. UniHorns

    Anyone listening in January?

  56. Talita Maia


  57. AleXa Faye

    my lizards treat me better than some people-

  58. Đurđa Bajić

    The fact that the song just came up in the moment i found out that i can trust noone, even my best friend

  59. K. T.

    this is just to say and to take into account that even the 'most beautiful' people have insecurities and that they're human beings. You just really have to think about that

  60. Crystalina Sanchez

    when i found this song it literally made me sooo happy because her voice is so powerful

  61. Lena Ailenei

    She sounds Like a mix between Ava Max and Sia

  62. Cato The Fairy

    So true... Princesses don't cry But queens do... ...Because they don't care what others think!

  63. BrownieHunt

    -Addicted to Happiness be like I'm BOOTIFULL AND ITS TRUE I'm Funny I'm Kind I'm Strong I'm Supportive I'm a awesome Actress I'M AWSOME I'M BOOTIFULL I'M KAWAIII I'M UWUWUWA I'M FANTASTICOOO EVERYONE IS BOOTIFULL I SMILE ALOT I MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY I LOVE EVERYONE UWA THE WORLD IS BOOTIFULL THE WORLD IS STRONG - this is what i say to myself every day thats why I'm Addicted to happiness LMAOOO

  64. Ammu

    Why am I even crying while watching this Cause I am not a princess

  65. Tony Wong

    WHAT are you doing today

  66. Daredevil

    Song- WhEn YoU ToUcH Me YoU TaKe Me To HeAvEn Me- Ohhh you meant gacha club 😎

  67. Bineee 01

    Wow whats a Song! Whats a Sound!!😍♥️

  68. Banani Kalita

    atleast you have Shawn 😭

  69. Lena Ailenei


  70. Star Lynx :3

    Я сейчас читаю английские комментарии и пытаюсь переводить их... Знаете что? Мои уроки по английскому прошли напрасно 🌚

  71. وائل الحسيني

    Wow, chanson si douce


    Who's here in 2021??

  73. badbleep_bontle

    January 2021...hi

  74. I am Nabil

    It's 2021 and I'm still here. Are you?

  75. Reece Stabler

    Anyone listening to this in 2021?

  76. hifza jamal

    She nailed it..💔💔 and it's fucking relatable

  77. J. Katsaki

    Kaito and Maki anyone?

  78. Zoltán Berta

    Magyarok is hallgatják vagy csak én egyedül?

  79. Meliina M.

    To:Ms.Potato Head come to my birthday we will eat cake, milk and cookies make sure u wash ur dishes with soap ooh and we can make a gingerbread man after and its a bummer my carousel doesnt work but well play tag ur it outside instead after we play in my dollhouse we can ride bikes but ima use training wheels we can watch ur video tittled by your name "Ms.Potato Head" we my friends will be here from mad hatter same with alphabet boy oh and my sisters a crybaby so my mom will pacify her same with blue boy and Beth anne bc blue boy inviting her >:come to my pity party pls and my mom will wash u ur sippy cup ill show u my teddy bear.we can have a playdate another time too. sincerely crybaby,

  80. Aya Doro

    This song so so so so so cool