ПРИВЕТ! Что вы, ребята? Присоединяйтесь к ZHC fam для новых видеороликов КАЖДОЙ НЕДЕЛЯ! Я отправляю учебники, рисунки, художественные вызовы, vlogs и многое другое!
Я также являюсь основателем арт-альянса, где элитные художники собирают и строят сообщество, чтобы мы могли стать самой совершенной группой художников в мире!
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  1. Humaira Desai

    i want the whole room

  2. Bennett Allsbury

    I haven’t won a giveaway

  3. LenRpic_XD

    0:08 I just realized someone next to him has Fire Merch..

  4. Binita Gurung

    I wish i can have it but you i am not famous😔😔

  5. Bennett Allsbury


  6. Hudson Passini

    I am sids

  7. Leonel Burgos

    I am left handed I draw sonic

  8. Aziz Alansari

    I like this video

  9. mystery guy

    You should do an anime car when he draws all anime on the car

  10. Kaiwoonkevin Tan123456

    i wish i have a phone:( or mac book cause my family so poor and i hope u the one who can make our day come true:)

  11. Beatriz Kretzer Zanin

    ZHC can you do a drowing with only a LINE

  12. Criz Adrian Catangay


  13. Natasa Zubanovic

    Oh my gosh

  14. Criz Adrian Catangay



    Who never win a giveaway of zhc what the f*** like here

  16. BMXFLEX1503

    I for my art teacher was good

  17. Mikayla Boyce

    Charli: no one is gonna want this . Dunkins: 𝗜 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝘁 𝗶𝘁.

  18. Hawra Husain

    في عرب

  19. teamwiss

    You are my faverate youtuber


    Who else wants mr.beast to comment here?🔥

  21. agamerboii_1567

    Are you David dobrik? Maybe

  22. Ravi S

    I am in India Tamil nadu

  23. Ram Hermosa

    Apple products must look like this

  24. Asha Palwe

    What About Customizing Play stations

  25. Izmahallal Abror

    I from Indonesia . My name is A. izmahallal.a I like video you

  26. NeolZy

    Elon musk's face fatter that jupiter (on the car lol)

  27. Stefano Loseto


  28. Pyper Davidson

    I love this video

  29. Stefano Loseto


  30. oNotKorean

    michele meaning to drink his bathwater not the actual water

  31. Kalyx paul Apuhin

    The day give you water cause i feel you very dehydrated

  32. Douglas Chee

    I kinda miss zhc old drawings

  33. Ravi S

    From next month I have a online classes I want a phone

  34. BINOD :

    Trust me U Ned to buy a car not from this world Looks like a bus but it's creepy

  35. Aedan Ochoa van Stelten

    You hurt the ant that was on the marker. :( So i'm not subscribing or a like in fact i'm leaving a thump's down! :(

  36. Lily Fernandes

    Dis happend after my birthday the give away could have been a present and I was in lock down 😭😭😭


    Can I get 100€

  38. Josefin Eurenius

    I have like and sub i live in sweden sundsvall kvissleby siriusvroad 44

  39. Ismail Tas

    i want one

  40. OneZero

    Poor chan chan

  41. pon pon pon

    i was confused the way they opened the durian 😐

  42. Chong Denzongpa


  43. BabyCreamm Gt

    I want a phone just 1 reason for make pubg stream :D

  44. Mr maaz

    can you give me v bucks and the season 4 battle pass in fortnite plz my user name is nicekids2020 in fortnite and epic games

  45. bd hg

    Give me 400 dollars

  46. David Hughes 2

    I like the bubbles and fire design

  47. HengLucky Rainbow

    I come from thailand.​I love this Channel. I want to be in the your clip hahaha, because I like Stationery, it is colorful 😊😊😊

  48. Meme Rememe

    PewDiePie + jacksepticeye = GreenPewDiePie Mrbeast + Bob Ross = ZHC

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  50. Vanthi Deva

    Zach you look insane..

  51. TempoBulletin

    Pls someone tell me who is Michelle His sister?

  52. TempoBulletin

    Pls someone tell me who is Michelle His sister?