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  1. Badcoolshadow

    John Cena's Peacemaker has just been confirmed to be getting his own HBO Max series! Can't wait!!!

  2. Sara sky

    My youngest daughter recommended, carrying a deep meaning

  3. SingingYeti Gtr

    Am I the only one that finds the knives battle too fast? He's supposed to slow down in order to go through the shield. Still excited thought!

  4. Foguete400

    Αⅼⅼ Ǐ ḣаⅴе fοr уοս іѕ а ḋսⅿḃ ոіǵǵеr ԝḣο саո't рⅼау

  5. Ognyan WLR

    The only cool thing in the video is the Music !

  6. sahil Bashir

    And therefore "TENET" ended leaving my mind with the endless farrago of confusions and questions, though in the most amusing way..... 🙏

  7. Dino Razor341

    something in the way is perfect for the trailer

  8. Haris Mehmood

    One of the greatest trailer of all time....

  9. Dino Nugget

    me: im gonna watch this movie for the plot the plot: harry styles :D

  10. sar ala

    Dunkirk(2017) : A major Cyclone is coming towards the shore. Tenet(2020) : It's a total disaster.

  11. sar ala

    Dunkirk was below par if not flat.Tenet seems to be crashing and penned hard by the critics .It seems Mr. Nolan has lost his mojo .

  12. Dan Threepwood

    December 18, 2020. Check. Only 86 very very long days to go!

  13. Susie Q

    Really? Why are the movies showing or coming up soon, about a new world? Stop already. Show something more uplifting.

  14. caleb patton

    What’s it rated?

  15. Martiina91

    2:53 - Can´t help but think of the show called HEROES. Its poster was pretty much the same. Even though this one is probably more of a Pink Floyd related eclipse thing since their song Eclipse was used as a soundtrack..

  16. Achmad Ramadhan VF

    *_Wonder Woman 1984_* (2020) Full Movie HD Full Movie Streaming 🎬 4k quality HD ➥ 🙏🏻 flix-easywatch.blogspot.com/ 🙏🏻 All Subtitles I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo

  17. Music update

    Amazing movie

  18. Wayzz

    I made my own trailer for this if anyone wants to see it, no WW or doomsday fyi. cssel.info/video/video/tKCip3y22YNxnIg.html&lc=UgzJ4_lk6SeNyCcbCxB4AaABAg.9Dv6J0bNvug9DxZbhse6_5

  19. Skyler Spence

    I was somewhat excited at first. But then i got super excited after finding out its directed by Dennis Villeneuve. Eventhough hes more famous for Blade runner (2017), Sicario, and Arrival. He directed Enemy (2013) which is my favorite movie of all time, that movie changed my whole perspective in films in general.

  20. verydumb • 27 years ago • edited

    Trust me, dont watch this movie when you’re high

  21. that.kid. jp.draws


  22. that.kid. jp.draws

    To think they are filming this movie RIGHT NOW!!! 😭❤️❤️❤️🦇💯

  23. that.kid. jp.draws


  24. that.kid. jp.draws


  25. crisanto cortez

    James Gunn could probably direct his own fart and it would probably still be a hit, now we half polka dot man probably as comic relief. I’d say DC hires James Gunn for a couple more movies.

  26. V4l3nt1n b4rr0s0

    This is scared?

  27. Gentle Man

    My Batman ❤️

  28. Nico Moodley

    I am not going to risk my life to see a movie. See you in 2021.

  29. Julius KIm

    Has it already been a month?

  30. TheFanMan

    TENET is still TENET spelled backwards, clever title.

  31. Martiina91

    And that is how Pink Floyd will gain a new generation of fans! Just saying ;)

  32. Rachel Murray

    I literally have no idea what I just watched and I'm pretty sure when I come home from the theater tonight that I will _still_ have no idea what I just watched.

  33. ________

    The Italian shoe with black hair looks cute Imo.

  34. True

    I'm not joking, this sequel was actually ON PAR with The Shining itself. It surprised the hell out of me given the stupid title. But it was super creepy and scary, the acting, scenes, and storyline were very good, and therefore I would highly recommend it. I still can't believe they actually managed to make not only a decent but an awesome sequel to the Masterpiece called The Shining. I might just watch it again soon.

  35. EerstElliot

    I'm really addicted to this Trailer... 😄

  36. Ryan Taylor

    Hold on since when he beam a blue fucking lazer tho

  37. Craig with Monster Drink

    Fun fact: Every time you watch this you’re 2:24 seconds closer to the release date.

  38. Hydhsgsfr Ndhysystr

    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja

  39. Kevin98

    2014: interstella 2017: dinkirk 2020: tenet What's next?

  40. Immersive Comics

    Me after finishing the trailer for the millionth time AWWWW ITS REWIND TIME

  41. William Fong

    keep replaying this trailer just for the soundtrack.... amaZing

  42. Jacob Gilbert

    This is the song that made me want to be a marine ❤️

  43. joe16730

    2:27 (Bottom right) when the warzone match is lagging

  44. T. Martin Studios


  45. christmastiger

    I zoned out during this and personally hate Timothy Chalamet so at least my expectations are low

  46. Ferdinando Fallica

    Who's here after Zack Snyder's Justice League trailer?

  47. Rafael Martínez

    Sueño frustrado de venezolano, nunca fui a dunas JAJAJAJAJSJA

  48. Why Not

    I just hope they dont keep carrying the same tropes with this one. Its annoying the double standards some fans hold Batman to, but not other characters.

  49. late night wizard !

    The Godzilla song was far more epic with puff daddy.lol jk

  50. cinnamon babe

    Are we serious about Pete Davison and Sean Gunn acting in The Suicide Squad?

  51. Keshav Krishna Balaji

    "Who the Hell are you supposed to be".... I was kind of expecting "Im batman"


    What a disappointing choice of music for the trailer...

  53. Jeremy Zumwalt

    Its just crazy that these events took place 100 years ago and this is the footage of what happened.

  54. Firmino 9

    Never been so addicted to a trailer

  55. ShaDDDow BaNNNed

    Anybody who bitches about movies about smart shit just needs to realize theyre not that bright.

  56. Thriller Master

    Someone, please help me, I can't stop watching the vengeance scene again and again.

  57. Anugath Narayanan

    Can't Wait

  58. shir shy

    so when are we going to see it with all that mess???

  59. Shard113

    THe second half of this music DOES NOT BELONG in a Dune movie. There, I said it. Also, BRING BACK MY SANDWORMS. What are those giant anuses?

  60. Reach

    I believe I am not the only one here who keep pressing replay button because of the soundtrack haha

  61. Potato Birb

    If this movie is what American society like (no I'm not just talking about the Joker) then good luck.

  62. SuMter218

    Yeah I’m watching again biggest movie I’m excited for in awhile

  63. Mr. Nobody

    The 80s was such a vapid and shallow decade with the worst music and some pretty shitty films. Why set it in this decade? It's live reliving an apendectomy.

  64. Sebastian Sinaga

    Love the movies

  65. Additional District Magistrate Development

    Nolan is just obsessed with time mannnnn...

  66. Angel Feliciano

    The movie was complete dog ass, but this trailer is what sold me on to watching this movie.

  67. BIG BOSS

    Is the bad guy in it young Trump. ?? lol Don't you know only crazy people don't like Trump? Still it looks kind of cool

  68. Sub Negro

    He look like he can be Nightwing at the end

  69. ankush choudhary

    So seems like marvel and dc are together 🔥

  70. Fırat Baban

    Totally epic.

  71. Nilesh Mehta

    I’m vengeance

  72. Saad Sabir

    I can’t believe Hans zimmer chose dune over tenet

  73. prasad kosuru

    The best trailer cut I have ever watched

  74. James Collins

    This film is very confusing

  75. Thọ Cao

    About 72 times i am watched this trailer

  76. Priyanshu Maurya

    Is this a part of DCU?

    1. Priyanshu Maurya

      @Barnabas Solomon ohh! I don't know about his daughter committing suicide!

    2. Barnabas Solomon

      @Priyanshu Maurya his daughter committed suicide before he can finish it

    3. Barnabas Solomon

      @Priyanshu Maurya if it's about justice stfu and read about what happened to him during the production of the movie

    4. Barnabas Solomon

      @Priyanshu Maurya ruined the batman image? He made a BvS a bit disappointing but he never ruined batman's image

    5. Priyanshu Maurya

      @Rabid Squirrel Thanks bro! I'm relieved to hear that coz Synder ruined the batman image for Batman Fans!

  77. Steven Yates

    Was that a Pink Floyd cover ?

  78. Elijah Dorsey


  79. Ayan Banerjee

    So, thor, spiderman and scarecrow fight aquaman's friend.

  80. Dalenie

    Totally not crying 💔