A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island, or quest in Save the World.

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  1. Kayla Myla

    Bring one shot back

  2. Luka

    all that for just a reflectionj wow epic



  4. Dillon Moore

    I listened to it in my car it was a 2hr journey to Legoland

  5. PS4 Controller

    Notice you don’t see anyone building

  6. santy_. SD

    Fortnite por qué haces colaboración con pura m1erd4 como el bts

  7. Yobama

    Wow, this avengers game looks fun! How much is it and how do I get the guy in all dark and purple skin?

  8. Daniel

    The way the game looks and the meta rn is so ass

  9. mashall midhi

    i hope i can get the ps5

  10. Iz Mr Cuddles boi

    Xbox for life smh

  11. Jooshy Sushi

    Apple rn: I’m bout to end dis mans whole career

  12. Gamer Squad

    My favorite season

  13. SpiritVlog Z

    Who’s here after fortnight servers got permanently banned

  14. Nexiph

    I miss this

  15. Dragon Drop


  16. أمير صالحين


  17. Omar x

    Please add spider man

  18. Apex Kat

    dash malekula

  19. Dawn Halstead

    Us map creators would probably appreciate it.

  20. Peyton Erb

    Seems like yesterday ;(

  21. Dawn Halstead

    Hey epic i would really appreciate it and I am not saying you have to but I was wondering if you could add EVERY mythic weapon that has ever came out into creative.

  22. Daksh ganster


  23. Jerry Gil

    Any BTS ARMYs here?? (Haters don't reply)

  24. Jaime Marina Del Camino

    regalenme skin porfi si no mi cas se va a romper folimping1 asi me llamo en fortnite

  25. Don’t Watch My Recent Video

    Kind Of Looks The Same As Anything Not Much Different Though.

  26. Ryan Barrett


  27. Yobama

    travy patty

  28. Abhay Ranjith

    9 year olds out to protest: We want Fortnite! Reply to the reporter asking the leader why: Pewdiepie told us to

  29. Jking 1124

    Only ps5 graphics no ps4 or xbox wow that’s sad

  30. Gysen Chong Tim

    Epic can you please help me apparently I bought the ghoul trooper and the reaper picaxe a year ago and I still don’t have it can you please give it to my account because I didn’t get it my epic is haynwarrior808

  31. RapZ FC

    Fortnite plz fix packet loss in middl east servers.

  32. канал Nnext

    Loser fruit hm.....

  33. gaming world of rahul


  34. Gabriel Fimbres

    What is happening for mobile

  35. Croakyossum7

    Just after cap America

  36. Jonelma Matos

    plz do a jojo battle pass

  37. Belinda Waller

    U_U O_O

  38. will muj

    Is crazy ps5

  39. Chengyi Lee

    I quit fort it’s no more PS4 paltry fortnite

  40. Lucas Cetani

    DUDE SO COOL! now my ps4 will be running fortnite to 4 fps

    1. Lucas Cetani

      @Prodigy Gamers Oh

    2. Prodigy Gamers

      It's only on PC

  41. MoreAdityaplays YT

    I enabled it

  42. ömer efe dinçer


  43. GoIded

    Thx you so much epic you help me level up but can you plz gift me the Captain America skin and pic plz plz plz

  44. Superandrei Hi


  45. Juan Gutiérrez

    Oye epic game se que tienes una pele con apple pero el juego no se elemino en samsum verdad

  46. Gabriel Paschall

    is fortnite

    1. Prodigy Gamers

      It sure is

  47. Uncle barry

    Wtf is this no one cares about how it looks show the fps

  48. Vegeta Dragon Ball

    0:28 I thought dr doom is a bad guy

  49. Jen A

    Is it true that fortnite is getting band

    1. Prodigy Gamers

      Only on mobile

  50. T.O.K.I FF

    Tira os kpoper do jogo ai n vou para o Free Fire

  51. EJkiller yes

    Where's Xbox?

  52. ciro bogado

    Pa cuando para Play 5

  53. Piotrek Malek

    New chug jug animation ? Chug jug back

  54. Payito Rivas


  55. XdClan Flip

    Can you give swimmingpro14 1000 vbucks pls

  56. thepenGuin


  57. UnknownMe

    9,9M ummm....

  58. Nisa Sirikli

    10 M !

  59. su tart

    remember when everyone was like “OMG CONFIRMED TRACTOR VEHICLE!??!??!111

  60. Santhakumari. M.V


  61. Santhakumari. M.V


  62. navarro

    Podrían poner en la tienda el baile piernas de goma porfavor llevó mucho esperándolo

  63. Santhakumari. M.V


  64. Ammar Bazaraa

    Me: Mom I want Thor Mom: We have Thor at home The Thor at home:

  65. Santhakumari. M.V


  66. Santhakumari. M.V


  67. Santhakumari. M.V


  68. fortnite Gamer

    Please don’t shut down fortnite on October 21 2020 please

  69. Santhakumari. M.V


  70. Santhakumari. M.V


  71. Jackson Boslem V2

    Yas soon I will be able to do this

  72. Casper

    Will there be 120 fps on ps5

  73. Abdul-Rahman Sukari

    Looks the same tbh

  74. KOENSTER 2019

    Still looks the same to me :-\

  75. Benjam�n Carmona Rosales

    This game, update and everything sucks really, how do people like this?

    1. Prodigy Gamers

      It's called an opinion

  76. Jackson Boslem V2

    This is so long ago

  77. Mumin F

    0:15 he looked like he must have been holding a rift to go to protect him

  78. Zu Hao