fashion, thrifting, and other misadventures of a 20-something living in nyc, clinging to her glory days when she won the best dressed senior superlative. all served with a spicy side of dry humor.\n\nbusiness inquiries ➭ [email protected]\ninstagram ➭ @best.dressed\ntik tok ➭ @bestdressed\ntwitter ➭ @bestdressed

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  1. Phamhoang Yennhi


  2. Zoe1223

    A friendship like this plz

  3. Marisa Jessica

    What if you had covid before it came to America?! 😳

  4. FoxonOxen Games

    I live in NY. I lived between NY and NJ my entire life so far. To quote you: "Hot, slutty fun in NY!" HeyYoo! LoL! I'm down! Look me up! 😆😄 JK.....but...but not...not kidding. You 🔥 girl! And personality is kickass! Good luck! Have fun! 😘👍

  5. Nancy Zhu

    I like your style! You are soooooo cute and confident - I loved the yellow dress part! Hard to find someone relaxed, genuine and stylish! You have a love of what you are doing and so natural!

  6. Kassy Behanna

    The white shelf with the shoes on it is most likely from Aldis if anyone was wondering!!! they are 40$ and v easy to build

  7. Harmund

    You should make a second channel just for gaming you’re hilarious and people would definitely watch

  8. Tbh idrc

    This is the best video I've ever and my friends plan on moving to NYC when we get older and we needed motivation to keep aiming for our goal and this video did just that. You seem so happy omg😭❤️

  9. Caroline R.

    Meeting people and not wearing a mask Corona? Don’t know her

  10. Tulani Alexander


  11. Diana Luna

    Are you drunk or high ? 🤣

  12. soph

    omfg here after all the a*mie h*mmer shit and tHE BDSM PART----- BYEEEE OMFG

  13. Marisa Jessica

    wow i shedded some tears 🥲

  14. Abby Brandon

    Thank you for this video

  15. Matilde E. T.

    the casualness of her talking about the police LAUGHING at her. i cant-

  16. I couldn't think of a name

    I'm so glad that all the hateful comments got buried now.

  17. S.

    I've never laughed so hard. You are hilarious and so so talented, please come re-do my apartment :(

  18. Ravisha Mall

    Dude! I JUST discovered your channel and I CAN'T. STOP. WATCHING! You're amazing, hilarious and by-God, the first video I watched of yours (Your LA apartment makeover) had more of a character arc and growth than most well-written fictional series. Kudos to you for hosting and thriving at an age when most of us are still just coming out of teenage tantrums! You're adorable and you're hardworking, honest, direct and obviously, extremely talented! Drop a message if you're ever in Toronto (once this DAMN pandemic is over) and you'll have a place to crash! :)

  19. Z. Z. Le Mans

    She's talented. I wish more CSselrs were this talented, but--errr--they're not.

  20. Caramel Cat

    9:10 Ashley I hope you’re ok, a lot of these comments are super mean and insensitive. I hope that nobody takes advantage of the fact that you opened up to everyone.

  21. Lindsay Harris

    whereeeeeee for the love of the goddess did you get that metal heart choker you are wearing?????😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻i would assume this was from your collection but...... 😩😩😩

  22. Gizem Şimşek

    can't describe something *taps taps taps taps* those golden *tap tap tap* thing LOL SO GOOD

  23. Jaimie Brown

    why was this so funny and also the outfits/clothes look AMAZING

  24. Jacqueline Victoria

    thank you for making this beautiful video! i really appreciate you Ashely! keep up the good work :)

  25. ebutuoy0312

    Did you know? Your video is featured on the video "America's dopamine-fueled shopping addiction" 😂

  26. Angie Clausen

    Super job! Good luck in NY

  27. Adelynn Hoyal

    I think she just looks good in everything.

  28. Mrs. Racoon n

    GirlBoss vibes

  29. VJ SWORD

    Wouldn't live in either of your choices...sorry babe! Los Angeles is in near complete chaos...which is about to get far worse. NYC is DEAD...maybe forever. London is now an Islamic city.

  30. Brianna Hacsunda

    i wish i had the money and i wish my family wouldn’t judge then i would do it

  31. Satan

    Guys the number one tip is: LOOK THROUGH EVERYTHING U never know if your going to find Nike,adidas,Gucci,champion like u never know 😏💀

  32. anjuman islam

    8:31 she look so cute though

  33. Jasmine

    fairly new here so i’m binging a lot of old videos and i love it hereeee

  34. Harmony Ramos


  35. Stephen Esseenyne

    4:21 "I edit to the music" just like the late, great Sergio Leone directs to the music. 👏👏👏

  36. Angelinah Perea

    I bought this hoodie for 3 dollars- I searched up the brand and it was literally 50$..

  37. Basha Lola

    Amazing video!🤗💕💖

  38. bestpufferfish

    I feel like I'm spending a summer afternoon with friends 🥺

  39. mei panchi

    Thank you for breathing life into my life.

  40. Maria McIntyre

    it’s so nice to see her interacting with a human

  41. water 1111

    Me watching this with literally just nothing in my closet:👁👄👁

  42. Alexander Morán

    Ahora solo me falta la ropa

  43. Luscious VixVix

    Dang I need sewing lessons 🥺

  44. Jasmine

    just wanna say i come back to this video a LOT its so helpful and fun <3

  45. Ipshita Singh

    I like her energy in this.

  46. India Rose Campbell

    the way ashley looks at karlie is so cute bless

  47. cookiecarooi

    holy christ i miss summer and my hippie outfits :'(

  48. baby bear vlogs

    Was that a ratatouille reference re: knobs?! 😂

  49. Tailoring from Recycling

    Hello 👋🏼 I would like to know, if you do the cutes yourself. You explain very well ❤️

  50. Tailoring from Recycling

    Excellent channel

  51. Fania Ferdinand

    gah i love her!

  52. Bobe Fetty


    1. soph

      prob reformation - my guess at least

  53. maxene e

    we need an update HAHAHAAH

  54. Jennifer Vee

    U actually got a good price for that car!! Lol that’s wussup !

  55. How2Art

    Because of global warming, I'm watching this in winter instead of fall 😶

  56. Hallie Kellman

    “Get your croissant and leave”

  57. Lolcatsdeamon13

    For cocoa puffs, my mom used it to trick us into eating cheerios (non-honey-nut). When she'd make it, she'd put a couple of handfuls of cocoa puffs into a bowl of cheerios. Once I started making it in elementary-middle school, I flipped the ratio. Once I got into highschool went back to mostly cheerios when I did cereal

  58. Jennifer Vee

    Lol ugh I love her aesthetic & vibe :) ps: love the edits !!

  59. Vedang Kandoi

    Someone tell Ashley about Japanese denim jeans. They are perfect.

  60. Soren MN

    It’s sad that girls such as yourself feel that women are expected to wear makeup, and I get that because I used to feel that way too. But eventually I found out that it was just me being insecure and people around me didn’t care at all whether I wear makeup or not. For almost 5 years plus of my life I put on makeup and although I looked good, it was just killing my wallet, self-esteem and also causing my skin to breakout because I would wear makeup whenever I go out. Then three years ago my eczema got worse that I looked like I had just been beaten up. Went to the doctor and he gave me a cream, told me to stop wearing makeup and all those fancy skincare. Today I just use a simple facial cleanser, aloe vera gel and sunscreen. My skin glows so beautifully and whenever I have a breakout, I just trust my skin to heal on its own and that works so much better than any beauty products that I could ever buy. On top of it all, the people I work with and everyone that I meet treat me better because being makeup-free gave made me so much more comfortable in my skin. I would definitely recommend anyone to go makeup free and go easy on the skincare products if they are willing to. Of course you shouldn’t expect changes overnight, but in the long term, it’s TOTALLY worth it.

  61. ana kirkland

    i’m late to the party, but i’m finally getting a switch and acnh 🥺

  62. rori chan

    idk man there are days I look like pinky pie, days I look like hades, and days I look like a cloud

  63. Heidy Kramer

    Lol I’m so sensitive I literally cried

  64. Anton Lau

    Your a nice girl, but you speak so quick 😎😅🙌💪🏻

  65. Bella Morrone

    Bestdressed has helped my mental health A LOT by showing her struggles. I can't stress enough how helpful it is seeing someone of her level on CSsel that goes through exactly the same feeling as I do.

  66. Nadhirah

    discovered ashley after they've already broken up and i always thought they don't look like a good pair :/

  67. Damia Rizwan

    The bathroom cut in half is the single most New York thing I have ever seen

  68. Isma Syiah

    This is so cute! 🥺 I need more vids from ashley and damon

  69. Siaska Elmeira Agagad

    Hi Ashley! I really love your videos as you inspire me a lot! Keep shining and keep your smile on your face always. I always dream of having a life like you, and watching your videos made me feel how its like. You made me want to work harder to achieve my dream. I love you and your fashion statements. Keep doing what you love and what makes you happy. It's amazing how you multitasks in this vlog.

  70. Julia a

    Damn I'd like to have her confidence with guys.. I can barely talk to them 😖

  71. Jenni CAM

    Ughh love how you decorated your apartment!! Plants everywhere 👀😍

  72. Saima Miah


  73. Lindy Do

    so like when you move out, do you... repaint the walls back to their original color lol

  74. Soy San

    between all the plants in her apartment, she’s probably providing 1/10th of the world’s oxygen right now

  75. River Vlogs

    Saw this on my recommended haha 😳I'm 26 and hearing you speak so openly about this I think is good for girls👍

  76. Bread and Butter

    was anyone else devastated when she rubbed off the rose - im not sure if it's cause suck at art but i genuinely thought it was so good

  77. BLU BLA


  78. Amaya McCormick

    I really love your style, videos, and personality. We are kinda similar I feel. I hope your doing good with the quarantine going on you haven't posted in a while. I miss watching you I'm watching a lot of your old videos. I'm currently living with my family and its not that great but I hope I can live by myself soon and start living my life like you are. Your my inspiration right now. I love and appreciate you, I'm from cali! <3333

  79. rania basahil

    Ashley, would you like to check out the BTS’s variety show (RUN BTS)? because I just realize The episode 104-106 it’s kinda like your “Thrift Flip” and it’s somehow funny & interesting😉

  80. First & Last

    might want to relax on the amphetamines - it's like a speed date