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  1. Robert Wilkinson

    Hows that cheating??

  2. White Guy

    You suck!

  3. Richard Foley

    To this day Diego is still in the airport living of what falls out of the vending machine.

  4. Shogun Rua

    Diego needs to keep his coach on check. All he needed to say naw u dont have to post anything on social media, just call them and let them know the situation and they'll send us a ride or plane etc. So stupid how he ruined Diegos career not thinking logically and just escalating situations.

  5. Shogun Rua

    Hows that illegal ? Pouring water on his head.

  6. worst nightmare

    DC is right

  7. Jun Pogi

    Well everyone knows his name now and not in a good way.


    Nobody signing Diego as long as that guy is his manager

  9. donni wyn

    Shame, Diego looks lost🙈 I want to fight his Coach. Make that sh!T happen🤕😡😅

  10. LacedWitGame

    "He took dmt in a hyperbaric chamber"! 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Simon Hazley-Jones

    Jon Anik is all class

  12. nick mccoy

    Of course he doesn’t want to fight yan, aljo got the brakes beat off him

  13. Jeremy Crowe

    he will keep his claws in till he's broke

  14. Jeremy Crowe

    can't wait to see Diego knock his coach out

  15. Michael Johnson

    This is more relevant now...

  16. kendell walters ZDS

    This channels upload schedule is as consistant as ben askrens boxing skills nowadays lol

  17. Eric The slithery Viper

    Conor sparring with Diego Sanchez?

  18. Ra1nMan

    Man where's the vids at this next card is gonna be crazy

  19. Super Skunk


  20. adem emre sadıkoğlu

    mmaworld wake up!

  21. Samar_theoriginal

    Was he actually just having fun with the knife shit lol??

  22. Stephen Andrew

    Diego even sounds like that lunatic.

  23. Mike Pace

    What's Mike Perry doing with a shaft?

  24. Move Groove

    Dustin Poirier beats Conor McGregor again! Not a problem!

  25. Don Ethier

    Matt Serra one of good honest one’s.

  26. Stephen Andrew

    Diego’s cult leader just keeps putting things on the internet, mainly talking, and making things worse for Diego. Poor Diego, I just hope he has a real person in his life to listen to, because this is going to end very badly, he needs help. Dana or someone needs to intervene.

  27. calogeroanello

    So if it actually is, why is pouring water on your head illegal ??

  28. Samurai Swingz

    Michael Bisping will always be the ‘Man’ for me

  29. Dustin Fowler

    Fabia is one of those guys that just makes everything worse,everytime he talks. Him looking for all the recognition should be a huge red flag to Diego.

  30. BLJKTV

    Can someone explain how this is cheating? I feel really dumb. I've watched mma fights for years and never noticed. 🤣

  31. Kohta Martell

    How is that cheating though? It's just water?

  32. K H I Z A R

    They asked for his opinion didn't they? Wtf

  33. Chinaski Bukowski

    Somehow the translators voice works perfectly with Carnelossis mouth moving. Like, you're not surprised to hear a mans voice coming out of her mouth. Those PED's are really doing their job.

  34. Omnipotent Pumpkin

    Love Adesanya but Jan's response to his claim was quality haha

  35. Baptista Frank

    This guy wants to matter and take the spot....

  36. AguyNamed Nick

    He hasn't won a fight since he got with this guy, why are we even talking about him?

  37. AjukreiziFM

    Weird... I can't stand listening to the midget, as much as I hate Yankees calling it "soccer"... But the reference made me smile!

  38. Hector Gonzalez

    Wtf??? Is Fabia talking bout???

  39. Ahmed Asif

    13:21 The Ending. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  40. Mason Schmidt

    Diego has lost his mind so sad

  41. Connecting The Dots

    5:42 mute your volume and watch. he is literally stroking his own face. wtaf is that? who does that? He's caressing his own f cheek. I'm at a loss with this clown.

  42. Rob Dean

    Gimme some ride time.. said by a man used to having a sausage in his bun

  43. Valerie Coton

    Pls make it possible - Fight Night - Joe Rogan vs Joshua Fabia - winner gets Diego Sanchez

  44. Rhaun Shoden

    So all I gotta do is find a looney boyfriend and bring him to work and have him throw ridiculous shade at my employers, act like a child, get fired, and they'll pay me like I completed the given tasks? 'merica!

  45. iswanto korompot

    Weidman celebrate when silva broken leg. This is carma

  46. Ryan Machowski

    O.k Diego, you suck at fighting, I suck worse at teaching; we gotta sue the ufc, Joe Rogan. Someone!

  47. Bob Franklin

    Do you *Ever* plan on changing the music?

  48. The Prince

    Feminism is just cancer

  49. Richard White

    Does he want the ufc to hold his hand fabia is on a mission to get as much air time off Diego as he can

  50. Jim Reyes

    Joshua "self awareness guru" lavia blah nlah blah

  51. Brad M

    Understand Reyes being upset. But totally agree with bone-head Jones!! Not to mention, Reyes gave up his manhood... now’s a whinny little btch!

  52. Omer Aldajah

    Misha:"im less of a fan.." Khabib:"who the fook is that guy?"

  53. Mrgreenthumb Ozgrow

    Diego would murder Jake paul

  54. Dark Knight

    Jon's juicing again lol 100%

  55. 1 23

    Why is pouring water on his head cheating?

  56. •¤ 'SiLvËRB@cK'¤•

    Is Diego’s coach a Filipino? Why does he have a Philippine flag tattoed on his arm? Damn!!!

  57. Rob

    Perfect timing to watch a prophetic video!!!

  58. John Blanchard

    Conor's got a couple big fights left in him but he's done.

  59. T.j. Bernard


  60. Matthew Ruiz

    Back/Side of the THIGH is the best leg kick. Any other spot you’re gambling it

  61. Sofiene Kosksi

    Jimmy I can't i can't !

  62. blantant

    This Sera interview aged nicely

  63. Jose Luis Palacios

    He’s gonna lose for sure again

  64. Jose Luis Palacios

    He’s saying hhhhhhhhhjjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy lmao

  65. Josh

    Lmfao... Greatest interview in MMA history concerning this whole debacle ... "I seriously don't know who you are man". .. but what it probably actually is... Is a con.. rapped up in gay love.. to push the ultimate con against anyone possible. They tried to frame the UFC already.. didn't work out.. so now it's on to "online subscriptions... And Diego, who's former x wife didn't have any passion in his career or interests.. has found a cute, young, charismatic, 5 foot boy that does... That can travel the world on his dime for training.. I'm not a huge UFC /MMA fan... But I doubt people are traveling the world for training ... 🤣

  66. Evrett

    If he gets back into the octagon do you think fighters will target that leg? God I hope not

  67. TV Xyooj

    People paying gym fees to play tag hahaha we did that for free as kids

  68. Hollywood quotes

    I feel glad that Fabia trained Sanchez head with bare hands and feet

  69. Ramsey Hernandez

    When DC talks in that annoying voice it's only when he's jealous and has hate

  70. Raine Nickels

    someone please merk Fabia

  71. Honest Abe

    Matt Serra has a win over one of the greatest fighters of all time, took his belt. He's the real deal.

  72. Marc Mayhem

    He needs to go back to Diego “it’s all a dream” Sanchez

  73. Hotel alpha whiskey kilo Grunt606

    It’s not bots brother it’s ppl who love you and appreciate all you done in this sport but now see that your cult mentality has went so far that this guys destroying your life. And you say it’s not but look how you left the ufc had it not been for Josh you’d be sent out as a legend you’d have a job afterwards probably training other up and coming ufc talent it’s sad man.

  74. William William

    Tate shut up don’t talk to the goat like that

  75. nls8520

    Serra dismantled that wierdo...

  76. Metric Films

    bye bye diego

  77. Christopher Fiore

    With all the allegations... 6:10, 6:13, 6:19 Phrasing!!! "He has a different guy in his corner, that's questionable."

  78. James Leon Guerrero

    diagos coach is ending his career

  79. 808 Robins