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  1. jesus christ

    my name is Ben and when he said that I thought I was the chosen one

  2. Gabriel Arkangelo

    We'll get the perfect light saber when it's able to cut through such materials in, like.. 10% of the needed effort and time. There and then the army is going to have a serious proposition for you guys.

  3. Josh Bg

    Bruh, no one gonna talk about the fact he literally burnt baby toda to death😩

  4. Ghostboy 7734

    In about ten years this man will make the infinity gauntlet

  5. NeonWolfss YT

    How dare you hurt baby yoda 😡

  6. Amy Anderson

    that's the day before my birthday

  7. Solid ApeMan

    Kids today be like “OmG ItS ThE GuY FrOm FoRtNiTe!!!”

  8. Amanda Lum

    U should make the hole suit of iron man

  9. ich will nur zeichnen

    Can you build a omni wreanch on Ratchet & Clank

  10. Ollipop

    They stole predator from fortnite

  11. Funny Memes

    I felt so long since Grant has passed... it is quite the strange sense of time...

  12. I is groot

    But has Eddie Hall tried yet

  13. Pradeep Kunwar

    hey hacksmith can you upgrade the kingsman umbrella

  14. ThunderYT

    Try to do BB-8 from Star Wars

  15. Javi Linares

    If you do the full iron man you are the BEST un the world

  16. Big Blue Solutions Limited

    3:45 : you go to the restaurant and the waiter comes and you say” can I have it done by a plasma lightsaber”

  17. Hamzah Khalid

    Question, What is the hardest puzzle in the world Me, Uhh, putting to together kylo rens lightsaber hilt?

  18. joshua gough

    Hey you should make the sheika slat from the legend of zelda breath of the wild.

  19. Darkrift 859

    Imagine bringing this into FNAF...

  20. Katie Alcott

    That was cool

  21. Clean My Kix !!!

    2:58 He Got knock the fuck out

  22. Nelson R

    I know they built a rope pistol, but they can design it as the "anti-personnel maneuvering equipment" that appears in Shingeki no kyojin, the harpoon is fired from the arm and acts as a rail for the rope but the mechanism that retracts the rope is in the back Greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷

  23. K_Luua

    Aruan felix

  24. the one true epic

    Imagine if they tried to build a gyrosphere from jurassic world

  25. Fuzzy

    Try make something close to Thor’s hammer but not that u can activate it to come back when u throw it

  26. A human

    3 years late, but wow you guys did an amazing job with these swords

  27. Super Loganzo

    i just notice one of the songs at the start is a song my favorite mtg channel uses!!

  28. Tempest Johnson

    did anyone see he broke his tile with stormbreaker

  29. Justin Martinez De Los Satos

    The wapon most dangeours is the junk cannon. Becouse can destroy all world

  30. dragon ball Zastępcy

    Bro imagine if he start working for army

  31. Zone gameing

    Hack smith is epic

  32. Hanna S

    *Is burning money in half an iron man suit-* Tony Stark hase possessed him 😔🙏✨

  33. Maximus Beebe

    you should make some type of boots or shoes that can make you jump higher

  34. Chriv

    Its not a Flshlight XD or have you a pocket there its fit into?

  35. Hanna S

    Im actually worried that he might take over the world at this point man..

  36. 1106 Productions

    did anyone notice how at 15:13 the song is called boba fett epic theme even though thats clearly the Mandalorian theme

  37. My name is Jeff at YT

    I watched this while making a rocket from kiwi ko 🤣

  38. Maximus Beebe

    you should make a chainsaw sward!!!

  39. Ryan M

    How is it different from a flameblower

  40. Solutions 4U

    18:37 he fart

  41. Maximus Beebe

    you guys should make a sword that has a chainsaw in the back or take the whole blade and make it into a chainsaw!!!1

  42. Caleb Gabay


  43. Carlton Musenze

    Guys should stop complaining about Hacksmith Industries you guys have done so much!

  44. Yeah I'm kinda a big deal

    My counter broke just trying to watch this video

  45. DragonGamesNL

    Does he still heart comments?

  46. FuryFox 1000

    Make the Excalibur from the game assassins creed Valhalla

  47. ReverlaxGamer

    Can you make blades of chaos from God of war?

  48. Maximus Beebe

    yo guys should make a chainsaw sword!!

  49. Maximus Beebe

    you guys should make a chainsaw sword!!!! and this power loader is going to be great i just know it!!! good luck

  50. James Manassee

    Taking flashing ur brights to a whole new level

  51. Mr TZ

    U are the next iron man confirmed 😉🤖

  52. sana shan 07

    The real ones know an India guy made this first

  53. Maximus Beebe

    you should make a chainsaw sword!!!!! pls

  54. Maximus Beebe

    you should make a chainsaw sword!!!!!

  55. Maximus Beebe

    you should make a chainsaw sword!!!!!

  56. Michael Cu

    Meh. This has been done before.

  57. Maximus Beebe

    you should make a chainsaw sward!!!!! from MAX

  58. Aidan

    You should make rocket raccoons shield

    1. Aidan

      Gun I meant

  59. Dhairya Shah

    Your channel makes me so inspired and motivated. I want to intern for you! Please! I would give anything LITERALLY anything to do an internship with you.

  60. andrewmdoza07

    Wait have you guys made a Pokéball

  61. topher wilkins

    Ill name... Neutron Star

  62. Samuel Fultz

    Double jumP how bout fly hhhmmmmm

  63. Arvin Zare

    We love this

  64. James Bonnett

    Yo you should make iron spider arms

  65. Caden McCord

    These men will survive the apocalypse

  66. MAGO azul

    keep weapons in hiding because this saber cuts everything

  67. Monroy Diergaardt

    Stop talking to much

  68. Cheeseeater 77

    Like this ???

  69. LuckyZoom Official


  70. fouoii gyhh

    That's legitimally incredible.

  71. Peter Rudenko



    I am form 2021...

  73. Jeremy Lechalupe

    I hâve idea for next vidéo, you have already do attack on titan sworde now do the graple

  74. marco gomes

    This video worths 1000 likes....

  75. Иван Зубов

    Надо было 🍳

  76. Youss Gaming

    am i the only one that thinks in 10 years their gonna make predators disappearing device?????

  77. Ronald Villamor

    I can imagine the Neighbours trying to sleep and randomly see smoke