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  1. Nikole Howearth

    Girl I love all ur videos for real.... i was thinking u should do a Disney colab but only with the evil side cause the colors would be just sick girl think about it lots of love from west Virginia here girl

  2. Ashlyn Carrillo

    so the transformation w shane wasn’t a transformation?? 🥺

  3. Zachary Schultz

    The foundation name was beige and the concealer's name was fair beige

  4. Chelsea Hiatt

    so is anyone confused if he/she is boy or girl

  5. Caitlin Willow Greyling

    Nevermind the palette, what about the pedophile Dahvie Vanity? The majority of your customers are women under the age of 25 years old. I'm guessing that a lot of them are also under the age of 18, 17, 16, 15. Being taboo is new and interesting(it's not hard to spot the hidden image in your logo nor the meaning of its new "halo") and it's made your brand famous. But at what point does taboo become immoral and dangerous to the point that you support a pedophile and condone his behaviour under the banner of cool, new immorality and sexual deviance. It's an important question in an age like this where porn is becoming our culture because of its novelty. I know it's not your responsibility to take him to court since you're not a direct victim, but is it your responsibility as a public figure to the young women and girls who follow you to absolutely not condone this behaviour and draw the line between the taboo and freedom and the downright wrong.

  6. Tinkie Ie

    i like it

  7. SlidBallistic

    I was like 6 when this was made😂😂😂

  8. Hudsyn Mcgill

    Lol jeffree is freaking out because of weeks in quarantine now it’s like 3 months I’m praying for you jeffrre.

  9. Bliz Clan

    Your ugly

  10. Alexis Nofzinger

    Def want Jeffery to turn Gigi into him!

  11. Nana Ann

    Gigi is my favorite queen so happy to see her with my favorite makeup artist

  12. Nancy Thompson

    Gigi goode is fantastic ,authentic superstar 👗💘

  13. Trey Silha


  14. Debra Striker

    Hahahaha , run for your life being attacked

  15. Hi how ya?

    Anyone Sitting here I quarantine 2020 binging all of Jeffree ⭐️‘S old video ????

  16. Sophia Heredia

    I’m hearing falling song in the back round

  17. Tinkie Ie

    jeffree i dont watch you as much any more , but i always check in. what i want to say is every time yu have a guest i watch how yu interact with them . and i see so much more in you than just jeffree the self made millionaire. yu are and seem very sincere to ur guest... hope all is well and ur mom is doing well also.....peace

  18. Denise Iruegas

    Omg! Jeffree looks like a glamed up miss swamp from the book miss Nelson is missing.

  19. Kayla Casey

    YES!!!!! Love love love!

  20. Ldy Ydi

    Now. I want to see the movie, Powder♡

  21. L i x

    Having a huge a house is the best, problem is, when you lose something ITS A PAIN TO FIND THE ITEM

  22. Tawney Martinez

    hahahahahahaha lol at 3:08

  23. SHANI Roblox angel

    Jeffree voice like a boy if you think like me

  24. Bailey Dawbin

    Yaaaas lord faarquad

  25. Juan Lopez

    What about shane?????? Hello

  26. Ohhhiya Rea

    Adore makes me wanna wear green lipstick 💚

  27. Kylie Plante

    Ok but like am I the only one who wants to know if Jeffree went swimming WITH the ducks or not

  28. Ambrosia if you're a gay guy, you're gunna want to hear this! LOVE YOU jSTAR!

  29. asmahhanem

    Yall shud be togetherrr so cute!! 🥺🥺

  30. Gracie Eicarg

    You don't ever come for my dogs😂😂😂😃✌️ I almost fell out of bed laughing at 2am 😂😂😂😂

  31. Jesus Morales

    I love it... i want to do that... i will love to do it been tranform in to a drag or in to You Jeffree i die for it🥰😍🤩

  32. Kimberly Dee

    Yes turn GG into GG STAR

  33. Valcheck Charlie Prince

    All the dislikes are homophobic

  34. Reilly Clark

    fucking lovethissssss

    1. Yuk Ying Woo


  35. Renee Martin

    Ugly af bitch

  36. Stephanie Benton

    Beautiful ❤️

    1. Yuk Ying Woo

      Yeah pretty

  37. Animal

    I love all of Jeffrees dogs

  38. Jeff Wilson

    ‘Because of your hair texture?’

  39. Sebastian E Loguzzo

    He needs to name one of his Pomeranians DIO

  40. Marianne Santos

    Love you to death big fan just too poor to afford you 😔 don't judge me !!!

  41. dora valdez

    I love you Jeffree

  42. Philana Bonk

    this is the kind of video i needed right now

  43. Julieana Lucio


  44. Madison Joyce

    Omg Jeffrey looks like Michelle Versage from Ru Paul’s

  45. Allison Elliott

    U too look so much alike!!!!! Omg

  46. selenator Hilaliyah

    they are very obsses with jeffre and also she is a crazy rich girl

  47. Kendrick Kakarot

    # Kylie's cosmetics

  48. Agustín Iñiguez

    OMG two queens stand before me hahah I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  49. Jewel Richards

    Is this person s girl or boy

  50. Taryn Jace

    “Danish” “Daisy” “Dolly” “Dior” “Dollar” “Designer” “Destiny” “Desire” a few ideas🤷‍♀️

  51. Kayla Casey

    Hahaha yes I did my make up so similar! I been working on getting better!

  52. cormabe.

    jeffree calling a black lip gloss a flop but in 2020 he makes a black and gray lip gloss

  53. Sharon Kour

    Thank you jeffree i hv this pallette im going to apply it today i purchased it 2 months back. Tge shades are stunning but It's very glittery n the glitters go all over me, but I think up wet my brush then apply it or any tips please, ur look is amazing luving the hair too take care x

  54. naomi megson

    we love his content much love for all you been through and still made it love u jeffree

  55. Brooke Bourne

    are we all ignoring the fact that he put Lysol spray on his fries??

  56. aebostick

    Favorite look ever!! I'd watch Gigi turned Jeffree

  57. Nora Armenta

    My question is ? What is wrong with Amazon? I shop their all the time. I'm addicted to Amazon. And everything I had bought is good quality so I don't know what's wrong with that.

  58. dora valdez

    I love you Jeffree

  59. Regina Anisa


  60. Seriah Guardado

    Okay is it just me or jeffree's contour and highlight looks like Rosa's 😂🧷

  61. Mooshie Rawh

    this is an expensive water so we have to grab this. GURL I-

  62. Philana Bonk

    Did this bitch just spray a fry with lysol? Disinfect the soul

  63. •Cartoon• •Verse•

    Jeffree Star is those friends who wait for u to hit rock bottom before they come at u , one of the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever seen.. Edit: It's almost like people are to scared to call him out cuz his fans are really defensive.

  64. Genesis Millan

    Gigi & Jeffi Collab?!

  65. Genesis Millan

    I love thissss!

  66. Elena K


  67. Dino

    I can't believe how much they look alike when Jeffree is Jeffree Good. Now I really really need to see Gigi Star.

  68. Durock

    Me watching the video while being hungry

  69. Ethan Parker

    Who else feels like Jeffree should make a highlighter named “Glass Skin”

  70. Katelyn Lawson

    I’m waiting for you to name one of your dogs angel I feel like that would be a really good name for like a sweeter dog one that likes to cuddle a lot

  71. 키미키미

    I think that the foundation maker companies should make lots of shades it so true like living here jn korea and most of shades were white but im filipina and tan...damn

  72. Francisco McGee

    my GOD. look is SNATCHED.

  73. Diogo N. Macedo

    Why the winner of this season is not in evidence like Gigi ? 🤔 Oh, it's because she's black.

  74. Ecstacyy Lynn Board

    That’s it I’m shaving the tail of my brow Atleast mykie and Jeffree have both convinced me

  75. Gyland Cadoura

    Jeffree all the things at the end cost as much as ten years of rent no offense I am truly yr biggest fan I have a picture of u as a wallpaper

  76. Hi

    Jeffree then: *i wish I stood out more like nobody even knows who I am* Jeffree now: *hold my mansion*

  77. Wayne A

    You guys loook so good !!!

  78. Philana Bonk

    The fact that he brought Shane and Ryland to his house just speaks volumes about their friendship and what they mean to Jeffree. Also, just how excited everyone was. The vibes in this video are so wholesome.

  79. kyladraws

    i wish that she won

  80. CasualBarehn

    There ain't no health and there ain't no beauty at the Dollar Tree 😂

  81. zoey s

    No one is going to talk about how at the beginning he smoked some POT

  82. ladarius Smith

    Hey hi how are I love your I followed you on Instagram

  83. frog grl

    y is jeffree so horny lmaoo

  84. Austin Cookson

    I’d like to see him do a 2020 music video for this song

  85. Purekarma29

    I just like the island and his video is.................. vibrant!

  86. Brandon Cottman

    I’ve been watching him for years and me Just realizing he has no eyebrows but no heat please because I love him❤️❤️

  87. Lisa Repici

    I think it would of been so funny if he did a full face of makeup he got from Walmart in the Versace Hotel.....Shane!!! SHANE!!!!

  88. Jumana Alabboud

    Where did you get them from I really want to get some to😃

  89. molly adams.

    gerard way vibes 😂

  90. Trudy Patootie

    Oh I love Gigi.. she is heading toward the top.. speeding. Jeffree beautiful transformation Wow.

  91. Sangeetha Sathasivam

    God look at Jeffrees Closet. Bro I will be broke from about 2 bags and 1 jacket

  92. Sarah Jalloul

    omg so gorgeous both of you ! 😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. Denki Kaminari

    me :*sees taco bell hotel* *spams click* omg I love taco bell

  94. Michelle Barriga

    #jeffrey# hi there my moms birthday is June 17 she is a fan of u what pallet can I give my mom please give an idea Jeffrey love u vids back of the hater your great kept it up bye 😍

  95. Nora Armenta

    Horrible pallette. No pigmentation at all. I don't know who the heck made this pallette . 🙄😒🤬

  96. Susan Munkner

    I’ve been dying for this palette...any news on when it will be available again?



  98. Aiyanna Boykins

    One day...I'll definitely buying this palette!😍

  99. Sophie Headrick

    Me: in the middle of a school zoom call Also Me: not caring and watching Jeffree Star.