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  1. Maithy Nguyen

    40:38 "Maybe 2020 will be your year" This hits differently now...

  2. Abeer Rahman

    By putting makeup everyday kinda looks fake Finally someone agreed..... Like I hate my face a lot but I never put makeup i want people to see my real me But i know most of the people don't like my face, I was really made fun on how I looked and it still scares me. Also people still now underestimate me, think me as a good for nothing.

  3. Cabbage Robot

    Haha:) 2020! My bitch! Ahah no.

  4. sarayu akkineni

    Ashley should rap she’d be great In rapping 😂😂😂

  5. mobspeak

    You are like able.. you are also likeable.

  6. it’s nneoma

    what. an. intro

  7. Thảo Linh Nguyễn

    i need subtittle TT she speaks so fast lol

  8. Sketchy Avocado!

    Your so funny!

  9. Anke Vegter

    i love it how you mixed back and acne together: bacne!

  10. Miranda Robinson

    Why am I watching this in quarantine in June?

  11. Elena Cojocariu 10f

    Another good one is Wolfblood. It's a disney channel show from 2012 and everytime i watch it i still love it a lot. It's very beautifully made. Hehe

  12. Vanellope Bleh Bleh

    I haven't talked that much my entire life. I'm so jealous😪

  13. Harshita Khanna

    1:30 why did she blur out the date

  14. megan x

    i highly recommend these : - lucifer - i am not okay with this - killing eve - end of the f*cking world - skins - sex education

  15. Birdie Lines

    KILLING EVE KILLING EVE KILLING EVE you would love it!!!

  16. Faust

    OMG I have that BaG in 1:24 OOOOOOOFFF

  17. Maddie Lakeland

    lmao i dont even have 30 items

  18. edryna zarif

    hi i love you. <3 i hope you're doing okay. also, bojack and better call saul are my absolute favourites. i feel like being able to appreciate bojack qualifies as a personality trait aha

  19. primma anastasia

    i'm not really a person who likes dressing up and such that's why I don't know why do i love watching ashley so much. she's just... uhm, irresistible? i just can't help but watch every vid aaaaaack

  20. Hey Amy

    this video DID NOT age well lol

  21. Hilal Refaieh

    by now u must have realized that 2020 made us all her bitchs and its fucking all of us....

  22. T e a

    Giant love to Ashly for being the half Asian half White representation that I need.

  23. Beatrice Van Rest

    love daniel sloss too!!!! xx

  24. Orlagh Cahill

    I’ve watched like 50 tv recommendation videos simply looking for one show. And no one as said it yet lol. But I loved this video. Good for quarantine days. But y’all should go watch Psych. Really funny. Kinda like a mix between Sherlock Holmes but like a silly comedy.

  25. Emma Lindsburg

    no matter how many tim,es i watch tjis vid i always get a new idea. haha thanks ashley

  26. Sunrise Jones

    Ashley's dad: pays 200k to send his daughter to film school Ashley: makes videos on the internet bragging about how much sex she has

  27. Manju Verma

    What I have realised is that she makes really good vids and puts a lot of effort but she's just uk missing a part of life by living all alone

    1. Manju Verma

      And also the last part idk was kinda emotional or like she's just thinking about the past

  28. Ś T Ï T Ć H_ G H Ø Ü Ł

    Thank you- This has made me feel so much better about myself- i personaly have the problem of thinking my bf would judge my body- and it freaks me out... BUT thank you so much- I feel alot better about my body and the idea of sex-

  29. Blythe Roberts

    I just want to say thank you for posting these videos. after seeing how nervous you are I just want to remind you that you are not pretentious and are rubbing anything in anyone’s face. You’re showing your viewers what they can achieve if they work hard in the fashion industry. I love watching fashion week videos because my dream is to move from the UK to NYC and follow fashion around the world. At first I thought I might be a fashion journalist but now I’m thinking about being a social media influencer. I watch all these people in these amazing New York apartments with amazing views travelling the world meeting designers and going to fashion events and I’ve always doubted my ability to go and be one of those people because it’s so expensive to live on an internship lifestyle when you have to pay for food, accommodations and travel. But I just want to say thank you because you inspire me and in three years time I hope I get to the stage that you are at with your career xoxo

  30. a yellow paper crown

    I can’t look at inspiration pictures without going into a spiral of deep self-hatred what do I do

  31. Joanne

    I fricking love this. When I watched it the first ads time I thought the outfits hung on the walls were so clever and exciting. And when she took down that dress code sign so flawless and then yelling ‘let’s go!’ in the library so cool. the outfits with the rad yellow heel is my favourite I think! 💗✨

  32. Fida Tazkiyah

    been thinking to watch Fleabag for the past few months and finally watched it after saw this video 2 weeks and never regret it. it's so good, it's hilarious!!

  33. Gabriela Palma

    if i were ashley in that moment. i would’ve immediately regretted donating that silky red dress she got rid of before moving to nyc.

  34. Wons Phreely

    Thanks Ashley, I agree with a lot of your recommendations! I haven't watched Friends From Collage yet or Big Little Lie, so they'll be next. BTW If you're ever looking for new songs for your channel, I have lots of song :) ps Im just started on my YT vlog, one thing I'd like to know your tips on is: how do you manage reading your script at the same time as looking down the camera at the viewer? Cue cards next to the camera? some kind of teleprompter system? Thanks!

  35. Sarah Buckman

    12:15 Ashley is with it

  36. lyn fhypnos

    me just turned 21 and never had sex before: googling what is queef

  37. Maša Simonič

    Anyone watching this in 2020? Because the Pantone color for 2020 is: classic blue. They say that this deep blues is classic, elegant and timeless. Now, what skirt is Ashley holding and later talking about Pantone? 😏 so it is only fair to say that either Ashley predicted the future or Pantone watched the video... it is what it isss 😝

  38. Antonio Olanda Vlogs

    shes a fcking talkative person and we need more like her❤️ and i love how she make simple life so fun ,, like bijj shes just doing her normal life and this is me getting jealous,

  39. Person Says Hi

    Me watching this in quarantine

  40. Leisha Jones

    The casual dancing scene while she baked was precious. She is adorable.

  41. Lauren D

    its 2:24 am and i have a coding assignment due at 8 am



  43. Mila K

    Will you PLEASE do a video where you tell me how my closet should look like for my body type. Please?

  44. eva lancaster

    The cinematics of this is just stunning.

  45. Mila K

    Will you PLEASE do a video where you tell me how my closet should look like for my body type. Please?

  46. lemongacha

    been rewatching ashley’s vids for the past week and it’s so comforting!!!! it really takes me back but also assures me that i’m ok!! and that a lot of the standards i end up internalizing are just causing me more stress, so it’s ok to grow past it and try to love myself 💖

  47. Eve Tarlow

    Can we please appreciate the amount of effort she went through for this video and the mess that was left after 😂🙏

  48. Akane

    perfect quarantine vid

  49. Mila K

    Will you PLEASE do a video where you tell me how my closet should look like for my body type. Please?

  50. Mila K

    Will you PLEASE do a video where you tell me how my closet should look like for my body type. Please?

  51. Emily Back

    This is honestly the first youtube video I think I fully watched and didn't skip through, this is amazing! I love what you did redecorating!! (prob don't live in this apartment anymore) but as someone studying interior design I would add a rug to the living room maybe space the chairs out more, get a bigger mirror! add some art to the walls too :)

  52. April Horency

    I'm all for sustainability girl and that means not buying clothes as much so you don't create as much waste! Outfit repeating is 100% cool. However, I do loveeeeee a good thrift so keep doing that plz

  53. Another Lou

    This came up twice in my recommendations youtube must really want me to know how to (re)wear a dress

  54. SW3910


  55. Siena Bee

    where was that cage audio from?

  56. Windsnap13

    I live right next to burma super star...

  57. xeniya chan

    Hooray for L.A.

  58. Karma

    You know you can skip all that brokers bull shit but wait , I bought my own place by looking on street easy app . It’s better to buy your own apartment and invest in secondary . No I don’t do CSsel . Full time entrepreneur. You got a good video channel . Stop cursing a lot ha ha

  59. Sarah Amarillo

    Salamat shoppee

  60. Flannery Lankford Stearns

    we just not gonna talk about how picnic bitch her outfit is?

  61. Nabu Sabu

    "you can see because you have eyes" oh my God I was dead af😂😂😂

  62. Claire Hux

    Hey Ashely I know how it feels being alone in a different place during the Rona lmao I was studying abroad in Costa Rica for two months in the beginning of it and didn’t know anyone lol but I’m from NYC and I also jus got my first apt in the city lol hopefully when this is kinda maybe almost back to regular, you can make a new friend.

  63. Keri Caswell

    What an adorable apartment. Love it!!!!

  64. Hannah Stadler

    I would probably never watch any of these shows, but this was still really entertaining to watch.

  65. Jessica Thang

    My dad edits a lot it’s like a movie

  66. Audrey Dozeman

    this is so cute to watch in 2020 <3

  67. Jessey Winter

    great video

  68. freya kenno

    watch killing Eve :)

  69. Reagan Butrum

    I literally don't look at myself in the mirror if I'm wearing glasses lol

  70. Smelly DOnut

    Gone Girl and Snowpiercer are so amazing!

  71. adeonshi.

    okay but here's THE thing; i have a style (im broke so i don't have that many clothes LMAO), i like it so much BUT my "room style" is like the total opposite of that. AND I LIKE IT??? i just feel weird to have like a rlly pinky room with led lights, posters, etc. my style is more brown, beige, camel, milky white, burgundy AND THAT DOESN'T FIT AT ALL so yeah- this is me having a crisis enjoy

  72. Violet Evergarden

    Yes 4 years ago Yes

  73. Paula Esteves

    trying to be arden and will so bad :/

  74. kimmy own world

    If you have a great body like her It might work😳😂😅

  75. I Gacha You

    WACO Breaking Bad Bojack Horseman Disenchantment The Crown World On Fire

  76. Reagan Butrum

    Every girl who grew up in the 2000s had bangs... I say this from experience

  77. ISwearToKira

    her saying that she's lost her zest for life and she's trying to get it back makes me feel the weirdest sadness because she is like the coolest zestiest person I've ever seen. like if she's lost it than I know I have. I really love these videos, even just little snippets into the "mundane", because she is the least mundane person. idk

  78. abi

    well now that we all know that this year is absolute *shit* i hope you’re all safe!

  79. jean - marie

    you should make a video about the cameras and equipment you use, and what you've used before! you could also give advice about starting youtube! i think that would be good to do since we're still pretty much stuck at home, and it would be very helpful!!

  80. Windsnap13

    ashley should've been a professor of psycology...

  81. Alegria

    Still the best lookbook ever!!! Please make many lookbookssss hnggg

  82. Allee

    ok so i am falling in love with this girl

  83. Karma

    As a New Yorker , La is over rated . They can’t handle the east coast pressure . You get a lot of fake people out there

  84. Jennifer Tavarez

    Hay girl I live in nyc, I work at Trader Joe’s soho, my Instagram is Jenn339 if u ever wanna link up, we could order some food and then sit at west square park or Central Park !

  85. Artemisa Jaimes

    Hi! Just ended watching your LA apartment make over - was actually looking for some “Wicca house decor” video and you came up, I like you are so fresh cinical and cool!

  86. Lani Shea

    I’m literally in love with some of these shows. They have to bring apt 23 backkkkk.

  87. Mariel McInnes

    would love an updated video!!

  88. Hanna Kryhina

    your existence brightens mine, Ashley thank you <3

  89. Madison Summer

    broo you’re from md?

  90. Ryleigh DeMarse

    Can I just say, certain people in this world are just amazing, and she is one of them. She is so cool and pretty and funny and MAIN CHARACTER VIBESSSS

  91. Darth Tyrion

    Molly of cereal 🤣

  92. Jak Mak Attack

    I appreciate all the work you put into your videos.

  93. Sam Contreras

    What shoes is she wearing in num. 5? 😭😭😭

  94. rzsny

    what if all my problems start with "im not skinny enough to wear that"?

  95. Sierra Harvey

    You should totally watch Broadchurch- its a brittish murder mystery on Netflix starring David Tennant in which a child is found dead on a beach in a small town and they have to piece together what happened through the deception and dirt of the towns people and the ending is crushing and wonderful

  96. Olivia Heidenreich

    she did that better than half of my team who've been dancing for at least one year goddamn...

  97. Better Digital

    Trying to do the exact opposite - welcome to NY!

  98. Bill Mayor

    Sexy legs I'm hungry now 😋😛 ummm

  99. Alex Thomson

    I don’t know what your wearing at 30:00 but I want it, it’s cute

  100. Jordan Elizabeth

    Me coming to this video to find new shows to watch only to now try & figure out if we already watch most of the same shows bc we were both film majors or bc we just like the same shit....